Each Day Journal and write your new Breathings practice and your Movements


Happy Easter…. Ostara 

We are Light and Christ came here to bring More Light to Mother Earth and to us. I believe he was a very powerful Avatar being with such a High Frequency, that he shifted the Vibrations of Mother Earth and therefore of human beings.  I have friends or teachers that do not believe an individual can do this and he is not any individual. Yahweh (YHWH) 

There have been many Avatars on the Earth.  We know the Old Testament prophesied about the coming of God’s son.  The New Testament has many beautiful messages about Yahweh and messages from him.  I love to read the scrolls that were found later- the Keys of Enoch and the Mary Magdalene writings.  They are all so beautiful.  

I believe that Christ Light was and is so powerful that it is about LOVE and this opening of the Light within that moves from the highest place of God, the Earth and above, and that God within us- our Light- that moves from Love.  When we move from this Higher place, we are inspired and God Source moves through us.  This is Real.

 How does Christ save us because for the resurrection?  It is not about dying on a cross you create for yourself in your Life, playing the sadness violins for yourself.  Putting yourself on a cross to play the martyr in life moves from a place of ego and lower energies.  Jesus on the Cross and opening up ones self as Christ did for us,  to open ones self for the Light of God source energy to move through you.  When I see a cross, I see the center of a circle and this is about all time 360 degrees.  North, South, East and West – all places Christ Light is there.  Every day and every moment this Love walks with you.  This time is past present future and moves in parallel universes.  The Higher you tune in with your energy, the higher beings of Light as well vibrate with you.  

 To die and then be alive is quite amazing and Christ did this for showing us that we too as children of God can be in the lowest low and still find that Grace of Happiness.  Go deep into the depths and clear.  There are ancestral darkness from eons past to the generations of the present to clear and bring Light to this.  This Light of Love is the golden elixir of Love that renews this and allows us to evolve and be free.  

Jesus was here over 2000 years ago and that time is still relevant today because his Love is timeless.   In this present time each of us can ask God to forgive us for any sins and help us to be in the Light.  This takes more that asking however.  It is important to be in the place of seeing in your mind, believing and saying it out loud as you profess to God as you are creating.  This is conscious creating.  

God created the entire universe from his Light- sounds – vibrations.  We create through our inspirations of God moving through us.  

There is much history in the bible and there is also much Prophesy.  Kabbalist researchers explain that much of the writings are codes, frequencies and many hidden meanings that are unraveling through time and now.  This I believe to be true.  

The Christ Light is so powerful and awesome that it was able to cleanse the lower elementals from our field, and assist in the souls Light Path of having More Light Pour in through us.  This is a choice and is about freewill.  None of us are perfect as humans and we come here to experience all of life with all the ups and downs.  Love being the most powerful of all.  The true Joy of Life.  

 We can feel this Inner Clearing as we tune in to this Christ Higher Liquid Light of Love.  Christening of Healing Water through our body Energy Field.  

Our Heart Chakra Energy Field has been upgraded to move from this Higher Frequency.  It takes the free will of choosing this Glow into our Body, Mind, Heart.

There are many disturbances and hinderance that can slow down our progress and we know this.  However, the lessons can come from these situations in the everyday.

Today of 4/4/21 we are moving into this beautiful Spring Energy of New Beginnings.

I find my interests with the many paths of Global Healing, Mother Earth Healing, Ascension, Health and Wellness for myself, family, friends and clients.  Political engagement and opinions at this time may not be very popular and frightens people as we are in this cancel culture time.

However, be with yourself and your Highest Health and your Truth.  I teach people this way and so for myself I must as well.  Health and taking care of myself has been important to me my whole life.  From age 2 and taking ballet lessons and loving movement to through my life and learning Yoga and Energy Healing and Meditation.  It seems as though we can all go about our lives taking care of our selves, eat healthy, have clean foods, water and air.  Live our Soul’s purpose and have a career that we enjoy and brings us immense satisfaction creatively and financially.  

This is how Life Should be and Is most of the time.  However, we are in a time of fears.  When we are made to move from fear, then we are moving from our lower place and confusion and this does not lead to correct choices… or at least maybe not the best choice.

