Love LIGHT with Tara

Creating more light through your body and around your body, can assist you with your overall wellness in every way.

What is our Light Body? Our light body moves through our chakras (energy centers), physical body and our etheric body (our body double).   We are in times to take care of our body, mind, and spirit more than ever before.  Understanding profound ways to be clear and walk with your higher self each moment and each breath is beautiful, healing and creates miracles for your life.

Light is our Life Force Energy, a Living Spirit of Healing Love that dances with us, to us and all around us from Nature, the Sun, the Stars and our Love.   Light is the first emanation of the Divine and moves with the Sound Frequencies.  Light is Healing and moves through us with Love from the Highest Realms.

Sharing My Beautiful Teachings.  I share and teach the lovely wisdom to others from over 30 years of studies, practice and attuning to this higher energy.

Sound Healing, Centered Yoga, special breathings, guided meditations, Energy and Vibrational Healing, Spiritual Mediumship, Channeling with your Higher Self, Crystal Healing, Past Life regression healings, Energizations, Etheric Healings, Purification & Cage Healings; as well as healing naturally through nature.

My teachings embody the wisdom of the Eternal Buddha and the Eternal Christ Light.  This beauty is within us all and as we are aware of this, we become with this power and one with this AIN SOPH, the limitless Infinite LIGHT.

I am a Spiritual healer and experienced Yoga teacher since 1997; as well as a Doctor of Holistic Healing.  Sharing the lovely ways to alchemize one’s inner Light beauty and create higher frequencies through the body field is my passion.

Practice and meditation.  Consistent practice with our health and walking on the Light Path with God’s Love helps quicken your journey of bringing more Light into your Body Field.  Being in Nature is calming for our nervous system.

Love Rules and we can heal ourselves through moving inward and feeling our connection to the Source LIGHT God within.

 Love LIGHT is about helping you to create more Light through your body system for overall health and wellbeing.