Love LIGHT Holistic Healing and Yoga

Creating more light through your body and around your body, can assist you with your overall wellness in every way.

My tools for Holistic Healing:  Being Centered through your movement practice, special breathings and guided meditations, nature vibrational healing, metaphysics and intuitive spiritual healing.

What is our Light Body? Our light body moves through our physical body, etheric body (our body double), and our entire body field.  This is the aura of light around our bodies. We take care of our mind and body here on Earth as it is a divine body coded to be eternal. Our Body of higher energy experience that can participate in the Infinite Way of many realms or universes.

Light is our Life Force Energy, a Living Spirit of Healing Love that dances with us, to us and all around us from Nature, the Sun, the Stars and our Love.   Light is the first emanation of the Divine and moves with the Sound Frequencies.  Light is Healing and moves through us with Love from the Highest Realms.  

Sharing My Beautiful Teachings.  I have put together teachings from almost 30 years of the Holistic Healing field with a focus on Sacred Sound Healing, Vibrational healing, Centered Yoga, guided meditations, and Nature healing.

 We become one with this power and one with this AIN SOPH, the limitless Infinite LIGHT.

I am a Spiritual healer, a Mystic, and was introduced to the Healing Sphere of Light from my mother at the age of three.  I have always used the movements, singing and the Light to clear and feel happy.

In these times of rapid growth and transition in life, we need all Holistic tools to help us on our path.

Bring more Light through you for your Higher Self Soul and your healing Light to help purify your whatever is needed.  Clear the lower chakras, and bring more Light through you for healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Anchor your Light from above through your body to the Earth.

Practice and Feel your Love and Light each day, each moment.

 Sharing the lovely ways to alchemize one’s inner Light beauty and create higher frequencies through the body field is my passion.

My focus to help you is through the connection I create with your soul energies and intuitive guidance; as I connect with the Higher Realms, the Light Beings, the Holy Spirit Christ consciousness energy. 

 The Yandhi Spiritual Healing is deep work of four sessions to help you clear the lower chakras that keep the inner creative child energy captive.

The Divine Mother Healing is a three day beautiful healing of opening the Divine Energies through your Chakras and your Heart as you walk with Divine Mother for healing and nourishing energy.  I have been very successful with this creative healing for this clients who are wanting to get pregnant.   Some are going through fertility protocols and some are not.  Please message me about this beautiful healing energy.

The Light Body Intuitive Healing.  In this session, I will bring to you the vibrational healings of Sound and Colors with — crystals, tuning forks, sacred sounds & prayers to help bring more Harmony and calm to you.

Sacred Body Sacred Prayer In this exploratory movement practice that I have created through the many years of teaching. This is about Movements, Breathings, and the clearings.  Create your protections for yourself with sounds and visualisations; as well as learning to create  your personal Shield of Golden Light as needed and etheric clearings.

Practice and meditation.  Consistent practice with our health and walking on the Light Path with God’s Love helps quicken your journey of bringing more Light into your Body Field.

Love Rules and we can heal ourselves through moving inward and feeling our connection to the Source LIGHT God within.

xoxo Love, Tara