Hello and thank you for being here.  I love to write and I have been asked to share my writings through recordings or video.  I am working with this and I will let you  know soon.  xoxo

I will share a little of my past — so that you can understand my present with readings, visions, healing, mediumship, and sharing this.

I feel at this time, more than ever, we all need to be in a positive place of Light and Love.

When we begin our day starting with the Smile and energy of focus.  Before you go to sleep, perhaps you say a prayer or read- maybe even go over what your day will be the next day.  We can say a prayer and invoke our Higher Self before we go to sleep to help us on our dream journey.

We can learn to be in that space, a Higher realm, Higher frequencies,  and then you can explore this as you fall asleep and when waking are very magical times.  I have had in my life many times through meditation, dreams and being in Nature- where I have gotten visions, messages, wisdom and inspirations.

Since I was a child and being in nature and feeling this Light with the Angel Beings, I learned to have this special time and also, mostly keeping it to myself.  I would speak with my mother about it and share of course, and she was very open to this.  She taught me when I was about four or five years old- how to connect with and hold the golden Light of Healing in my hands.  I remember so well the little exercises she gave me for practice with this and then to learn to hold this for a very long time.  This was a meditation in a way because it was a practice of focus and being with the time without any thoughts of how it would be but just to enjoy it.

I am sharing with you these times when I was very young, because if you are interested to see where I am as a Holistic Healer and Yoga-Meditation teacher.

When I was about five years old, I asked my parents- I remember when I was hit by a car in front of our house and crossed over?  I loved here before a very long time ago.  Well, the next day- my mom was having a fence put up all around our home.

It is very interesting to know a time in a past life?  Then I had a time when I explained to my mother- I remember seeing you in a car accident.  I explaied to her the type of car she was in and the way the car was in the four way stop with Lights at an angel.  I told her what the regions looked like, the lights on the street, the signs etc.  I told her I could see how her hands were on the steering wheel and her hair with bangs and up in a twist.

She explained to me that she was pregnant with me at that time.  She got in a auto accident when she was about 7-8 months pregnant with me.  It is so interesting because for me, I saw the entire scene from above.  I felt I was with being of Light, Angels who protected me somehow and there were a few around me as we watched from above.  Who were the beings?  Maybe they were loved ones from the past?  Protection Angels?  I just know it was very real and I still remember today.

Through my life, I have had many inner knowings when you just KNOW something and then you move from that place to decide.  Many times you are happy you listened to that feeling of not getting on the interstate because then you hear there was an accident.  Or something says to take a special class or go to a certain place and then you meet such wonderful people that you are meant to meet in this life.  We all have so many stories of being guided to do something or not to do something.

I watched my mother practice yoga and pilates when I was a child.  I grew up with the movement and then having ballet lessons for myself from age 2-14.  Once high school started, my life changed.  My mother became ill when I was in high school and so for me my focus was not so great.  Also, I was having the visits with beings?  Perhaps my imagination to help me move through that time- I will never know but it sure did feel real when I was having visits.

When I was 14, and just as my freshmen year started- I became very ill and my appendix burst.  I was told that I was extremely fortunate because I almost died.  My mom stayed with me every day in the hospital and it was a tough time.  I lost 12 pounds and became very thin.  Going back to school people thought I was anorexic but I could not eat well yet and my body was in healing mode from two surgeries.  I always prayed but more than ever at that time.

I prayed I would heal quickly and for my mother to heal as well.  It was not an easy time.  I share this because always I had interesting dreams or visions- I do wish I had saved the writings from that time.

Now, I always keep my journals of dreams, visions and what I see.  Through my life of studies and practice with yoga and meditations I have had visions more again- with messages I hear and/or see.  I began to deepen my practice in late 80’s when I was in art school in Manhattan and then when I moved back to New Orleans.  From about 95-2000, I studies with lovely teachers and learned many methods for the breathings, meditations and yoga practice. I grew up Catholic and also celebrated the Jewish holidays with one side of my family.  I loved stories of Jesus and Mother Mary.

When I was in Manhattan and needed to find my calm because of living in a loud city and also my mother had passes the year before, so I needed to leanr how to feel peace in a very quick way.  My friend and I were invited to join a Buddhist group in my building on Thursdays, and we chanted over and over and this became a calm sound to soothe the soul.  Also, a friend introduced me to a psychologist who made me relaxation tapes.

