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God’s Light shines brighter and brighter.

 As we see and open our Inner Eye – our Inner Vision – then we can see beyond all veils and know this Light is always there.  We are protected and as we Know this and have this Faith to believe what is not there in front of us, but know all the good is coming AND Yes- this beautiful time is here.  

Please stay open and know that all the brightness of Life is here.  This new year 2021 will begin with a little uncertainty as the global shifts are occurring.  The whole world has been in a place of so many different emotions this year.  Highs and Lows for various reasons have created worries for some and peace for others.

When you go inward with the Faith that God is here with you, then you will not have the lower energies of fear.

You create your own thoughts and your health.  Stay positive and with Hope, as we are almost through this last part of all of this.  

I believe God wants us to ask for his Name and Sing his name- so that he can Rain here on America, here on Mother Earth.  We all have to open our Hearts and Sing from this Highest place of Love.

God will talk to you.  When Mother Father God sends you a message in you mind, through a song, symbols, a person, a reading – know it.  Say it out loud and feel this in your body mind heart field. Trust.

These are the words I share as we move into this New Year.  Students say I pray and hope that 2021 is better than the 2020 year.  I say of course it will be and it is also how we create each day for ourselves.

This past year had to happen sad as it was, for people to wake up and know what is the most important to them.  

For me:  My Life in the Living God each day, Health, Love for each day and those close to me, nature, Joy each day with my passions.

See and know what is most important to you.  What came out of this year that you now know you can do without and you would like more in your life.  

Travels for many may be on the list of importance… since we could not do much of this.  See and Pray that we can travel with freedom.  Love Love Love… Tara Golda 

Now I share some little excerpts from different Capricorn Full Moon writings.  There are many out there and you can explore.  xoxo



Capricorn guards the secret of the soul, the secret of the hidden glory, revealed to the disciple at the climax of the third initiation, the transfiguration on the mountain top of the personality by the soul. But this revelation can occur only as the result of effort, of the ability to rise above the limitations of the personality, to persist on the upward way in spite of hindrances and difficulties. There is no easy way for an individual to free himself from his own limitations of selfishness and separateness; and there are no short cuts. It is a long, painful process in which we learn eventually by personal experience that self-discipline, self-control and self-sacrifice form the foundation stones of discipleship.

On this foundation the superstructure of a loving, responsible way of life, reflecting the values of the soul, may eventually develop. This growth in consciousness becomes the way of initiation, the way to the mountain top, towards the supernal light which reveals the soul as the real Self, the Plan as the responsibility of discipleship, and the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet as the center of love into which initiation admits the accepted disciple. Capricorn is therefore the outstanding sign of initiation.

Yes, the full moon assumes the sun’s position for six months hence. This December full moon shines in front of the constellation Gemini the Twins, or where you’ll find the sun six months later. Despite the short days and long nights of December that must be endured at our northerly latitudes, the December full moon reminds us that the long days of June will prevail once again. –Earthsky



The last lunation of 2020 is a Cancer full moon on December 29 (7:28 PM Pacific Time, 8°53’).

This full moon in her home sign of Cancer calls us home as well: not only to familiar faces and places, but also to ourselves.  It’s time to remember and reconnect with all that comforts our hearts and nourishes our souls.

Cancer is the sign of caring and concern. And its number-one concern is taking care of basic needs, both physical and emotional. If our own needs have been going unmet, this full moon reveals what we can do about it.

After all, with the sun and Mercury in Capricorn, it’s up to us to take responsibility for our own well-being. But this doesn’t mean we have to struggle alone—or leave each other out in the cold. Instead, we can be pragmatic and proactive about building solid support systems.

If Cancer is the traditional “mom” of the zodiac, Capricorn is the “dad.” And while old-school gender and parenting roles may no longer apply, we still draw on these archetypal energies to care for ourselves and others. Cancer comforts, nurtures, and feeds our sense of belonging. Meanwhile, Capricorn provides the structure and boundaries that create a true safe space.

Of course, it’s through our own parents or other childhood caregivers that we first learn how to “parent” ourselves. And as the Cancer full moon and Capricorn sun square off with Chiron in Aries, it can bring back some painful memories around the ways we were raised. But now that we’re the adults, we are free to do things differently. Whether we needed a little more sensitivity, or a stronger dose of tough love, we can choose to give that to ourselves today. It’s all about striking the right balance. -Astrology Zone