We all want to feel comfortable in our skin.  Having lovely, smooth skin makes it all the easier. Our skin protects us 24/7 from the everyday assaults we take on our bodies.  We have a myriad of reasons to create a stronger protective cover for our bodies — from  the obvious pollution, chemicals, lack of exercise, stress, sun rays in the environment, and poor nutrition; to the not so obvious of negative energy, blocked energy, electrical lines.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body and we should treat it with utmost respect.  After-all, you will have this skin for your entire life.

Our skin's  job is crucial: to protect you from infections and germs. Throughout your life, your skin will change constantly, for better or worse. In fact, your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. Proper skin care is essential to maintaining thehealth and vitality of this protective organ. -- web md site.  

Our skin, just as every organ of our body will shed it cells and replenish itself.  During this cycle if you are staying healthy, then you will continue to vibrate your body and stay youthful.  However, if you choose unhealthy habits in mind, body and soul… then you do risk the chance of not replenishing the cells in the most successful way for you.  This is crucial for you and your mind, body happiness and radiant energy.  If your brain is in balance and has the proper amino acids then you will have the proper movement of hormones moving through your body and then also your nervous system will be stronger– all helping to have a more potent immune system.

I am explaining this in the most simple terms because I am not writing a research article but explaining the basics here to have you follow some guidelines that I have followed through my life and it has helped me and my students to stay balanced with our systems on the inside and on the outside.  

Please enjoy these Lovely ways to stay Healthy and filled with Radiant Light.  

1.  Each morning start you day with a cup of pure water with lemon.  (my mother did this every morning and she would also have a mix with apple cider vinegar); and a positive intention. For example:   I am Love.  I am Happy. I am Courageous.  I am Healthy in mind, body and Spirit. 

2.  Move your body everyday.  This will not only help the energy move through your body to open up any ‘blocks’ from closed energy, but also, Movement supplies brain cells with oxygen, promotes the production of new brain cells, and aids in creating new synapses.

The synapses connecting creates the new energy through our brain, thoughts, emotions and body- bringing happiness to our cells.  That is the way I look at it.  When you smell a lovely rose oil, this excites the Lymbic system and moves this peaceful emotion and feeling through your white cells throughout the body.  This is a brain-body healing tool that goes back eons to ancient healing practices.  Essential Oils, flower essences and herbs are a beautiful natural way to assist in your Holistic Healing.

Happiness from the heart will keep you glowing… which will make your skin happy!  Bringing more oxygen through your energy system, nervous system and your red blood cells for energy.  Also, stimulating the heart region will help your body to create more immune fighting white blood cells from the Thymus gland. 

Feel Your Breath Moving up and Down from your pelvis to your Heart back and forth slow and like a wave of Light then feel the Light moving from your tailbone pelvis up to above your head several times slow inhales and slow exhales. 

Now back to the breathing from your tailbone to your Heart and feel the Chest area widening and feel an Inner Smile there.  Kundalini Spine opening.  Now as you feel and see in your mind’s eye the widening of your chest area- feel the AUM sound in that region for five minutes or more.  Soft resonating vibrations in this area.  You will feel energized as you bring more energy to the Heart Chakra.  

3.  Rest.  We all know this, yet with our busy schedules of work, school, families and whatever else you are doing in your life can take us off track of rest, renew, and replenish.  Dream time is when our body goes overtime to heal the body and bring the body back to a centered place.  If you continue to not get enough sleep, eventually your body will not stay balanced and this will show up in your skin with looking haggered and tired… no one wants this.  We renew in the evenings and our Cells bathe in the white Light of Healing.  Our Brain and Body is restored to begin fresh the New Day.

4.  Breath slow through the body for at least ten minutes, three times a day.  This will calm your nerves and clear your brain from the ‘chatter’ and then you can be in your ahhhh quiet space.  this is essential not only for your creativity, but will also allow you to feel Source.  Here is where you will be in a higher vibration and this can only help you with your healthy glow.

 *Feel a Lovely soft sparkly Light through your body as you inhale slowly and exhale slowly from your feel to above your head.  Feel an Inner Smile to yourself and give yourself a lovely prayer of gratitude.  Do no ask God for something and being in this place of want.  Instead,  see in your mind as you create.  See this and say it our loud and feel this from your higher self.  Imagine whatever this is already occurs in your Life.  You must go inward and truly believe and see, taste, feel and use all of your senses to have this.  Your are consciously creating.  Know God is helping you and have Faith as the Universe brings the people, places, and events to have this happen for you.  

5.  Eat pure healthy foods.  Again it is quite obvious to say eat healthy, but it is true!  Stay away from junk foods that have artificial everything and stay away from white sugar which is bad for your collagen.  Mother said to stay away from white bread as well and anything fake (including people).  All good skin advice and life advice.  Simple to understand that sugar can overwork your pancreas to secrete more insulin and overtime this just is not healthy for your system.

6.  Stay away from anyone who has a negative energy.  This will rob you of your own angelic self and they are not healthy for your being.  Stay away.  My mom used to say, you are what your friends are and I agree.  When your allow yourself to be around people with lower characters, this language and thoughts and vibrations can on a subconscious level stream into you with our you even realizing it.  It may sound crazy but simple put– you must create from your Heart a strong resonance and field of Love and Gratefulness and be in that.  This will vibe up your system and help your nervous system and your immune system.  Again…. healthy clear skin.  We protect our skin; and so too must we protect our aura.

