In the midst of getting into the beauty of summer, stay healthy!  

Our body is our way of sharing our Light to others, so staying with your radiant energy is so important.

Keep up with your supplements for wellness: Vitamin C, D, NAC, Zinc, Omega’s 3-6-9, the tinctures for your utmost healing of dandelion greens, wormwood and rose.  Green tea, chlorella and collagen.  Other goodies I add are vitamin B, CQ10 and probiotics.  There are many special ways to stay extra healthy in these times of a bit more stress.. just stay with it and stay positive!  We all help each other when we are happy.

Other wonderful pointers:

Get enough rest.  If you need a short 20 minute nap mid day- take it.. and then some slow and deep breaths for about five minutes with some AUMS, to move the energy through you with the vibrations and sounds.

Stay excited as much as you can with your passions, your work and your goals.

Stay productive!  Each day have a Goal that you are working on.  Keep a list of what you want to complete for the day.  Writing a few pages, drawings, gardening, yoga postures, working on a music piece, whatever creative energies excite you.

In fact, if there is something you are afraid to try, just go for it and step of your comfort zone.

Let go of what you does not bring the peace and add what makes you happy in YOUR life and contributes to your joy.

Be accountable for yourself with your thoughts, words and actions.

Ask God for Discernment and this will help you to create the best choices each day.

STAY EXCITED FOR EACH DAY, EACH MOMENT.  WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO BE HERE IN THESE TIMES OF THE GREAT LIGHT.  This Light I have written about in past posts with the cycles of time and the Light that moves through the earth and us in these time is brightening us and the galaxies.

Keep a routine and stay with this.  This goes back to the list and staying on tract with your goals!

Let Go and Let God.  This may sound like something you always hear but it is true.  I have learned in my life that I can not control so much and to take care of me.  I can share the wisdom of health and healing but if someone chooses another way, then that is their responsibility.  Fear creates all of the cobwebs around you… so choose faith and believe in yourself and your Light Path.

If you want give up something that is not healthy- do it once and for all.

Smile and let others share with you their hopes and dreams.  Listen and laugh with others- this brings more harmony and happiness than you can ever know.  Soft smiles and sending Love from your to the other person.

You can also see them in front of you or in your mind’s eye… see the happy and excepting your Love.

Be humble and appreciative for your blessings.

Have Passion in all you do… this brings more energy to your purpose and this will bring more energy to your soul’s path.

Bring like minded people together and create a place for sharing of ideas embedded in the Light… Source energy.  Prayer, hope and the positive messages that can be spread out to all in your area.. just by allowing the Light to brighten in your circle.

Try new things.  Travel and be in nature the most you can.  May not be as easy to travel these days, but you can go for a long walk and be in your garden. Love Love Love.

Make kindness and happiness a priority.  Meditate each day.  Just soft breaths of Light through your body.  Be with your angels, with God and with the Christ energy.

Always take care of YOU.  Your body, mind, energy, spirit will keep you going.

Prepare for what may come and you do this through staying healthy.

Have the extra food, water, flashlights, candles, solar chargers, and whatever you need if we have any nature surprises.