I hear my cousin’s daughter talk about how she is bullied to taking a vaccine even thought she has the anti-bodies.  No one should be bullied or feel bullied  for the Health.  We are sovereign beings with the right to take care of ourselves.

Each day you can create your Health and build this beautiful proper space in your Mind, Heart and Body as you discipline your self.  Each day choose the positive attitude as you being your day and have your plans of what you are focusing on; whether it be work, school, rest, a creative adventure, a practice of sorts, a holiday.

 Being thankful before going to sleep and setting the plans ahead of time is always important.

I love to say my prayers as I am falling asleep and ask Jesus, Mother Mary, the Angel Beings, Enoch, Great White Brotherhood, Arch Angels, an ancestor or whoever it may be — to guide me in my dreams and send me messages to help me on my path.  

When you wake up during the night or in the morning, write down the messages, symbols, images, what you heard etc.  — as your remember.  This can help you possibly figure out something you are working on.  

This is freedom.  Asking God to assist and then feeling this in your body field.  Being able to create your day and life as you feel with your Highest Self.

When we are controlled and told we must do this and that and it is from fear or with no proof of the reasoning… then I feel it is time to ask questions.  Why am I being told to do something that may harm my body.  Why am I being told I can not live a certain way that is the healthiest from all of the studies and research I have done.  Why can’t I travel unless I have taken a vaccine not tested on humans and being asked about my health.  That is actually against the law.

So now you have these time of the Global energies and the Wellness of your body and mind be affected together.  We are in a time in life when yes – you can stay off the grid and be healthy in nature if you are able to do this.  We are in a time where most of us have to be in a busy town and with family, and take care of ourselves the best we can while tiptoeing around these tyrannical rules.

Deep Breathes.  Most friends and peers pretend it is not even happening and go about their day.  This is probable the best approach, as long as you stay healthy and live your life as you choose.  

With all of that said, I feel short breathings and meditations through your day is really nice to keep your energy positive.  

Also, choosing the same time each day for some is a great way to stay on target with your Happy Peace Calm energy.  

There are many ways to be in this Calm space and clear the busy mind.  I like to sit still and begin with a few letting go breaths.  Deep slow inhales and then exhale nice and strong out of the Solar plexus.  

Then feel an inner smile to yourself.  Feel Soft Eyes and soft mouth.  relax the tensions through your body by letting go each part of your body at a time.  Widening your Eyes, lips, Shoulders, Hips.  

INhale soft breaths up your body and Down.  Begin to count your breaths inhale for 4 – pause, then exhale 4.  Do this about 7 times.  

Inhale 7 and then pause a few counts and exhale 7.  ahhhh do this about 7 times.

Feel Joy and Happiness in your Body.  See someone you Love so much and send them Love.  See them so appreciative and receiving your Love as they send it back to you.  Feel Peace through  your body.  

Be thankful for this beautiful time of Higher Energy Love with yourself.  See this Light in Your Heart and through your body.  Ahhhhhh.  

I will stop here and we can go further.  This is a nice short way to unwind.  As you feel the Light in your body, use that time for being in your nourishing cocoon of Healing Lavender or soft blue Light.  Also, you can use this time for a prayer with God, Your Higher Self, Spirit, Christ, Source – the best way for you.

Remember when in Prayer to not ask… but to see in your consciousness, in your thoughts and See this and Feel this.  You are the Creator of your Life.  God is with you and the Energy of Source helps to create and you must be part of it.  No sitting on the side lines.

 Discipline Energy.  

Just an aside- this is my feelings with the Christ Light and Jesus with us.  I feel his energy and more through this time of staying home.  Mostly I was tuning in to the Divine Mother Light with my meditations and one day in prayer -meditation – I felt the presence of Christ Light again.  We are all different how we vibe into these energies.  Perhaps it is another avatar, angel being, masculine or feminine energy for you with your prayers and meditations.  Be aware of what you are feeling and how you feel with this as you tune in.  Journal about your experiences.  Enjoy.  

Much Love and Peace,

Tara Love