Feel Your Light by Tara

Breathing explorations and visualizations for Inner beauty, Energy and a Higher consciousness. 

Tara created this cd in 2015 to assist in her own self healing after a very serious auto accident April 2014.  Her movement practice had shifted and the guided imagery with the breathings and energy healing assisted in her recovery.  Five surgeries, a multitude of body treatments and therapy, complementary healing all helped on this miracle journey.

You can find Feel Your Light on iTunes and Spotify and buy the CD in the studio.

Feel Your Light CD

Descriptions of the Breathing Techniques

1. Just Breathe

Everyone breathes and in this simple exercise you will bring your awareness to your body and the attention of feeling the rhythm of your breath moving through your system. In this way we can bring more energy and light through our body.

2. Morning Visualization Breathing

In this fun and energetic technique we will wake up the body with breathing and visualizations of the breath through the spine and nervous system.

3. Happy Glow Breath

There is a zen technique to feel an inner smile to yourself and you can positively shift your energy. Here we will adopt this style mixed with a technique to anchor you in the present.

4. DNA Breathing

There has been a lot in the energy circles over the past decade about coding our dna or bringing more light through our system via our mitochondria of the cell. As our heart and our brain are connected, and research shows that what we see and feel is directly linked to our cells through out our body – here we will use a technique to bring more light through our entire system.

5. Healing Body Visualization

We can learn to heal ourselves by connecting with Source and being in a calm place; finding the spaces between the spaces. In our everyday life we can be on overdrive and then our cortisol levels and ‘flight or fight’ response is in constant mode. If we allow this to go on too long, our bodies hormone levels will become lowered which can affect our healh and over all wellbeing. Here we learn to calm and heal the body with a step by step approach

6. Pranic Breathing

In this ancient technique, you will learn to bring more energy, life force – oxygen to the different parts of your body. When we bring awareness to the body part and have the intention of bringing light there, then you will have more light in that part of your body.

7. Balance Your Inner Compass

In this topsy turvy world, it is easy to get bogged down in our everyday life with wonders and fears. Here is a simple way to neutralize your energy and be on your way.

8. Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is a classical breathing method used to balance our energies of the body.

9. Centered Yoga Breath with Awareness

In this breathing method we learn to use the breath as a tool for going inward.  When we have awareness with our breathing, we can direct the breath for opening the body in certain places for healing and for energy.

10. Anti aging breathing (with sounds)

Creating vibrations through the body can bring more blood flow and oxygen through our body field. This wakes up our body for vitality and youthfulness.

11. Energy Center breathings

This breathing is about our focus with the Chakras and bringing healing energy to these places in the body.  A chakra is a spinning vortex of psychic energy operating in our subtle bodies.  They bring energy to the nerves along the spinal column and are connected to the glandular system.

They create more vital life force flow thorugh our body for healing and vitality.

12. Pm Breathings

This breathing is a guided meditation and breathing to help you relax and let go for your inner dream time.

Cleansing Your Core *** Gift this one

Please use this technique before being in a group of people or before doing something new. It will give you a protection and beam up your aura.

Inner Ease Heart Breathing Technique *** gift

We can learn to heal ourselves and bring more Light through every cell of our Being.”