I became interested in the Holistic Life quite early.  My mother had a couple of sun houses where she grew her own healing herbs and made little tincutres for us when I was young.  She grew fruits and veggies – as did my grandmothers.  One grandmother even taught my sister and I about crystals when we were very young.  Looking back it seems a bit odd that my grandmother would have taught us how to protect ourselves and make little circles with our crystals.  I don’t know why she did that now at this time in my life but for some reason she thought we needed to learn this.  She was a Christian and read from the bible.  We did live in a very old house when I was growing up.  Perhaps she knew something?  but I do not know at this time.

Anyway I digress.  I am writing to share that My life has been so much learning and vibing into this Esoteric side of life.  When I returned from Manhattan, I became a born again.  I was going to the temple with my Jewish grandmother and at the same time- going to bible study with another group I met from a summer job.  I need to be around others who were learning and talking about Heaven.  I wanted to know more about where my mom was and talk to her.

She came to me through the years many time in different ways.  I feel she has been going through her own healing and clearing while in the higher realms.  Once we move from Mother Earth, we can learn to go where we want to go.  We don’t have to be in fear as many have been taught in their life.

Our soul continues on.

When I went to study for undergrad, a family friend who was a professor of nursing at LSU- suggested I go into nursing.  I started my Biology undergrad and I was doing interns at Children’s hospital in the burn unit.  It was very sad and I loved helping the children but also after a few interns I realized I wanted to go into Public Health.  I completed a dual undergrad with Biology and Sociology.  After I graduated and found my love with yoga and Herbal medicine and energy healing….  more and more- that became my focus.  Marriage and having babies while teaching yoga was my life for a very long time from about 1995 to present.  In 2006, my children’s father and I separated.

That was not an easy time and teaching and sharing with Meditation and Healing kept me going.  I was teaching many Yoga classes at that time and teacher trainings.  I began deepening my studies with Energy Healing and began a program in 2004 in Laguna California and then in Connecticut a form of Spiritual and Energy Healing.  I also began a program in 2008 for a Masters in Homeopathy.  Just one year I completed because of the wild times I was goin through and many travels to Italy to be with my Yoga teacher, Dona Holleman.

Buddhist studies, Christianity, and the lovely studies I had with my yoga teachers in the beginning with the Hindu Ancient texts have all been amazing.

Every day I study and read from a lovely book of wisdom and journal my dreams and meditations.

The Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata and The Yoga Sutras are books that all yoga students read. They are beautiful wisdom and some would say history.

The Holy Bible old and new testaments, Book of Enoch, Book of Mary from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Copper Scrolls are part of my readings.  There are so many wonderful readings.  I will be putting together a reading list for students.

The I-Ching and Zen books are beautiful for finding that balance and peace as we are one with Nature.  Dona’s yoga practice is very much connected with Nature, Zen philosophy and Horseback riding.  I love all of this.

In 2005-2007 apx – I began to study with the Dream studies with Sister Anelie.  She is a catholic nun who would teach that God talks to us in our dreams and we can write down our dreams; and as we are connecting with this- we will be with our Higher Self more.  When you have a dream circle as well, then the messages come more not only for you but those in the group to share to them.

I began to do this so much and felt many dreams were clearing dreams for myself but I was also beginning to have visions with Mother Mary and Jesus.  I was having dreams to share with others and give Grace and Inspiration.  Now, someone else may say these are parts of ourselves.  When we see others in our dreams, it is archetypes of us, of part of us form our Higher Self sharing with us.

How does one truly know?  I will say for sure when I have seen a being, a person that has crossed over that I do not know and then I go to research that person, there is information I find about them and their passing in the region. This has happened several times for me when I am on travels.   Or perhaps I am with someone in the dream state or meditation that is sharing information.  How do we know if we are having contact with our Higher Self or someone in the higher realms.  There is not really a quantified way to totally make sense of it or truly know except by practicing and being in ‘the Power’ and when you are in this space of pure Light and Pure Bliss- you will then learn to know the difference of your mind being creative or having that one on one with some one from the other side.

“Having a direct experience with God in meditation becomes more possible and probable when your mind finally understands what your soul searcher for, and realized that you can enter states of Oneness without losing your individual identity.”  

