Inner Sanctuary Course of Love … a Creative Lab to help you on your Path of Light.
Inner Sanctuary

Inner Sanctuary Course is a beautiful five class course organized over a three-day period. You will Go within and connect with Spirit, as you walk with your Inner Light to Create.   All is Energy and Light.  

Awaken to your power of Love, LIGHT with your True gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Through this lovely course, you will better understand your Soul’s Path and learn to hear the still small voice within.

  This three days of inspiration will expand your Art of Seeing and help you to Move Forward with ease.

The Inner Sanctuary Training is a wonderful meditative process which creates a deep and effective interaction with one’s higher self (soul).

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.  — Proust

In This Course you will:

Restore Your Energy

Receive Spiritual insight and answers

Create and manifest ideas and goals.

Transform negative emotions to Light

Strengthen your purpose and direction.

Be a channel of healing love in your world.

Have greater focus and self -discipline.

Know your Greater Self.

Enjoy Life More!  xoxo

This Retreat Course investment is $525 and includes a study workbook.  Five sessions with apx 2-3 hours for each session.