Love LIGHT with Tara

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Welcome.  Thank you for being here and I hope I can share with you my beautiful teachings that I have put together from my many years of studies, practice, travels in the Holistic Healing field, energy medicine, meditation and the Centered  Yoga.

I am a mother of three amazing young adults, whom I am so very proud of with their life.  I teach from a Christ centered  place and I do love to bring this elegant way together with the zen philosophy and many ancient teachings.

I am a Spiritual healer, Way Shower, experienced Yoga teacher since 1997,  and a Doctor of Holistic Healing.  Sharing the lovely ways to alchemize one’s inner Light beauty and create higher frequencies through the body field is my passion.

I bring to you the wisdom of the Body, Breath and Energy/Spiritual healing to you at Love Light and through privates sessions, small group classes and mini Holiday retreats.  Letting go of the stress and feel your Inner Calm through the Spiritual Healings, Yoga movements, Special Breathings and Meditations.

 Love Light Sacred Space is on pause from the Harrison Location.   Meanwhile, you can join me for private healing session, private small group yoga & meditation, and Spirit Circles.

 All sessions are at my home studio, virtual and visiting spaces.  Thank you.  Tara

 I apologize for the inconvenience.

 It is very important to feel your Tranquility and Love each moment and each day.  I invites you to be in this Space and tune into your Light.

What is this LIGHT that brings me so much Joy and passions for my teaching and sharing?  

“As a child, my mother taught me about the Healing Light and to hold this sphere of energy in my hands.  I practiced with this as a child and through my life; I felt this glory while in Nature, as Being in Nature is the most healing and fun for me in Life.  The Ocean waters, the acorn forest of Ancient trees, the soft cool winds on a Mountain walk, the smells of flowers and herbs through my body, the feel of a crystal with the many facets in my hand, all with the strength of my body as it tunes in to the powerful vibrations and frequencies of nature. We are one with this Source Energy.”

Seeing, Feeling and Hearing sounds, colors, and the Light Beings was not always something I felt comfortable sharing as a child and embrasing this and who I am in my Life has guided me to share with others.

Studies, travels, Yoga training, Intuitive Guidance  and tuning in with my Higher Self, with God have shown me what has always been there inside of me, this healing Light.

I am a Holistic Healer and Metaphysician.   I love to share about the body wisdom through the Vibrational frequencies of Sound Healing, crystals, Energy Healing,  yoga, special breathings, Intuitive healing meditations and complementary ways to help brighten your body field.  Teaching and sharing about the Life Force and ways to touch these energies on the many levels.

When I Tune in with God, Source, with my Angels – I am able to assist you on your healing path.  Spirit moves in and this amazing Healing warmth, vibrations, energy moves through me and the client to help in bringing Harmony to the body field for balance.

Our Movement practice, meditation, positive attention, being healthy in mind, body and Spirit.  Consistent practice with our health and walking on the Light Path with God’s Love helps quicken your journey of bringing more Light into your Body Field.

Light is our Life Force Energy, a Living Spirit of Healing Love that dances with us, to us and all around us from Nature, the Sun, the Stars and our Love.   Light is the first emanation of the Divine and moves with the Sound Frequencies.  Light is Healing and moves through us with Love from the Highest Realms.

Love Rules and we can heal ourselves through moving inward and feeling our connection to the Source LIGHT God within.

 I am so happy to share this lovely Sacred Space with you to help you Create Health in your Body & Life.
Love LIGHT is about helping you to create more Light through your body system for overall health and wellbeing.

xoxo Love, Tara

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Our Love Offerings

Light Body Alchemy Yoga & Healing Teacher Training 200 hour YA program for Bliss and Health xoxo.


Love Light offers Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Energy Healing privates and healing courses, to help you move forward with ‘Joie de Vivre’.

All Yoga movement classes are privates or small groups of  4-6 students at this special time to continue our whole body wellness, and align our body from deep within. We are here to help you on this marvelous adventure of creating Higher Frequency in and around your body field.

This Sacred Space location is moving.  Please stay tuned. I am creating private circles and online courses.  Thank you.

Please email Tara if you have any questions about props and purchasing them here at the studio.

Tara’s teachings specialize in the Centered Yoga Method, Guided Meditations & breathings; as well as, Spiritual Energy Healing and Intuitive guidance.

What we offer
What other’s are saying

“My love of yoga started with the classes I took from Tara over 10 years ago. Her energy and knowledge of Dona Holleman’s eight vital principles of practice created a foundation of yoga for me that I continue to practice and use every time I am on the mat. It is a beautiful and strong foundation that has allowed me to grow my practice through both movement and breath. Tara’s own practice is both beautiful and pure.”


“Spent the morning of New Year’s Eve in a Tranquility yoga session that Tara accommodated per my request. With the scheduling changes, it ended up being a one-on-one class, which was such an extreme blessing! I left this yoga studio feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to take on all 2020 has to offer, including impeding motherhood, as some of the work we did centered around the little baby girl growing in my belly. I am looking forward to visiting Tara and Love Light Sacred Space very often.”

Brittany Travesté

„Tara is an amazing yoga and energy healing instructor. You can tell she loves her students and wants the best for us. It is truly a pleasure taking lessons from her. My day is “complete” after leaving her studio. She is definitely a “master” – her “light” shines!“

Dawn F.

„I had the pleasure of studying alongside Tara and experienced her gentle, compassionate, nurturing nature. I’ve also been on her healing table while she facilitated a Lotus Spiritual Healing on me. Tara is able to read a problem accurately and work energetically to make it different. Most energy workers create a temporary shift. Tara has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them. After studying with many energy healing practitioners, I recognize Tara as one elite practitioner who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust her. I am grateful for the remarkable changes she helped me with … in one session alone.”

Jen Stafford

„Tara is amazing! She is so passionate and devoted at what she does and so eager to share her light and knowledge with her students. Beautiful yoga studio! Very peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. Looking forward to more meditation sessions with this amazing soul 💝.”

Denzilla T.

„Tara was my first teacher. I learned so much from her. She has her own  studio now. Such a beautiful place. Her classes are awesome and fun. A wonderful teacher and friend. I recommend her to anyone who wants to practice yoga.“

Diane Forte

„Tara is so great to work with. She has helped me with yoga and energy work along with proper stretching to relieve nerve pain which has been fabulous. The space is open and a clean feel. Must try and can do individual sessions along with group.”

Rachel M.

„I’m so excited for Tara opening her own yoga studio! I met Tara about eighteen years ago at a health club on the Northshore. She was my very first yoga and Pilates instructor. I can tell you that she undoubtedly is the best Yoga and Pilates instructor I’ve ever had. She absolutely pays attention to the smallest details of the practice. I still to this day use the technique’s that she taught me. I will be forever grateful to Tara for her dedication and expertise in her field.“

Lura Diogardi


Thank you for the opportunity in helping you expand your spiritual training and development.