Mary Magdalene Energies and the Balance of our Light within in these times.

I came across this article on Mary Magdalene and I appreciate the energy of the writing.  I have been reading and studying various books on Mary M for years and her energy is one of Love and Light and Healing.  

My husband and I went to the Lourdes region in 2019 and feeling the energy of Christ’s Mother in the area was magical.  Thousands coming from all over the world to feel the higher vibrations of this area.  Before going to the Lourdes area, we visited the South of France area where Mary Magdalene was buried.

Going to this church was interesting with the Energies here and is was quiet and almost with a feeling of being kept hidden.  Here in the article below, some feel that Mary Magdalene was buried in the Tor Glastonbury region.

We know that she was the partner of Yahweh, Jesus.  Many have issues understanding how Jesus had a wife because this was not spoken of as we grew up in school.  There is the balance of the feminine and the masculine and we have this in the year of the Balance as we tune into this.

Christ and Mary bring together this Divine Balance of Love for all on Mother Earth.  The Holy Spirit energy is the high vibration of the Shekinah and the feminine Light of Love for all.  As we tune in to God, Jesus and Mary – I feel this trinity will help us all to rise above the lower energies and ascend with our Highest Self Soul Light.

In the book, The Gospel of Mary with commentaries from Dr. Hurtak- I share with you an important writing from page 57.  Explaining here that there is a missing part of the Mary Magdalene
writings and continue with Chapter 8.  Here explains a type of ascension process.
“She is being challenged by powers from the lower dimensions who do not want to see humanity ascend.  These powers are defined as forces of wrath which challenge us in a way the tries to force the souls to remain in the lower realms.
The Pistis Sophia has a similar section of text that describes the ascending soul that must five forth apologies to certain powers in its ascension until it reaches a place where it gives praise and song.  The question may be asked: why apologies?  If we analyse the word, we find that is an acceptance of responsibility for a wrong that we have done, as well as our commitment to change.
An apology indicates a new change of life or of being- a true transformation of our actions.  The wrong may have been intentional or accidental, but the need for change is recognised.
Most importantly, the apology is a letting go of the lower nature and saying;  “I am done with this.  I did something temporarily, but I am now finished, and I apologise to anyone I may have hurt completely and totally while I was unconsciousness.”  It is also a cleansing of the lower energies from your being, where you say in all honestly, Thank you very much.  I am sorry for anything I did, and I am leaving behind all things the lower dimensions that controlled me.  Now I am going on.  Thus the soul achieves a karmic release and is liberated to enter the next threshold of ascension.”
In the Mary Gospel, ” and desire said, ‘I did not see you descending, but now I see you ascending.’
Imagine now in these times of great shifts of Mother Earth.  The Astrological alignments, the Pluto return in 2022 for USA and the many changes and energies for many points of the Earth.  We are in a time of great Awakening true but many still do now know about this.  The Great Light is here and as we feel it and know it- then our Light vibrates stronger and faster and higher.  The time of the Infinite Light with us deeper is here.
______________________Energy Healing with Tara_________________
Mary Magdalene Jan 21, 2022

Pages 1-6 of Mary Magdalene’s gospel are missing…

It is no mystery what probably happened to those precious pages. Many voices have been silenced and erased from history by institutions and people that value power over unity.

However, Mary Magdalene’s gospel has not vanished for those of us who are ready to see with the eye of the heart. The lessons she has to share with those who are open to receive it could fill volumes and volumes of text. She has so much Divine wisdom, love, and light to share with us.

This year, I feel Mary Magdalene’s presence more than ever. I believe she is coming through to us in 2022 to help us understand that raising your vibration is not about changing and becoming someone new. It’s about accessing the vision of the heart to look within and see the Divinity that has always been part of you. It’s time to partner with Mary Magdalene to access and integrate profound, heart-centered wisdom.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the numerological significance of this time on Earth and the connection to Mary Magdalene’s strong presence. Then we will learn Four Divine Feminine Truths inspired by her gospel that will guide you to shift into a state of oneness with the Divine. I will also reveal Mary Magdalene’s full vibrational frequency report.

Mary Magdalene Numerology

Happy 2/2/22! The number 2 is all about partnership! The signs are all around us that it is time to enter Divine partnership with Mary Magdalene to raise the vibration of the collective.

In numerology, the number 22 is a Master Number. It is known as the “Master Builder” or “Master Architect” number and right now we are being invited to build a new system based on love. Today is also the 33rd day of the year and the Master Number 33 is known as the “Master Teacher.” I believe Mary Magdalene is here as our Master Teacher to guide us in this massive rebuilding mission!

