As We Rise Higher In Vibrational Frequency,
Let Us Be Determined Closer To Source To Be.

Set The Intention For Love And Peace,
And All Disharmony Be Willing To Release.

We Are All Partilces Of The Sacred Light
And Like Angelic Wings, Our Collective Consciousness Takes Flight.

Regardless Of The Seeming Chaos At The End Of This Age,
A New Reality Is Coming On-Stage.

Planets, Galaxies, And Universes Are Uniting In Power,
As The Great Central Sun Blasts Out Energy Every Hour.

We Are Entering A Portal Of Divine Design
With Which Every Sentient Being Can Align.

There Is No Need To Cower In Fear
When Transformational Truth Is So Near.

If We Believe We Are Connected To Krishna, Christ, Buddha, And More,
A Wonderful Upgrading And Re-Birthing Is In Store.

There Is An Energy We Are Learning To Use
Whose Potentcy We Are Now Beginning To Peruse.

Knowledge Of It Resides In Our Soul
Therefore, Anchoring To It Must Be Our Goal.

As The Year Called “2022” Arrives To Play Its Part,
There Is A Cosmic Message For A New Planetary Start.

Jupiter In Pisces Offers Us Spiritual Elevation
That Will Move Through The World Nation By Nation.

Ethereal Particles Of Supernal Light
Are Soaring Down Ever So Bright!

They Enter The Molecules, The Atoms, The DNA;
Multi-Stranded Crystallization Is On The Way!

The Celebration Is Not Merelyof The End Of A Twelve-Month Phase;
It Is Rather The Mirth Of The Closure Of Dark Dense Days.

There Is Continual Expansion And Sustenance Of Illuminated Form,
And Enlightenment Is The “New Norm”.

May The New Year Manifest As Showers Of Blessings For All Who Level Up,
And May We Drink A Toast To The Future From A Glowing Cup.

That Cup Is Filled With Succulent Holy Nectar
Poured From A Special Cosmic Sector—
One Where The Avatars Reside
And Also Where We Too Can Abide.

So, Take A Deep Breath; Shoulders Back; Stand Up Straight!
Helpers From Other Realms Do Await.

We Will Not Fall Into Manipulation Or Control;
Caring For Our New Planet Is Our Role.

The Ley Lines Of Ancient Sites Are Releasing Their Healing;
Within Our Auric Fields The Pranic Life Force Is Sealing.

Out And Beyond Our Current Knowing,
The “New Golden Age” Is Glowing.

We Fasten Our Seatbelts, And Place Our Trays In The Upright Position.
We Are Landing Where We Have Earned Admission.

We Thank The Sages, Ascended Masters, And Others Of The Crew
For Guiding Us Safely To Our Planet Which Is New.
We Count Down As We Disembark From Our Flight: “5-4-3-2-1!”

Happy New Earth Everyone!


New Moon January 2, 2022