Circles, Cycles and the waves of Light that move through us each day, each moment and each breath are healing and filled with Joy.  Our consciousness creates our life and each day is a blessing.

 I enjoy creating Healing Circles with like minded souls, who are open to igniting ones’ inner dimensions.

Healing Circles, Spirit Circles, Yoga practice Circles, Meditation and Prayer Circles, Inner Sanctuary Creative Lab and Purification Circles.  Please email me to create a private circle for healing and nourishment.  

Each of these Circles are in person.


Healing Process of Purification.  Purification Group Circles are a five-week course.  Dates to be announced.

Investment for this lovely healing integration is 250$ for the five sessions.  This is a interactive group to heal, clear and renew. 

We will begin with 30 minutes of movements with stretches and gentle yoga to help unwind before we begin.  

Create your own powerful healing group with your friends and like minded souls. 

This is a powerful, inter-personal therapy that utilises the individual’s spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation.

This in-depth process taps into the unconscious regions of the mind to reveal and release negative thought constructs, energy blocks, and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage self. Being in a group setting with the sharing and integrating your wisdom and Light is freeing. 

We are clearing the chakras as more Light comes in to your body field and then you are able to be in your calm much easier.  Through this process, there is a balancing of the male/female energies, activating the inner senses and creative processes for your inner child. You are empowered after the process as you look at the faulty thoughts you have created and become conscious of this through the session.  Now you are ready to step forward in balance. 


Being in our highest place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is part of our Human Soul experience on Mother Earth.   We can create this JOY in our body field through Wisdom, Harmony and Love.  Love is THE healing force. 

Discipline each day with your practice will make this journey much easier.  Consistency is the key.

As we are in this great awakening time and being with the Higher frequencies of The Great Light, it is a perfect time to access the higher realms, be with spirit and create your personal healing in your body field and in your life.  

I am currently scheduling privates for healing and yoga study in my home studio and visiting locations.




Together we are creating the new patterns and codes of Heaven on Earth for the lasting legacy of Beauty, Love, & Light.  This will benefit all the future generations;  using our pure creative thoughts and Spiritual convictions focused into form, which is nurtured and protected by Divine Cosmic Love.

The Circle of Light is a Path for Spiritual Self Empowerment, Healing and Love.  


Be in trust and faith with Love and full awareness of your thoughts and the feeling of being One with all of life.  We practice breathings, guided meditation, and sacred sounds and prayers of Light Language. 





Our conviction comes through with our Heart and Trust In God.  This is a Spiritual Conviction of knowing the most important of Life is knowing the Eternal Self, our Cosmic Self where all Higher Resources await.

 Understand what may hold you back through the energy healings and Mystical Soul Life guided meditations-readings, past life meditations, and through deep Yandhi sessions with Tara.

Find where your blocks may be and we can tune in to this to clear and bring more energy through your Chakras with the sounds and Spiritual Healing. Moving and clearing this with the waves and flow that vibe through us.

 Using your intuitive gifts to shine your Light is a powerful way to help you move forward.