We are Energy, All is Energy and Mother Earth’s Schumann Resonance frequencies are increasing and so are we.  This is the time to bring more Light through our cells more than ever.  This Light is God and feel this in your body.  Please join me as we each bring more Light through our Hearts and Body Field.  See Christ Light inside of you and this Divine Energy pulsates more LIGHT through you.  Feel this Joy and Happiness.  We are one and we are many.  Love is the highest frequency.  Feel this through you each moment.  God is in everything and everywhere- helping us to heal and be brighter with our awareness.  The stars, the moon, the Earth, the oceans, the forests, the flowers, the crystals- all of nature- lives within us and we are in them.

This Ascension time is real and we are all part of this glory.  Feel, Know and See this.   Tara Golda

Our Breath and the Light that is all around us is part of our Life Force and we can help to create a higher vibration in our Body System by breathing in this Light & Beauty with the Intention of Love and Joy.

Prana, Life Force, Chi, Orgone Energy are all stimulated through our breathing and while we are in nature. God is Love and the energy that vibrates through all living and non living matter is this Life Force of God Light Energy.

Create More Light In Your Cells! We are light and Our Light Body is beaming more and more.

Joy & laughter, being in Nature, potent chlorophylls of greens, Mother Owl Golden tinctures ™, special breathings, and movements can all help to bring more Light in your Body. Intention, Awareness, Discernment and Consistency is the Key.

Add in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, NAC, minerals and Happy Thoughts in our life each day for increasing immune system. xoxo


Energy Healing

God’s Light is always flowing through us.  Awareness helps to magnify and brighten the Love Healing Energy from our Hearts through our body field and others. We can empower ourselves to move through limitations and bring more harmony to our body for self healing.  Enjoy.

This exercise is an empowering practice to help create space in your body, mind and can bring more health to your lungs by increasing the oxygen supply in the blood. With deep breathing we experience a great feeling of peace. We increase the energy and Light in our cells, creating a brighter Light Force from within. It sets up equilibrium between the positive and negative currents and calms the entire nervous system.

This Energy and Light of Prana – life force, chi, orgone energy, — moves through the subtle bodies and then moves into the appropriate chakras, which in turn distribute this energy to the appropriate glands and adrenal vertebrae system; they in turn distributes the energy into the bloodstream, from where it flows into the organs and the body. (The blood holds the consciousness of the body).

The Special breathings, yoga, positive thoughts, guided meditation, movement, being creative, eating healthy, having energy work treatments, such as Sound and Color, Spiritual Energy Healing, Blood Cleanse, Etheric Healing and Light Energization can all help to balance your system.

Tara uses various healing modalities to help you create Harmony and Balance.  The Spiritual Healing and breathings combined with the Enlightenment and Inspirational Card readings – is a profound tool to help you awaken your Inner Beauty.  This is a progressive, modern, psychotherapeutic tool designed to facilitate understanding, self-healing, self-growth, and the healing of others.

Students learn the Release/Healing Process that enables them to find specific blocks that negatively influence relationships, behaviors, attitudes, and acceptance. This helps you to discover the origin and the faulty thought patterns that created the blocks. Using a specific, directive process, you are able to completely release the negative energies that have limited your life.

Please See the Energy Healing Modalities with Tara


Energy Healing


Energy Centers are amazing vortexes of energy that we have through our body, as well as above and below our body field.  There are eight major ones and we also have ones in our hands, soles of our feet and minor ones throughout our body.  We are opening up to twelve main energy centers as we each evolve.

Each of the Energy Centers has its own  level of consciousness and frequency.  Each has its own individual glands, its own unique hormones, chemistry and individual plexus of neurons.  As each center is activated it will emit energy for the body and is a ‘mini brain’ bringing intelligcne and energy into the region.

There are 8 main Chakras that  harmonize with our life emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We can open and clear the centers with Happiness, Joy, Love, Sound and ‘allowing’  for the Healing and Source to move through us.  As our Chakras are more open — Creative Energy of Source moves through us and we can evolve and transcend adversities;  feel safe in our choices and life; move from Love; express our Truth from our Higher Self; and perceive a broader spectrum of reality.  Harmony, enlightenment and balance with ourselves, our world and our path is activated;  and feeling all we have intended and put into action on our Light Path is happening and then our 8 th Chakra begins to be activated.  We are now Open and allowing the Golden Light from above to be flowing through us without blocks.  WE are Vessels for the Light on Earth.  When we create from our Lower centers of anxiety and fear- it is not the same because we are not moving from our Higher Self.

 Our Yoga Practice with the Energy Healing/Chakra Clearings shared by Tara, can bring more healing to your energy centers.  With patience and consistency in your practice – you will notice a change in your  Vitality and overall Wellness.

