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Mediumship Session

Astrology Session

Intuitive Guidance

Small Group Session

Mediumship Session – Recovering from a loss? Feeling stuck in your grief? Need to know loved ones on the other side are still by your side? This session is for you. Angela uses Evidential Mediumship to give proof that the soul continues on after the physical death.

Astrology Session – Let the stars be your guide to better understand the events of your past, present, and future! You are one of a kind, as depicted by your astrological birth chart. Navigate your future confidently and make decisions more easily, according to your unique astrological transits. Check out your compatibility with potential partners, get a one year forecast, or just get a general overview of major planetary transits for you.

Intuitive Guidance – Wrestling with a decision? Looking to improve your love life? Wondering if there’s a bigger plan for you? Or maybe you just need a nudge about your potential future. This session’s for you. Angela can help you move in the right direction by using guidance from the spiritual realm.

The Power of 3: Mediumship, Intuitive Guidance & Astrology Intensive – The most comprehensive session offered, combining Mediumship, Intuitive Guidance and Astrology. Not only will we connect with loved ones guiding you in spirit, but also discover possibilities for your future and determine the timing of events. Rediscover hope and joy for your future!

Mediumship and Intuitive Guidance Combo – Connect with loved ones in spirit and get direction for the future so you can live your best life! Combining a Mediumship session and an Intuitive Guidance session, find comfort in knowing the departed are still around you, as well as look into the potentials and possibilities for your future.

Want to share a session? You will have an option to add on one additional person upon booking your appointment.

Small Group Session – Have someone in spirit you all know and loved? You can connect together! Or perhaps you are all feeling stuck and need a nudge about the future. Get clarity in a group setting, surrounded by the people you trust. In a small group session, everyone gets a turn. Best for 3 to 5 attendees.

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