Hawaii morning hike March 2019.  Be in Nature as much as possible. The Beauty moves through your cells, your soul and transforms you more than you know.

Remember that everything is Energy and we are part of all of the photons of Light, the Source Life Force.  We are Light.  

May Your Light Shine Brighter and Brighter through this Holiday season and into the 2022 year.

Please join me for lots of interesting circles Meditations, Yoga, connecting with Sprit and reconnecting your spark with other like minded souls. 

“Existence is vibration. When we separate something into its smallest parts, we always enter a strange world where all that exists is particles and waves. The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound. And as sound is created, there is a master listener to receive the sound: WATER.” ~ Masaru Emoto

It’s because mindfulness not only allows us to create a deeper understanding of the Self, it is also about expanding the concept of Self to include others. Group mindfulness allows you to see your struggles with the mind, reflected in your peers. You learn from those who are more advanced, and you support those who are just starting.


Mindfulness group activities in nature offer a simple and effective way of creating enriching experiences in life. The exercises are also a great source of nurturing strong, caring groups that support each other in the time of need – just like a forest supports its individual trees.

Many people have turned to mindfulness for calm and happiness in their lives, but a large number have tried and given up too soon. While it is true that mindfulness is an individual practice, it is easier to learn, practice, and grow when you take the journey with a supportive, like-minded group of people.

It’s because mindfulness not only allows us to create a deeper understanding of the Self, it is also about expanding the concept of Self to include others. Group mindfulness allows you to see your struggles with the mind, reflected in your peers. You learn from those who are more advanced, and you support those who are just starting.

Mindfulness Activities for Groups

In this article we cover some mindfulness activities and exercises that are uniquely suited for groups. We’ll show you how to design the activities so that you can overcome common challenges faced while conducting mindfulness in groups. These engaging set of exercises can be adapted for people across age groups – from adults to kids. So you can practice them with friends or family.

All the activities mentioned integrate elements of nature, which makes it easy for beginners to access the concept of mindfulness. The groups will not only achieve the benefits of mindfulness, but also the many health benefits of being outdoors.

Mindful Listening: Language of the Birds

What is the difference between regular bird-watching and mindful birding? While our eyes make up the primary sense for the former, the most important sense for mindful birding is our ears. Rather than counting the number of different birds we can see, our focus is on learning how to create calm with the help of the birds.

We recommend keeping all cameras and phones away. Once you find a space that has sufficient bird activity, ask the group members to find a spot for themselves and sit in silence.

Mindfulness Activity Prompts

Listen to the closest bird.
Listen to the farthest bird.
Listen to the birds in different directions.
Listen to the silence in between the birdcalls.
Listen for conversations. Follow the sound of a particular species and imagine what the birds are trying to say?

The group can share their stories, insights and learning at the end of the session.

Spending time with the birds in a mindful way leads to some beautiful insights. Here one such story from a flock of swifts by Helen Macdonald, Author H is for Hawk.

“Swifts have, of late, become my fable of community, teaching us about how to make right decisions in the face of oncoming bad weather. They aren’t always cresting the atmospheric boundary layer at dizzying heights; most of the time they are living below it in thick and complicated air. That’s where they feed and mate and bathe and drink and are. But to find out about the important things that will affect their lives, they must go higher to survey the wider scene, and there communicate with others about the larger forces impinging on their realm.”

Just like the birds, sometimes we have to let our minds soar above our day to day worries and see our lives from a higher perspective. Mindfulness allows us to do that, helping us discover wiser choices for our future.



I love this article I came across about Shamanism.

We each are our own healers in the everyday.

Deep breathings, Happy Thoughts, Cardio for our Heart and Energy, Eating healthy and nutritious food,

drinking clean pure water, staying around High minded people as much as possible.  Nature Nature Nature.

In this 2021 energy of moving into the 2022 time, we have to realize by now – in case you have not yet, the importance of

being in our most Highest Energies.

Love is fragile.  Be The Light, Be Pure, Be Free, Be Real for you and others.

Have the integrity to be in your space of Calm and Peace and being there for others.  We are needed at these times to be the way showers.

Hold someone hand and let them know it will be okay as we move through these shift times.

Be tuned in to Spirit and our sacred inner voice.

Align yourself with Source or it will happen for you in ways that you can not even understand.

The Cosmic Beings are here to help us.  Trust.  Love.  Have Faith.

Embrace your energy and your unique quality to find the beauty in all.

We have to sustain the Light.  Letting Go and Letting God. To Love God is to know Self.

Use your Will – Passion- Joy- to work together with others of the same vibrations… for the Greater Cause.


Stay above the Water as this beautiful elegant Swan.



I hear and read  so much of the 2022 time and all the energies that will move together, and all of the Truths will show

themselves of this past 2020 and 2021 wellness global time. 

Be still and Listen inwardly.  Make sure you have all you need to take care of YOU.

Your Calm and Your peace is the vital ingredient to your health.

Your comfort items for sleep, relaxation, longs walks in nature and overall happiness.  




I am only recommending the extras here as we never know in Life what may happen.

Living here in New Orleans, we are always ready for a storm to close down everything. 

Last year in Texas they had apx two weeks with so much closed down.  

Just be ready.  xoxo

Prepare now if you have not with the extras in your home and environment.

This includes: Lots of Clean Water and Water collectors for Rain.  Extra Batteries.

A Solar charger for your phone and basics.  Flashlights etc,

Three months supply of food and however this may 

be for you.  A satellite phone is recommended.

Do you grow your own food?  If so that is amazing.  A good time to have your seeds and the nice

pots and organic soil.  I love to garden and make healthy essences from the herbs and flowers

for healing.  Always good to have some Bach Flower essences in your medicine cabinet-

along with alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide, oregano capsules (natural antibiotic),

extra bandaids, wraps and Neosporin, aspirin (star anise), Tylenol, extra vitamins of C, D, zinc,

NAC, NAD, multi, quercitin and whatever extra you need to keep your immune system strong.

AND Lots of sleep and rest.