The New Moon Energy July 20th, 2020

These times of Light and Love effect us all and the New Moons are such special times to create the Harmony of Life that we desire.

A Lovely time for New Beginnings.


Being at peace with ourselves is a way of going through life eschewing conflict and confrontation. When we’re in a state of tranquility, we actually send out a vibration of energy that impacts all living creatures, including plants, animals, and all people (even babies).
And, of course, the reverse applies as well: Belligerent individuals who live in turmoil and revel in hostile encounters send out nonverbal energy that adversely impacts those around them. the immediate impulse is to remove ourselves from these low-energy, nonpeaceful people because sticking around means tension and lowering of our energy. moreover, we become a counterforce to what we’re experiencing, meaning that we become angry at their anger and arrogant towar their arrogance. Practicng a peaceful approach to our life on Earth is a way of returning to where we cam from. It is a powerful source of inspiration to all living creatures.” –Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

A bit of an intense choice for a quote but we are in intense times. It is time to wake up to truths and not continue to walk in the same footsteps of the past.

May God open the eyes and remove the veils for all to see the Light that is here.

The NEW MOON occurs on Monday, July 20, 2020, at 1:33 PM EDT.

Monday afternoon, the New Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer.

“This is the first New Moon in Cancer that hasn’t been an eclipse since 2017. While this means it is a more “regular” New Moon, it does pack a punch with its tight opposition to Saturn. It’s also the second New Moon in Cancer in 2020. We can feel blocked and throttled, and this can fuel our desire/need to start fresh.

The New Moon in Cancer is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Crab. These include honoring our deepest, most irrational and intimate, feelings; recognizing the sense of security and safety we derive from whatever it is we call home; allowing ourselves to accept support and offering support to others, and starting a project aimed at improving our domestic lives or a major long-term venture. With this potent Cancer energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle.

It’s time to make some plans and set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks’ time after the Full Moon occurs. Concentrate on new ways to enhance family life and domestic affairs, and to build up your feelings of security and safety.

This New Moon is tightly opposite Saturn, suggesting some struggle with blocks, outside resistance or obstacles, rules, and expectations that propels our need to start fresh.”

Go inward to your Heart, your Soul and see where this Light path moves you. The Path of inner beauty has no bounds except the ones that you create for yourself. In these crazy, wild and marvelous times, the road of adventure is only a heart beat away. We can create in this time with such revelry that no one can stop you.

Read, research and know the truths of these times. Do not wait for someone to hold your hand and lead you… instead be brave and walk the path less taken. Moving into the Leao energy, be Bold and lead your way on the Light Path.

Take the path of the Spiritual Warrior. xoxo

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Be your own beacon of Light and sound the alarm to the Angels that your wings are set to go and the sky awaits you. May your new moon energy and your flight to the unknown be one of magic and sublime dreams. ah theses are the times to move from those wild eclipses of extra sparkles to the more grounding energy as we move into Leo.

Of course all is how it is for you! Be Brave and Healthy. Deep slow breaths filled with smiles.

Leo stands in a unique relationship to the sun at the heart of our solar system. The planetary and systemic alignment established is a heart/soul alignment. The heart of humanity, the heart of the planet–the spiritual Hierarchy–and the heart of the sun create the channel which extends to Sirius, that great “star of initiation” within the universe. Sirius has a unique relationship with our planet Earth and through Sirius the pure energy of love flows through the solar centre and into the planetary heart.

This alignment is evocative of the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom, both of which flow through Sirius and Leo into our range of awareness. These two principles are making an increasing impact on human consciousness, affecting all areas of life. As we seek to work with these energies and to cooperate with the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the result should be the increasing manifestation in humanity of the principle of Love and the freeing of human life from the bondage of materialism and all that tends to imprison the human spirit.

On a personal note- it can be quite interesting to know and understand a bit about your natal chart, the placement of the planets and in the particular houses each planet or other celestial goodie was in at the time of your birth. For me, a very nice Grand Trine in my Natal chart with the 3 triangle points in the water signs: Pisces- Scorpio-Cancer creates a very intuitive and creative aspect. It is interesting as we grow in life to see how our astrology is apart of us in so many ways. Leo a vibrant sun as my rising. Learning to embrace my clairvoyant, empathic and “sensitive mystical fairy energy” has been quite liberating.

May God Bless You on Your Journey.