But you probably know someone who had a dream of someone passing and then they get a call the next day.  Or they have the gut feeling to do something or not do something and they are happy they listened to themselves.  Or you have a dream, vision, meditation or Inspired message that comes through you and it is about a future event that does happen.

This is happening more and more with people because the Frequencies of the Earth and of us are shifting.

We are in this Ascension time of this Aquarian Age.  True.

This past year of 2020, I was with a medium group once a week and a healing group once a week- as we practiced together to keep our energies in the power of Spirit and Source.  We are in that power always but it is also nice to be with a group for the practice and also because not so much in person with all of the Lockdowns.  This is a group of people from all over the world and the guide of the group being in Australia.

How does one see or know about a person’s loved one who has crossed over?  And to share wisdom from them to the person?  We did this and we were not together but still to share with someone in the UK while I am in the states is so incredible.  Time, space and the many realms of Sprit come together as one point and there is not separation as we tune in.  Very exciting for me to practice with others all over the world and we have these messages to each other at the same time.

We also practice and share the visions we have as Seers.  Many of us that gave future events gave similar ones or the same ones.  These are groups that shared over a week time and fro different parts of the world.  It will be interesting to see what does come true with this.

With all of this to share with you because my life of practicing and teaching Yoga is more than teaching postures.  It is teaching the discipline of practice to open your body, stay health with your temple of Light, and to have that practice each day to help you tune in to what you Feel in your body.

As you begin to feel in your body and know your physical body more and then this helps you to feel and tune in with your Emotional, Spiritual Mind Body Connections.  This is Key at this time.

Feeling your Arm and opening it up with your breath and then learning to bring your breath into places in your body.  Then learning to see the breath in parts of the body.  Learning to Clear Blocks in parts of the body with the postures and movement and with your Inner Vision.

Practice the inner visions with the Physical Body will help you to have this with Inner Vision with your messages that you see, hear, and feel.

In the Yoga Sutras it is called Siddhis.  In the bible, Jesus says and you will do greater things than me.

I believe Christ was preparing us for these time when our Clairs, our Healing Energy would become very natural to us.

New Testament – John 14:12

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

With all of this said- I have kept my dreams, meditations, visions written down from these past few years.  I began a deep meditation series with a special guide teacher since 2016 and we continue.  She helps me to understand my visions/dreams.

I completed a doctorate in Metaphysics and Holistic Healing in 2019 that has been very special with having profound ways to help others with Energy Healing: Sound and Color, tuning forks, and Crystals. Also, beautiful Spiritual Healing where Source moves through me and this Light helps to bring healing to the person as I am with them or long distance.  I also share with you readings as I connect with my Higher Self.

This has always been a part of my life since I was young- and the Yoga, meditation and deeper trainings in my life have brought me back to this time.  the time of being with the Light I learned as a child.  The time of being with Spirit as a child.

Many have visited me at Love Light and they come in to see and be in the space.  It is a calming and peaceful Sacred Space.

Many I think are not ready to bring together the Yoga as I am doing with the Christ energy and this is okay.  When I began to teach in the mid 90’s, we were mostly taught to bring in the Hindu text but I was brought up Christian with some influence of the Jewish side of my family; and these beautiful teachings of the old and new testaments are what I am comfortable to share.

I love to share all of the Ancient Texts and this is all part of my studies these last few decades.  The rich beauty of these Indian texts are very important to read and study.  They have grand teachings for us now in our lives.

However, for me I share that all of the wisdom is very important and up to each person to study what resonates with them.

It is all apart of our everyday.  This is not something for me I read and put down.  It is all a WAY of LIFE.

Nourishing the Body, Mind and Soul with proper nutrition, thoughts, movement and Joy is how God wants us to be.  We are here on this Earth to learn and grown and be our best on our Path of Light.

I will share more of the very teachings I grew up with and from my studies through my life with the Sacred Texts, prayers and wisdom on the video and recordings.  Love is the underlying healing of the Cosmos.  

Christ was born and changed the world because it was important at that time to shift the energies of the Earth and of the people for everyone’s future.  His resurrection was important for us to be Free and Sovereign.  We do not have to put ourselves on a cross and instead we can let ourselves be at Peace.

