Spiritual Energy Healing  with Tara


Please join me at Love Light Studio for beautiful tools to help you balance your Inner Beauty with your Mind-Body and Soul Energies. 

We can learn to heal ourselves with the Energy Healing, Meditations and the movements to help clear and renew.

The Energy Healing assist in helping you to create higher frequencies of Light energy through your body field. 

Please email tarastarlight@protonmail.com or text me for appointment.  504-452-4088 Thank you. I will then send you a q and a to help you choose the best session for you. 

SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING (Distant & in person)

Spiritual Energy Healing allows the Holy Spirit Life Force to move through the healer to the client for the opening and clearing of blocks in the body. The Intention is to bring Light, Love, and Pure Etheric Vitality into the clients field, to help them create a stronger immune system and energy field. This will bring calmness throughout their being to assist their body in healing itself.

This session is personalized for the client and their intention.  A space is created for purification, releasing and healing.

We create our body through our thoughts and feelings.   I believe that we can heal our body- or at least bring about a state of Harmony to help the body be in a stronger place for healing. I am helping through being a channel of Light to assist.

There are times when we need to go deeper to help heal ‘the reason’ the issue came into the body to begin with. This may be assisted by going into the energy systems or through transpersonal healing, Yandi Inner Light (transpersonal art therapy with four sessions).

Yandi is a profound healing modality to balance our Inner Child & Adult for harmony and healing.

Using the transformational power of Divine energy & consciousness, you can impact both emotional issues and all aspects of the body’s energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and the physical body.

I will speak with you about your intention for the session and create the proper space, energy and vibration to assist you on your healing journey.

This appointment is apx 60 minutes for $75.

Lotus Energy Clearing and Spiritual Healing

The Lotus Healing removes energy blocks along the spinal cord, increasing vitality and improving circulation. Then I will work with Christ Healing Energy, Healing Light and Spirit doctors to channel healing to the physical healing where needed.

We will begin with a short discussion and then a relaxation.

This session will last apx 90 minutes for  100$


 Personal Guided Meditation & Healing (in person or virtual)

Your Intention for your session is the key.  I will move with Spirit and Higher Light Energies, Christ Consciousness Energy and the Divine Mother Energy to help bring you the Highest Light and Love to receive Spiritual energy healing. This is a beautiful healing for calming your body-mind and helps to bring Harmony on a cellular level throughout.  This can allow for Source to assist you in your healing.  Be open to receiving.

Since I was a child, I would see the Light energies and be with the Angels.  I am very grateful to share this energy with you.  This Energy has deepened through the years with my inner knowing; as well as what I see, sense, hear and feel for you.   I am Intuitively guided into higher realms to bring this journey to you.  Be open to all,  Blessings.

This appointment is 60 -75 minutes $111


REIKI HOLY FIRE 3 (Distance and In person)

Reiki is a Japanese word that combines two words: “rei” meaning “universal” and “ki” meaning “life energy force”. Reiki is energy, also it is a method of reducing stress which promotes healing. Reiki is simple yet powerful. Anyone can learn to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve health and enhance the quality of life.

The Reiki master uses physical touch or not to ascertain whether there is an imbalance of energies present and if so, what needs to be done to achieve balance, a process called Attunement.  Once the specific needs of the client have been determined, the healer channels a flow of Light energy into his/her patient and balances the energies that are present.

This appointment is apx 60 minutes for $75.



This Healing Energization 1 is a Body Prayer and is a unique systematic energy initiation that invokes higher spiritual frequencies of Light from the cosmic realms to embrace, align and modulate the spiritual, astral and etheric bodies.  The initiation expands the atoms, molecules, and cellular composition to assimilate and sustain the sacred geometric vibrations that open spiritual gateways to other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness. I will be in prayers and sacred chants as I move with your Body field.  These sounds and prayers are sung out loud as I move with your healing time.

In this unique and sacred process, you will awaken your kundalini energy through the chakras to awaken the higher energy centers and open your psychic vision.  We recommend once a month for accelerating the activation of the Chakras.  After 3 or 4 session, the client is ready for the Etheric Healing and then Light Energization 2.

The session 60 min.  100$



The Blood Cleanse is an effective healing process that cleanses and purifies the blood, activates healthy, vibrant stem cells and erases memory of disease. The process works to restore health to the physical body and your mental/emotional state of being. We begin with a relaxation meditation. The blood holds our consciousness and this process allows for a clearing, cleansing and revitalization.

This appointment is 60 minutes for $77



Color and Sound healing methods have been used throughout time for the purpose of healing and bringing harmony to the whole body system.  Through the use of color visualization, color pomanders, toning, tuning forks and channeling, Tara will use both modern and ancient techniques to open, balance, energize, and align each chakra. Healing energies will be channeled to the subtle bodies, and the related “color” areas of the physical body as needed. The colors and sounds move through the body system and the energy centers to restore health and harmony to the body. Tara uses tuning forks, pomanders and her voice with sound to assist in the balance of your body, energy centers.

This appointment is 60 minutes for $111.


 Past Life Regression

We will tune in together as we connect with Source Light Energy and receive the necessary information to help you at this time. 

The purpose: 

To help you gain knowledge and understanding of self and your evolving consciousness.  

To help you understand patterns of consciousness and how they carry over into current consiousness.

To heal and enlighten thought bodies in your consciousness. 




This appointment is apt 60-75 minutes.  $75.


Reflective Etheric Healing is a process that uses the reflective nature of the Etheric energy body to bring healing to parts of the physical body through imagery and Etheric birthing. This process requires intentionality of both healer and client to bring through the necessary healing energy to smooth, repair, and harmonize any disruption found in the Etheric Body.

This process re-establishes in the ‘body part function memory’ of a perfect healthy state with the requisite birthing energy for the body part function to heal and replace itself.  This healing is wonderful to be followed by an Energization Healing.

The Energization 1 can be completed three times, then a Reflective Etheric Healing, then Energization 2.

This appointment is 60 minutes for $100  / Three sessions are recommended over a consecutive three day time. $240


INNER LIGHT HEALING & Art Therapy (In person).

A complementary and Alternative Healing Process that accesses, determines, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self – destructive thoughts that the Inner child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their emotional – mental energetic system.  Healing and Integration of the Inner Child and Adult result in Immediate peace of mind, creative productivity and a sense of clarity and joy.

 Healing the Inner Child and Inner Adult creates an inner alchemy that balances thoughts and feelings.  This is a life-changing process that leaves you with a vibrant sense of accomplishment and an openness to new and positive experiences. You will express a greater creativity and experience the freedom of choosing what you want out of life.

This process takes four sessions and a commitment to all four sessions is necessary.  Art therapy, Spiritual & Energy Healing move together.

The investment for all four sessions which take approximately one to two hours each is $777


“A heart aligned with Love, immersed in oneness, will affect life around it more than we can know.”— Llewelyn van Lee

“To find perfect composure in the midst of change is to win nirvana.”  — Shunryu Suzuki