In the Jewish system of numerology called Gematria, words are given a numerical value. The name Mary Magdalene adds up to 153 in this system. This is a powerful number because it is also a numerical abbreviation for the Vesica Piscis.

In sacred geometry, the Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles with the same radius, where the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The Vesica Piscis represents unity and traditionally symbolizes the intersection of the material and spiritual worlds. It’s also considered a symbol for the Divine Feminine. It is referred to as “The Matrix,” “The Doorway to Life,” or even… “The Mind’s Eye.”

Here is where it all comes together: any circle that has a diameter of 7 units will have a circumference of 22 units. Those two numbers have an additional connection with Mary Magdalene – her feast day is on the 22nd of July, 7/22. It is also said she was lifted up to the heavens by angels 7 times a day to receive clear messages from the Divine.

I love this region of the Earth.  It is very special to me with the energies of Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well; also because this is where my husband and I said our vows to each other after being engaged.  – Tara Golda

To illustrate that the Vesica Piscis/Mary Magdalene connection is no coincidence – look to the Chalice Well and the Mary Chapel on the abbey grounds of Glastonbury Tor in England (where some believe Mary Magdalene lived out her final days). The proportions of the chapel are based on the geometry of the Vesica Piscis. If that isn’t mind-blowing enough… There is an actual Vesica Pisces carved into the lid of Chalice Well… and a Vesica Pisces shaped pool of water at the bottom of the garden nearby. I highly recommend you dive into your own further research on this topic – it is fascinating!

Keep an eye out for these numbers and symbols in your daily life. This is a sure sign Mary Magdalene is coming through to you! Try inviting her Divine presence into your life by visualizing the Vesica Piscis and stating:

“I invite Mary Magdalene to help me see with the eye of my heart.”

I like to meditate first to get grounded, centered, and connected to my breath – then add this invocation to the end of the session. Try it and see what comes through for you!

Four Divine Feminine Truths

I wanted to share four Divine Feminine truths I have distilled from both Mary Magdalene’s gospel and the teachings from a book I highly recommend: Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson.

These simple truths will help guide you to see with the eye of your heart and shift into a state of oneness with the Divine. This wisdom lays the foundation to activate your inner gifts and unlock higher levels of consciousness in 2022.

Truth #1: You must unite the soul and the ego to become undivided within.

The pursuit of unity begins within. To truly embrace the human experience is to unite the ego with the soul. To experience inner oneness, it is important to recognize the stories the ego tries to tell you and know the difference between fear-based ego thoughts and heart-centered thoughts that vibrate with love.

“There is no such thing as sin. Sin comes from forgetting, and is remedied by simply remembering that messy truth that we are both a soul and an ego.” (1)

Truth #2: The Divine Feminine is within all of us. We are both human and Divine.

The Divine feminine is a universal force, liberating and restoring knowledge that has been lost. It’s the embodiment of heart-centered living and an awareness that things come and go in cycles, like the moon in the sky. The Divine feminine aspect is an expansive and multifaceted Divine intelligence within every one of us. It is time we all look within to see and trust the Divinity that has always been part of us.

“There can never be a spiritual authority outside of me that is greater than this voice I hear within, this voice of my own uncaged heart.” (1)

Truth #3: The heart holds all the answers.

In the gospel of Mary Magdalene, she refers to heart intelligence as the nous – which translates in Greek to “the eye of the heart.” She urges us to go within to find the truth. The heart is the ultimate spiritual access point for you to tap into your inner wisdom. There is an energetic intelligence there you can connect to for guidance anytime. Imagine filtering information through the lens of love and see how it feels for you. When you are in alignment with love, you will experience coherence, harmony, and flow in your life.

“My greatest obstacle was believing it could all be this simple; ask for what I need, and receive it from within. Which is also to say, my greatest obstacle was believing that I could ever be that powerful.” (1)

Truth #4: The key to raising your vibration is tapping into unity consciousness.

To resonate with the frequency of love and beyond, you must surrender the fear you feel. Mary Magdalene is here to help you see with the eye of the heart and determine what unites us as a human collective as opposed to what divides us. She is here to help us release the fear, remove the masks, and help each other access the light within. This is the key to the awakening and ascension of humanity.

“It makes me think of Christ and Mary. That we’ve underestimated the mystery that unites them. That we’ve been witnessing it in ourselves and others all along. That we’ve slowly been acquiring a vision that can perceive just how sacred human love is, and how world saving it can become.” (1)

This article by Elena Bensonoff.