Our Next Spirit Circle will be June 10th 2022 (full already)

Please text Tara to create a circle, thank you.   golda1@outlook.com


 Angela Wilhoft, Shannon Dumas and myself, Tara Engeran

This lovely circle that we have had many times through 2020 and 2021 – has been a special time to come together in Light and create a peaceful energy.   I will begin with a calm sound meditation to bring in the Light and Love from the Higher realms.  Then, Shannon and Angela will begin to give readings and messages from loved ones who have crossed over.  This time is very special and profound.  It is a private time to experience the energy of Spirit.

Knowing that we continue from this life on Mother Earth and we are transformed and renewed to the the Heavens of Light. 

Arrival is 6-6:15pm.  We will begin about 6:30.

I will serve hot tea, water with lemon and fruit, healthy cookies. xoxo

 Please email Tara if you would like to attend.  This will be a very group of 8-10.  golda1@outlook.com

The fee is 60$ Thank you.  Please pay cash or Venmo.

Please sign up ahead so that I can confirm with you via email.  Absolutely No walk ins.  This is a private event in a new location.  Thank you.

Faith and Love in the Divine, with the Divine and this inner beauty radiates out always from us.   It is part of our path of Light. It is the soul’s dance to find its way back home.   May God Bless you and keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy and safe.  

In Gratitude, Tara Golda

Inner Sanctuary dates Summer 2022

“Change your thinking, change your body-mind-heart-aura and change the world”