Centered Yoga

Centered Yoga is an elegant method of yoga practice with a Zen vibe and focuses on Eight Vital Principles. This system was created by Dona Holleman, my teacher since 2000.

 Learning to flow into the postures with lightness, alignment, awareness, intent and intelligence in the body – creates ease and openness. Movement with an “inner smile” meditative state, guides all of the actions– making them fluid, graceful and harmonious.

A zen movement of practice is created with YOUR inner power, inner viewing and YOUR Inner Smile that aligns your body wisdom for strength and healing.  When we practice each day and feeling the Light through our body, our radiance shines out all around us.  

Through our Source Light Body practices — Youthfulness and Longevity are magnified.  

“The application of the principles of practice is meant to give the body the maximum inner space and ease by following its natural lines and its relationship with gravity, the air pressure and other stresses imposed on it by the environment that it is subject to. This is only possible if we listen to the body from a meditative state of mind or total attention. In this state of mind we can initiate each movement from the energy body, which then intern pulls and guides the physical body through the movement. In the practice of yoga, this process is applied to our own physical body.” – Dona Holleman

This Method integrates the breath and movement with awareness, while toning your body, and creating longevity on a cellular level. Mindfulness in action is key as we feel and connect with our ‘bodyscape.’  These eight vital principles may be used with any system of practice and throughout your day, to be in your most aligned way for the body to be in the Light.

  Light Body Alchemy Energy Healing + Centered Yoga + Full Body Tuning = Love and Joy

  The body wisdom is key for keeping your temple strong and bringing in more Light for personal healing and spiritual growth.

I have worked with various populations through the years, teaching advanced practice, rehab, pre and post pregnancy, children, teens, post surgery and gentle yoga.  Helping others gain their strength and vigor – while tapping into the subtle bodies and the energy bodies for the full body healing is Key. Our Life Force is the Light and is God Source; as we allow this to stream into our awareness and consciousness from our Hearts with Love – we embrace all that is — The Golden Nectar of Life.

The Eight Vital Principles of the The Centered Yoga Method:

  1. The meditative state of mind or the not-doing of meditation.
  2. Relaxation or the not-doing of the body
  3. Intent or the not-doing of visualization
  4. Rooting or the intelligent use of gravity
  5. Centering or the Knowledge of the Hara
  6. Bodyscape or the anatomical understanding of the body
  7. Breathing or the total use of inner breathing space
  8. Elongating or using the total breathing to open the body

These principles assist you with your personal journey of Healing through –  discipline, discernment, practice, clearing, purifying and moving forward with Health and wellness Body, Mind and Heart.  

 The Centered Yoga Practice

  1. Do the movements very slowly
  2. Do the movements on an exhalation
  3. Do the movements with peripheral vision
  4. Do the movements with total attention



As we are practicing our movements with the yoga, breathings, and guided meditations – it is important to understand that you are clearing the Energy Centers with your attention.  The guided breathings bring more Light into our etheric field, our chakras and this brings more light, Prana, chi, orgone energy into our body.  This will create Health in your body on all levels.


Energy Centers are amazing vortexes of energy that we have through our body, as well as above and below our body field.  There are eight major ones and we also have ones in our hands, soles of our feet and minor ones throughout our body.  We are opening up to twelve main energy centers as we each evolve.

Each of the Energy Centers has its own  level of consciousness and frequency.  Each has its own individual glands, its own unique hormones, chemistry and individual plexus of neurons.  As each center is activated it will emit energy for the body and is a ‘mini brain’ bringing intelligcne and energy into the region. Feeling the breath through each Chakra is a lovely way to bring light to the regions for expansion, clearing and release.

We can open the body and the blocks through our yoga movements and breathings.  We can also add the deeper sound & crystal healings; as well as the Purification Sessions.

There are 8 main Chakras that  harmonize with our life emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We can open and clear the centers with Happiness, Joy, Love, Sound and ‘allowing’  for the Healing and Source to move through us.  As our Chakras are more open — Creative Energy of Source moves through us and we can evolve and transcend adversities;  feel safe in our choices and life; move from Love; express our Truth from our Higher Self; and perceive a broader spectrum of reality.  Harmony, enlightenment and balance with ourselves, our world and our path is activated;  and feeling all we have intended and put into action on our Light Path is happening and then our 8 th Chakra begins to be activated.  We are now Open and allowing the Golden Light from above to be flowing through us without blocks.  WE are Vessels for the Light on Earth.  When we create from our Lower centers of anxiety and fear- it is not the same because we are not moving from our Higher Self.

Through our inner attention of our Breath with the Light, we clear and renew with the Golden Light of Love

1st Root Chakra – Connection of Heaven and Earth

2nd Spleen Chakra – Greater Creativity and Healing

3rd Solar Plexus – Greater Wisdom and Inner Knowing

4th Heart Chakra – Higher Love.  A bridge between the lower and the higher energies.  Our emotions choose the way to go. 

High Heart- Christ Consciousness into the Thymus

5th- Throat region and Higher Communication, Cosmic Expansion

6th Third Eye – Opening Spiritual Vision

7th The Crown Chakra – Higher Spiritual Understanding 

8th Soul Star- Our connection to Heaven and Earth  (white)


I am so happy to help you move forward to expand your whole-body wellness, meditative state of mind, & spiritual development.  You can choose to have only the yoga movement practice or a mix of the postures, meditation and energy healing for your full body wisdom.

Yoga is our union with our physical body, our mental body, our spiritual body and our Heart and Soul; creating a balance with our masculine and feminine energy.  For me, Yoga means union with Divine consciousness.  As you become balanced and centered through your practice,  your thoughts will become clear and more ease and openness occur.  

Yoga is about Love and bringing this highest form of vibrations through us & all around us.

As we practice yoga and breathings, our body of Light becomes brighter and can participate in the Infinite Way of many realms universes.  

“A Divine body coded from the Godhead to be Eternal.” (1 Peter 2:9)