1st Root Chakra – Connection of Heaven and Earth

2nd Spleen Chakra – Greater Creativity and Healing

3rd Solar Plexus – Greater Wisdom and Inner Knowing

4th Heart Chakra – Higher Love

High Heart- Christ Consciousness into the Thymus

5th- Throat region and Higher Communication, Cosmic Expansion

6th Third Eye – Opening Spiritual Vision

7th The Crown Chakra – Higher Spiritual Understanding 

8th Soul Star- Our connection to Heaven and Earth  (white)

Energy Healing

Electromagnetic Field and  Aura 

We are Energy.  All is Energy.  Each person has an Aura around their body that is connected with their energy centers in the physical body.

The Aura is the electro magnetic field of the body, the etheric layers. The aura is a soft glow of ‘rainbow light’ that can be seen clairvoyantly; this is our daily supply of energy around the body. We can strengthen it and brighten it through certain breathings and meditations. The sphere of light that emanates from each person is brighter with our lIght and Life as we create a higher vibration in our system.

 We have Five bodies with us:  Our Physical Body, Etheric Body, Emotional/Mental, I Awareness/ Higher Self and Our Soul/God Self

Being in a healthy environment, eating food that is filled with light, positive thought and our connection with Spirit each day- throughout our day can help in brightening our field.

Our energy field is affected by our Thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, our environment and by other people around us.  This is why it is very important to keep a strong Energy Field around your body.  In this way, you are protecting your Body, Mind and Heart.  

Love is what creates everything in the Universe. When we move from Love and this higher energy, then we are creating from Spirit; we are manifesting a Life from a Higher place and this is our Soul’s Light Path.  We are energy.

Teachings with Tara online and in our Love Light Sacred Space studio will Help you delve deeper into this Amazing subject of Esoteric Anatomy and how to Heal Yourself on the many levels emotionally, physically, mentally and let Spirit guide you. Intention is the key and when we see and feel this Beautiful Light of Love in every cell of our body, then it is brightening with each breath. May God bring you so much Light and Love into your life. 

Create transformation and Inner tranquility on your Light Path.

Breathing explorations and visualizations for Inner beauty, Energy and a Higher consciousness. Feel Your Light Cd

I created this cd in 2015 to assist in my own self healing after a very serious auto accident April 2014.  My movement practice had changed because of my injuries and trauma.  The guided imagery with the breathings and energy healing assisted in my recovery.  Four surgeries, a multitude of body treatments for soft tissue damage, and complementary holistic healing all helped on this journey.

Self Healing is a Choice and one that we make every day.  I hear much about all is not Love and Light on your growth journey; and this is true because we experience the many depths of life being a human being here on Mother Earth.   We all have various ways to ‘wake up’ and help guide us towards Source, towards God.  Some of us are very fortunate to grow up learning about prayer and knowing God is everywhere.  This may stay through life and also, can still become lost in the world of deceptions.  Some grow up only seeing and feeling sadness; yet still see God’s Light shining for them.  Either way and where ever you may be in the world, in what ever circumstance, religion, philosophy, culture – it is about your Light and knowing it is there.  Like a little radar inside of you that is going on and off.  

That Light House that you can see through all of the dark clouds during the most challenging weathers and Your Beacon of Light you see on the clearest of Blue sky days.  The Light is always there.  There may be a veil that hides it a bit.  There may be those dark clouds of deception.  The Light is always there.  Yes, I believe that as you bring your Higher Self of Love – Your Soul and awaken the Light, this Light can shine so bright and clear the darkness. You possess the Power to override the chaos and energies that keep you in the old programming.  You can surmount you own limitations.

You may have heard about the Dark night of the Soul.  That time in your life when you have a crisis or trauma and this brings you to look at your life and feel this lower self of pain, sadness, loss, addiction, sorrow, anxiety – what ever it may be for you.  This Inner Seeing/Purification can help you on your journey to learn from this and help you to move forward if you choose.

Yandhi is a wonderful powerful process to assist you in this journey of self discovery.  

We may all differ in where we are on this journey but we are all on this journey of Life.  Many souls have done this in many lives and are here to clear more – yes and to help others on their Ascension process.  Many come here as ‘walk throughs’ they say to be apart of Life at this time and assist by shining their Light.  Many are newer souls and are learning about this way.  They are searching and hoping to understand why the world is the way it is.  Then there are some who really do not care about all of this and just busy busy  going going.

We are all born with different frequencies and vibrations.  Steven Hawkins speaks of this in his writings and is very interesting.  Our Soul is an energy that continues. We can choose each day to rise above and ascend by bringing more peace and happiness into our lives.  This is our free will.  Be Happy. 


Through my Life experiences, I have learned that we can learn to heal ourselves on many levels, God has given us this gift. In my healing sessions, I Love sharing holistic and complementary tools to help guide you on your journey for self knowledge and discovery – emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  All is Energy and we can tune into this for our healing.

Please email me for a virtual, studio or phone appointment to help you choose the best healing modality for you at this time.  

This ‘Majik of Light’ is a blessing that we can learn to work with and feel, and in the process a certain inner calmness and knowing occurs.

 Regaining health is a natural process, a rebalancing of body, mind, and spirit, a reconnecting with the Universal Body, Mind, and Spirit.