Flower Full Moon

My Message:  As we keep our thoughts filled with Love, Hope and Light then we create this.  Seeing the beautiful flowers of brilliant colors in our minds and hearts; seeing the bright shining stars and soft colors of the skies and clouds awakens the inner vibrations of radiance.

Many say all is not Love and Light and I say you create what you think. bla bla love and light.  I ask you- have you felt Love and is it not the best truth feeling? Have you felt the luminous Light of nature through your body and soul and is this not real?  Use this for your daily px to Heal and clear.  This is your breath and your Life and God’s gift here with us on Mother Earth.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is not real because that is a false thought.

Already we have many lower elementals in our body and mind field from the past.  When we are not as aware or discerning, then perhaps you brought something into your field unknowingly, unconsciously or consciously.  Either way, bringing these thoughts to the Light and letting them transmute is Key.  How do you know what you don’t know?  Well, you feel this in your meditations, movement practice, prayers time, being in nature and often the memories come to the surface.  Again being in truth is key as you see this and feel this memory perhaps you are not even remembering in the way it truly happened and false thoughts can birth this way.  Sometimes the memory is ‘stuck’ in a a part of the body and once you bring it to the surface… your body may feel better.  You may feel a sense of relief and peace.  For Example, if you worried about something constantly then this energy can sit in the kidneys and then you get little pains there over time.  However, if you are aware of this and go into this while in prayer and see it changing.  See the thought and situation filled with Light and bring it to a place of change in your thoughts (like in a golden sphere to move up to the universe) and yes- the energy changes.  There are many holistic ways to help heal and create harmony in the cells. I help my clients do this in the Healings and it is very beautiful.  An unfolding awakening of Light on one’s path.

 You can do this yourself too and then move forward.  Continue to stay in a negative place won’t help you or those around you.  Bring a positive creative energy pulse to your solutions through writing journaling, drawing, meditation, prayer, gardening, cooking, painting, walking, singing, cardio and just whatever brings Joy to your Heart.  Your are the creator of your destiny.  Move forward with delight. The vibrations of the Earth are speeding up and so are we with our frequencies.  Therefore, we can move more quickly through the ‘muck’ if we allow.  Your choice.  Clearing the karma as well can be quicker if you allow.  Forgive those who hurt you and those you hurt.  Bring Love to situations and for yourself on your Light Path.

In these times of crucial unfoldment in humanity- all are needed with the remembering of why you came into this Life at this time to assist in the shifts of the great yuga, the ascensions and helping Mother Earth.  Maybe you came as a ‘walk through’ and just to experience and perhaps you are a young soul here to learn as much as possible.  This is a good time for this as their are many old souls, avatar beings, teachers of the Light, and soul navigators of the cosmos here more than ever in many Light years.  I know I am a Light Seed and teacher of the Light here to assist in these times of ascension.  Teaching about the Light and how to use this to heal your mind, body, Heart and the ways to feel this is important to me.

 Teaching you ways to tap into this with Mother Nature is part of my mission.  Do you know your mission?  Your soul’s path?  I am creating ways to help souls for this that I have learned through my life and in the higher realms.

I still have friends that say, oh I see you as a yoga teacher and I say, well the Yoga & QiGong is more than just the movements.  The practice of the postures teaches discipline and helps to bring more energy to the body cell, muscles, bones and the whole anatomy.  With the body opening then eventually with the breathings, meditations, chanting and what you do – then the healer within awakens.  This is why the practice in nature is sublime importance to me as the prana for the star light and sunlight move into our skin and heal.  Maybe not everyone feels what I am explaining  because we are all in different places of our Spiritual development.  I learned to hold the Light when I was 3 and work with this from a very young age.  This imprint has stayed with me from my mother and I share through my life.  The labels can be awkward because languaging and words are different globally and for different people.  I say for myself I am a mother peace and yes, I am a Healer for the Earth and for humans in the now and as we are in the Higher realms.  I help others heal as I have learned to heal myself and bring more Light into my body field and life.  Movement, Sound and Color, Source-Life-Force-God Light Healing, Nutrition, Special breathings and meditations and the Nature essences that are very joyful.  This has been through my whole life and all of what I share in classes, writings and healing sessions.  xoxo

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 As these words below share, it is true we are in this fourth dimension time and what does this mean?  It means we can tune in easier to the Beings of Light and Spirit for messages and assistance. I also feel this is a time to be protective by staying in the Light Source of God.  I get asked this all of the time ans so I share:  Feel your Bright Star of Light within you and around you. Feel your Christ Light Energy or maybe for you it is something else but it is all the same and of the Highest Love and Universal creations of Source. There may be some who are aware of this time with more Light and they try to stop this and that is part of this time on Earth as well.  This is why there is so much with the issues occurring and to stop the advancement of the souls who are creating from the Light and instead there are some who want to not allow this.  We read this and see this and that is Life.  Please use discernment.  Research as much as possible and don’t believe all you see and hear in regular news.  There is much magic tricks happening to have you look one way while something else is occurring in the other directions.  Be smart. Stay in your grateful place of peace.  See God’s Light in everything and breathe in the Happy peacefule smile in your body to bring this thought of Joy through you.  Move with courage and from your strength.

