Make Space for the New as we are in this New Time of the 2022

Inspired message from Kaypacha.

Society is in a time of rising up and taking our place as the ones we are waiting for.

Creating our new paradigm and creating this new life now.

Inventing new ways of connecting, building bridges, gathering up your ways of 

protection and going inward.  This inner transformation is going to change our 

inner perspective of what is going on in the world.

This way we are not a victim of the external ‘distasters’

and instead we are refining and evolving as we are in our cocoon space. 

Getting better as each one of us is getting better and the quality of our relationships can bring

us together in a healing way.

We are all in a time of doing the most we can and even if we don’t feel ready. 

“A year of polarization.

Do to the revelation of the plan for domination of the entire population.

This is a big year of transformation and it will be polarizing.” Pele Report,Kaypacha

We can evolve through this contrast.  The further we get through one pole, the more clear 

we can see the differences and how society needs to expand, to include and ever growing 

spectrum of human consciousness.

 Ex. Higher or Lower.. rich -poor… light .. dark…

shot .. no shot.. 

All of this shows that we can hone ourselves and choose as we are ourselves.  

Choosing to be More True and evolve, awakened 

as we are becoming this process of refinement.

“Through contrast and comparison I learn what is right for me and so the older I get  what you see is the best of what I can be.”

Learning what is right for you!

Let go what does not connect with you now!

Ritual:  write down what you want to let go and burn it.

Let it go.


me-  Let go of what does not feel right deep within and then 

create that Source Light to burn out the past and allow the Sun Light

to widen through you.  Now beginning new.  Beginning in all of the ways you are

creating from your subconscious.  The way to do this is to be in your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self, your Soul Light Energy moves from your Higher energy centers and above.

When we are creating from this place, then we are moving from the place of Love.

When we create from our lower self, then we are not creating from the highest place and

this may not work out the best for you down your path or may not last very long

as you manifest from a place of greed, stress, fear, anxiety etc..

However, if you are creating/manifesting from your Higher place of Love, gratitude and Joy-

then you are creating with your Soul-Higher Self, and now this is has a higher frequency.

This higher Frequency will attract the higher energies to assist with this creation.

In our world, there has been much flip flopping of what someone may think is ‘good’ but really it is mixed with soft spirit words or yoga lingo and so you believe this must be from the Higher Light.

When sadly this past decade there has been much to confuse the minds. This is concentrated now in these times and we are in the war of the mind.

The hypnosis of the masses.  We have all been ‘hoodwinked’ abit through life by someone in our personal life or through culture- politics -teachings.

Go inward.  Research.  Feel what is right.

How do you know if you are under this hypnosis and you have been blue pilled so to speak.

It is not easy.  I have shared through the years much research with the health or whatever it many be.

I can show someone something by the dr who created this mrna shot as Dr Malone and Dr Shoff

but they still do not believe and would rather believe the company who sells the items and is making the money.  So?  It is a tough time in this way.

May God bless everyone.  We are in a time of adventure for being strong in every way.

Be safe and Healthy.

Much Love,