Holistic Healing, Sacred Breathings & magical tinctures to help guide you on your path of Wellness, Joy and Divine Feminine Spirit.

Together we are creating the new patterns and codes of Heaven on Earth for the lasting legacy of Beauty, Love, & Light.  This will benefit all the future generations;  using our pure creative thoughts and Spiritual convictions focused into form, which is nurtured and protected by Divine Cosmic Love.

 The Goddess energy of Love is rising.

The Circle of Light is a Goddess Priestess Path.  I have been wanting to bring together the many lovely therapeutics that I work with in a special way.  I have had many women asking me about creating a prayer and healing circle.   We can integrate so much into our lives to help with the fabulous life of health and peace.  How do we hold on to the calmness we have created?  There is no need to question as you gain the awareness of your thoughts and the feeling of being with all of life.

Please email Tara to find out more about this Beautiful Adventure.  

I will guide you through so much of the wisdom I have learned through the many years of study, being a mother, a teacher, through  travels, my personal sacred practice and through becoming an ordained minister.

An integration of body prayer, Spiritual healing, sound, intuitive psychic energies, your inner knowing with the Art of Seeing, sacred breathings, meditations and movement.  I call this the Goddess Path because it is about balancing the male and the female energies within us to become whole as we are.  Finding our way back home to our Heart and the Holy Grail within.  We are creators. The feminine Spirit of nature is meant to be honored.  We are part of Mother Earth, the cosmos and the stars.  Learning to tune in to her vibrations within our bodies, the seasons and feeling this with the Stars and Planetary energy is quite Lovely.





Our conviction comes through with our Heart and Trust of God.  This is a Spiritual Conviction of knowing the most important of Life is knowing the Eternal Self, our Cosmic Self where all Higher Resources await.

A Holistic Empowerment Event for the Divine Feminine Energy Rising.  Get your place and be ready to radiate your Light more than ever with other like minded souls, creating points of Light through Mother Earth.    We will meet once a month.  Begins in October 2020. 

 Please stay tuned thank you!  Please email me directly if you are interested and would like to be on a list.  Golda1@outlook.com

I am very excited to be bringing this to you and have Amazing brilliant women joining to share their abundance and beauty with you.  xoxo  

“We are creating a new paradigm of Heaven on Earth for the lasting legacy of Love for the benefit of the future generations.   Using our pure thought focused into form, which is nurtured and protected by  Divine Love.”  The Goddess energy of Love is rising.

“A heart aligned with Love, immersed in oneness, will affect life around it more than we can know.”— Llewelyn van Lee