7.  Vitamin D from the sun is extremely important for our bones; but most of do not get enough of the d3 in our diet.  I myself am low in this so I take some liquid drops each day.  I think for most of us we do protect yourself in someway from too much sun with sunscreen, hats and scarves. Research has shown that  too much sun can cause premature aging.  Enough said!  Just use a sunscreen with a zinc oxide.  I like Elta brand and it is easy to get.

8.  2000 mg of vitamin c everyday.  This interesting bit of info was from several sources and recently I see it everywhere which is awesome!  My acupuncturist is 74 and her skin is firm and smooth.  She recommended this to me in 2003 when I began to have sessions with her.  My alternative doctor also recommended this and even most recently — my children’s doctor said when he feels he is becoming ill, he takes 10,000 mg of vitamin c.  Wow!  So it boosts your immune system and strengthens your collagen!

9.  Oils in your diet are very important.  Years ago when I was in baby making mode… I began to have breakouts at about age 32.  I thought this was odd and I read a book by Dr Perricon on healthy skin.  He recommends to have omega 3,6,9 in your diet for healthy skin.  You can also add flaxseed oils, primrose oils, coconut oils and olive oils.  All heart healthy and glowy for your skin.  And especially good for your brain health.

10.  Drink enough water to keep your body from dehydrating.  I drink a liter a day of alkaline water plain or with lemon added.  The lemon will also keep your alkaline to help fight off illness.

11. Take Minerals too! Most of us are deficient in Zinc (20-50 mg) Magnesium (800-1000 mg) and Calcium (500 mg). All are essential to good skin and balancing the body. Consider supplementing these minerals for overall health, vitality and beauty. Check with your doctor if you are under medical supervision.  I also add kelp and dhea.  I just started a great mix for the bones from Metagenics, they have some nice blends.  Chlorophyll is very important and add the extra Glow to our whole body.  just see the glory green around the leaves as the sunlight shines on them.  We get this for our cells as we add the Spiraling, wheat grass and chlorophyll to our diet.  

12. Happy Food!  Lean, organic proteins, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, cultured natural yogurts, essential fatty acids found in cold pressed oils, fiber rich foods, and clean purified water are basics needed daily to keep a strong healthy body.  Also for lovely skin — take out the refined flour, sugar, carbonation, meat and dairy with hormones and antibiotics, chlorinated water, and obviously no fast food.  Anyway, these items can add to the inflammation in your body which can slow down healing.  

13. Use a Shower Filter! One 10 minute shower can put more chlorine in your system than drinking 10 glasses of water.  i like Radiant Health company online.  This is the easiest way to eliminate a major toxin source in your life, and improve your health and beauty! 

We use Wellness Water system and this helps to keep your water clean throughout your house.  Also, you can add a special wellness water were your drinking water is in your home and this will be ionized and extra healthy!  

14. Protect your skin Naturally! Use a daily sunscreen with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. If you see ingredients that start with oxybenzone throw them out. They are creating damage to your skin. These chemicals are xenoestrogens, which means they mimic our hormones, throwing off your natural hormonal balance. This contributes to premature aging and other imbalances. My mother would add vitamin e and vitamin a capsule to her skin to help create a powerful antioxidant layer to help with the damage we may receive throughout the day.

I love the Rife machines and infrared saunas for the detox as well.  

15. Be smart and nurture during the evening time! Cold pressed Grape seed Oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, or emu oil feed the skin and allow skin’s metabolic waste to eliminate through the skin while you rest. A few drops rubbed between your palms and patted onto face, neck, and chest will feed the skin and make it glow. Rich creams make the skin work too hard at night. Take a few more drops and pat under eyes, around lips, around hairline, and neck to fight natural signs of aging.  I also add coco butter to my feet and then add socks– and recently someone told me they put the coco butter and retin a on their hands and then put gloves on.  So another level of success for your skin.  Of course your significant other may not be too excited, until he feels your hands and sees how lovely they still are into your 40’s and beyond.

16. Restore your skin. Use a daily toner made with one part Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar to four parts brewed green tea, and four parts purified water, or rose water! Apply with cotton after cleansing. This magic tonic balances, cleanses, tightens and feeds the skin. Store in the refrigerator.  I also enjoy Eminence face sprays in rose, neroli, or stone crop.

17.  Feel your light from a cellular level, to bones, muscles, and skin and glowing out and your skin will be bright.  Feel gentle hums through your face and oms as you gently tap under your jaw.  I do this every morning and night– all lessons from my mother, a kundalin yogi.

18.  This article was written in 2016.  Today 4/10/21 I add #18. LifeWave is a phototherapy and is a beautiful way to create a natural healing for your body.  

 LifeWave Patch have unique physiological effects which then produce specific health benefits. The benefits are numerous and too many to list them all, but some include immune system support, anti-inflammatory effects, pain reduction, stem cell activation, digestive support, improved energy, improved sleep quality, improved stress adaptation, hormone balancing, detoxification, wound healing, tissue repair, improved skin appearance, enhanced sports performance and so much more! 

You can message me to find our more about the Life Wave Patches.


Enjoy!  Stay Happy and Healthy.  xoxo

Love, Tara