I believe that many writings in the bible help us today at this time for so much of what the world is going through.  Some of the ministers I study – show that even many writings from the bible, are directly connected with our country because God chose our Country.  Pretty cool.  I love that.

I have lost students over my beliefs but also I have gained many students.  I will stand firm in my Faith and my beliefs.  I do not judge anyone for what they feel or how they think because that is their path.  I can only teach and show others… but then it is up to you.  Same with me.. you can show me and teach me something- and then it is up to me to make my choices.  Amen.

This is the Inner Knowing of God within us.  We are in this New Time of the Earth to bring our light and be Bright.  Shining Stars of Light.    There are many energies wanting to tip the balance of  this Golden Age and the energy is strong.

I can only say, stay in your Faith and in your everyday with Love and Joy.  Be happy.

Not to talk of politics but yes to say… for myself, I voted on both sides and for this past elections I have done so much with research.  Many talk about a matrix and how easy it has been for all of us to be trapped in only learning what they want you to see.  A matrix of illusions for decades.  Do you think we came on the Earth for materialism or to learn and be with Joy of nature, relationships and Love.

I will only say, however you may think the way something is, but it does not mean it is that way. As a Spiritual life coach, I help my clients to see where the false memories are in this life or a past life.  Once you find this, then you can also clear the blocks it creates that keep you from moving forward.

Imagine as a Logos Gaia energy of this happening.  A false memory or veil created over humankind?

I see many many people now reading the bible and quoting the bible in talks and on social media.  People want to understand what is happening in some way in the world.  They are doing much more research with the Bible and Ancient texts because not much is making sense.

As much as we are in these times of division, at least it creates a place for people to Search for answers.  A place for people to pray and open their Heart up to God, and this is nothing to do with a political side but a Love for our world.  Peace for our world and for the future of our children and their children.  As you Open your eyes and meditate, pray, research- also, be ready to open your inner eyes.  You have to look in all places and not be afraid.

We all have to look outside of the Matrix because God wants us to and how will you be able to tune in to your Clairs, Your Inner Knowings?  WE all have to be ready to see all that is shown.  When you have visions they do not always make sense because they come from another realm and not our ego.

Now I share with you my dream that I had on Tuesday into Wednesday on January 19th-20th wee hours.

I shared this on a page but I think it gotten taken down.


My Vision Dream-Meditation in the wee hours of the night about 3am on 2-19-2021

I saw a beautiful Sky and I was with a Huge Ancient Tree that was coming from the Heavens so high in the sky.  I say ancient because it was so big and seemed ancient with all of the textures.

I heard the name Willow as it was landing onto the Earth and set its roots there.  It did not look like a Willow tree but a large older Pine tree or Elm… tall and wide.  It landed on the Earth and then I could see many branches coming from the trees with new growth and little light green leaves everywhere.

I saw children playing on the branches with Joy.  The tree was strong and solid.

Then showing up was President Trump and Melania (yes they were in my dream.  Was this a representation of Masculine and Feminine balance I am not sure or is it meant to be them?).

He is very stoic and dressed well and so is Melania they are wearing coats as it must be cool weather.  They look proud, confident and content.  He is holding a garden shovel and begins to dig little holes and so does she.  Then, you begin to see little baby plants coming up everywhere  with glowy light.  Little baby trees I thing everywhere.

Then I hear the words, New Beginnings.

That is the dream…. so I feel something good will happen into the Spring when we have new growth.  I feel this will come with a balance from each person individually, as their personal balance of their own masculine and feminine energies.  We have to have the Nourishing feminine energy with the Will and drive of the masculine energies to create and move forward.  When this comes from a Higher Place of Love it is lasting and True.  When creating from despair, fear and anxiety it will not be so good.  The Tree could represent the Tree of Life.  We are all trees of Life in a way.  The tree of Life also represent the Angels here helping us.

You can research the Tree of Life to understand its meanings.

This could also be a true new beginning with president Trump coming back to help our country.  Even if you did not like his personality- he did create Peace in the world and is up for three Nobel peace Prize.  He brought back peace in the Middle East and created no wars.  That is wonderful to not have wars.


 I like to see the Happiness of Life and share with people the positive Inspirations that I am guided to share.

May God grace you with Love and Light.

Be Happy and Hopeful- we live in very miraculous time.

Love and Blessings,