 It will get a bit wild out there more until the calm is here.  Stay healthy and Bright.  Stay positive.  Move and clear your body field.  Eat healthy with lots of chlorophyll and greens for your blood.  Make some pine needle tea, fennel tea or Star Anise for extra healing power, drink lots of pure water with lemon too.  We came here at this time for these adventures.  Be kind to yourself and others… the best is coming and be ready.  We are in the Light.

Love, Tara

Much of what I write here you may read in other blogs I have written and on my website.  As a wake up on this beautiful morning and feel to share as a flow of thought to you.

The Super Flower Blood Full Moon Eclipse (say that five times fast!) on May 26 will push us to explore new heights in our individual journeys towards personal freedom. Aptly named for the timing of this full moon, when the flowers are blooming abundantly, this eclipse will show us the fruits of our labor achieved since the December 14 New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius last year. Ask yourself: What intentions did you set back then? If your intentions are in the works, then you might find your dreams finally coming to fruition. If the pieces don’t feel like they are coming together yet, that’s okay—this eclipse will give you opportunities to course-correct.


-Fourth Dimension Contains All Thoughts And Life Before It Is Seen In Third Dimension-Earth.

When You Think Any Thought, You Have Created A Thought Form Of Energy Which Resonates Outside Of Your Physical Awareness.

In Reality, You Are Creating Worlds, Events, Traumas, Relationships And Let’s Just Say, All Possibilities.

Any Creation Has Been Thought Into Existence.

-Many Of You Have Never Heard Of Thought Form Entities.

For Those That Travel Astrally Or That Can See In Darkness With Eyes Closed, Thought Form Entities Are All Around.

What Do They Look Like And Do?

They Are Composed Of Thought Energy With A Small Amount Of Consciousness And They React Solely To You!

-They Can Take On The Form And Look That You Do Not Realize You Have Created.

They Can Cause Great Fear As Humans New At Seeing Them Will React In Fear Which Causes Them To Morph Into Something More Fearful.

-They Cannot Hurt You Or Touch You.

You Can Battle Them With Thoughts And See Destruction But You Are Feeding Them With Energy.

The Best Advice Is Ignore Them Or Master Yourself To Understand You Can Order Them To Sleep, Leave, Jump, Or You Can Have Them Become What You Want.

Nothing Can Ever Harm You In Fourth Dimension.

-Shamans And Seers And Those With Gifts, Operate In A Multidimensional Reality.

These Have Lived In All Dreams.

For Those Who Become Comfortable Seeing, It Can Become Entertaining To Create Trains, See Oceans And Boats And Even Watch Mermaids Swim By.

-You Will See Other Beings In Fourth Dimension Also.

Angels Move Through All Densities And Dimensions.

Fairies Also Are In All Densities And Dimensions.

There Are Many Travelers That See You As You See Them.

The Interesting Point Is That With Experience You Learn What Is Real And What Has Been Created By Your Mind.

Some Beings Will See You And Become Frightened.

-The Best Advice For You On Earth Without 4-D Sight, Is To Understand That You Are Creating With Your Words And Thoughts.

So, Think Thoughts Of Love, Healing, Safety, Good Health, Forgiveness, And So On.

These Are Important Aspects That You Will Manifest With Repetitive Thinking.

You Are Powerful Creators!

-As The Great Shift Is On Your Mind, Call In The Crafts!

‘Think’ To Them!

Send Love To The Planet!

Send Healing To All People, Animals And Nature!

You Are My Loves!

I Hold You Closely As I Watch You Complete Your Dream!

Soon I Embrace You Face To Face With Deep Love!

I Love You So!


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!


The best way to strengthen your intuition is to simply use it! Whenever you get a “gut feeling” about a situation or a person, pay close attention to it. If you’ve ever felt a certain way about something or someone and didn’t know why – but it later turned out to be true – that was your intuition at work.

Your subconscious mind and your energetic field can quickly pick up subtle cues and energies that your conscious mind cannot. The more you learn to use your intuition, the stronger it will get – rather like building up a muscle.

A few other things you can do to strengthen your intuition include meditating, eating lighter foods, and building trust in your decision making.

Have a wonderful week