Divine Mother Child Healing

Our Breath and the Light that is all around us is part of our Life Force and we can help to create a higher vibration in our Body System by breathing in this Light & Beauty with the Intention of Love and Joy.

A Healing Session that helps to clear and open the the Energy Centers allows for more Light to flow in to your Auric-Body Field.

Healing the Disconnected State and Being in Your Light

The purpose of Divine Mother Healing is to gain and bring understanding to the love and healing within the great essence of our Divine Mother, and to access her gifts of healing.  This Healing is quite personal and is special for each person.  Tapping in to the realms of the Divine Mother for your own personal balance and Inner wisdom is quite perfect in these time.

This unique healing is also a clear way to assist in any loss to those suffering the loss of a child in the womb,  stillbirth, miscarriage, adoption, premature birth, the separation of long hospital stays, ectopic/tubal pregnancy, and a child’s death in late term pregnancy.  The process consists of the following therapeutic processes:

  • Session One  Lotus & Spiritual Healing – to ground and preparing to receive the gifts of Divine Mother, and the understanding that disconnection is only a perception.
  • Session Two  A Walk with Divine Mother – to awaken Divine Mother’s Essence within the client’s soul and to create an intimacy with the self.
  • Session Three  Meeting the Child – purpose is for the Mother to make the heart connection with the child, and to heal the Mother’s anxiety, sadness, guilt, and shame, and also that of the child who is eager to communicate with its earthly mother.
  • Session Four  The Seven Keys of Golden Light – to heal the perception of separation/disconnect from Source created by loss of the child, and to release both mother and child from the pathways of pain and suffering that were created.

The Disconnected State is real for both Mother and Child in different ways. We carry them lifetime to lifetime. Thanks to Divine Mother who has stepped forward, we now can heal the disconnect. We hope you can join us for this unique and cutting-edge class.

Moving through each session is beautiful and healing.

I highly recommend having all four sessions, as they all flow and heal together.

However, you may have the session one and two; or the first three.

All four sessions are 533$

Please email me if you feel you need a special pricing, thank you.

 We are one with Mother Earth Harmony & Love

Energy Healing

God’s Light is always flowing through us.  Awareness helps to magnify and brighten the Love Healing Energy from our Hearts through our body field and others.

Energy Healing


Energy Centers are amazing vortexes of energy that we have through our body, as well as above and below our body field.  There are eight major ones and we also have ones in our hands, soles of our feet and minor ones throughout our body.  We are opening up to twelve main energy centers as we each evolve.

Each of the Energy Centers has its own  level of consciousness and frequency.  Each has its own individual glands, its own unique hormones, chemistry and individual plexus of neurons.  As each center is activated it will emit energy for the body and is a ‘mini brain’ bringing intelligcne and energy into the region.

There are 8 main Chakras that  harmonize with our life emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We can open and clear the centers with Happiness, Joy, Love, Sound and ‘allowing’  for the Healing and Source to move through us.  As our Chakras are more open — Creative Energy of Source moves through us and we can evolve and transcend adversities;  feel safe in our choices and life; move from Love; express our Truth from our Higher Self; and perceive a broader spectrum of reality.  Harmony, enlightenment and balance with ourselves, our world and our path is activated;  and feeling all we have intended and put into action on our Light Path is happening and then our 8 th Chakra begins to be activated.  We are now Open and allowing the Golden Light from above to be flowing through us without blocks.  WE are Vessels for the Light on Earth.  When we create from our Lower centers of anxiety and fear- it is not the same because we are not moving from our Higher Self.

During the Divine Mother Healing we move through the Energy Centers, clearing and renewing with the Golden Light of Love

1st Root Chakra – Connection of Heaven and Earth

2nd Spleen Chakra – Greater Creativity and Healing

3rd Solar Plexus – Greater Wisdom and Inner Knowing

4th Heart Chakra – Higher Love

High Heart- Christ Consciousness into the Thymus

5th- Throat region and Higher Communication, Cosmic Expansion

6th Third Eye – Opening Spiritual Vision

7th The Crown Chakra – Higher Spiritual Understanding 

8th Soul Star- Our connection to Heaven and Earth  (white)

Energy Healing