Sacred Body Sacred Yoga with Tara

I would like to help you create a Golden Light path for yourself through your Body, Mind and Spirit, through special Exploratory Classes with Tara.  Choose the Centered YOGA-Breathing practice that is right for you.

 Individual private study/practice is 222$ apx. 90 minute sessions. 

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Enjoy a 75 minute class with the postures and the breath moving in harmony with alignment of the body in a slow flow sequence. Here we focus on the Centered Yoga sequencings spine with the extensions, twists, forward bends, backbends and inversions – so that you feel balanced and energized from your practice. Intelligent alignment and Lightness in the body is key.

Level 1 is fundamental postures, breathings and meditation. Level 2 will add deeper sequencings and backbends, lotus postures, various pranayama practice; as well as inversions.

FULL BODY BALANCE – Awaken Your Inner Light Beauty

These are all special yoga practices to assist in anti-aging, evolving, transforming and rejuvenation. Our body is a special magical instrument that desires to be nourished with Loving vibrations, thoughts, moves and expansive guidance for the breathings. We can learn to heal our bodies and minds with consistent practice. This class is a mix of yoga postures, breathings, light weights, core movements and leg work. Evolve your body through the explorations.  Experiment and have fun! Tara’s personal px for everyday inner & outer beauty.


For teachers and serious students.  In this class, we will focus on specific postures and how they correlate with sequencing and for overall wellbeing. Anatomy of the postures will be discussed to help with the understanding. Depending on the level we are focusing on, there will be postures, sun salutations, and the breathings in the postures. This is a very special session for those who want to take their practice to the next level.

Various Levels depending on the course. Recommended for students with a consistent practice of two years. This course may be used in my Yoga Alliance Program: Light Body Alchemy- Yoga and Healing


A sacred yoga flow with alignment and creative movements.  Integrating deep breathings, creating your own warmth as you move with poise and awareness in and out of postures slow with awareness. Heart Breathings, (hjarta body tree), Chakra clearings via Sacred Sound frequencies and active relaxation with guided meditation are added to help heighten your inner bliss.  Inner Smiles through your body help you to be healthier each moment.  xoxo

All levels welcome. In this class allow your heart to be happy and filled with light. Be open, and move with elegance on your mat, in nature and into your life. Our yoga practice opens our body so we can be in the place of peace — then we can be in the meditative state in whatever we do in life.

Tune in to YOU.  Loving yourself is the most important energy.  Love from your Higher Self that moves through you.  This Powerful Love ignites from your Center and moves out to all.  This is not a Love from Ego but Love steeped in Joy, Peace and One with source.  

We will complete our practice with special breathings.   As we open our body with the yoga postures, we unlock blocks that can be in our joints, muscles, and even our thinking. The blocks that are there accrued over time, trauma, or simply by sitting for too long. We can learn to undo these lower vibrations,  with the lovely ways of rooting and opening the body to create the space. Once we create the space through our body, then openings and freedom can occur.



I am so happy to help you expand your explorations of the yoga and inner sense development.


“If one is not a yogi, one practices yoga. If one is a yogi, everything that one does is yoga.” — Dona Holleman