March 1st 2021

The Beauty of March always excites me because it the New Beginnings and the Light that beams out from the seedlings, The Stars, the Earth and from us.

“When people grasp the higher realities and bring those thought-forms into this

reality, they bring also the activation fo the energy circuits of God.” — — Pistis Sophia

Our Light Body and our Transformation happens each day to Higher Frequecies as we allow.

As a child, we are open and with Love, through Love and Joy —  have certain memories of the Soul’s wisdom. Then there is the painting of the culture and attributes not so welcome to the
Higher Self that can begin to burden this little Light.

Through our life we choose.

Free-will and discernment helps us move from the lower selves to the Highest.

Of course, We learn through all aspects of ourselves and for many it is the sorrow, the pain, the crossing over, the world shifts — that help us to move into the Light. We all have our lessons.  

There are the special  Divine souls that also come here with such Higher Vibrations to assist Humanity during the Awakening and Ascension.  There are Avatar beings born here on Mother Earth.  Some would say Jesus was an Avatar.

 He was and is also, our Savior and the Son of God to bring the Light and tell us we are one with this Light as we choose.  

At this time, we have beautiful souls to help anchor the Light on Earth.  Mother Meera and Ama are two special ones and there are many.  I also truly believe that as we ignite our Light from Our Highest Self- we can help to bring this to Mother Earth and help.  

We have to Share the Light with all and help the younger generations Remember they are from the Heavens, from God, Christ Energy.

As this world changes, it is so important to not forget our mission of sharing the Light, Feeling our Light and Being this Light. Mission? By mission I mean a choosing to help others on the Ascension path.

We are Light Beings. 

We are Light. We are filled with the Light in our Cells and the Glorious chlorophyll energy that beams from this with the ‘Mighty’chondria of our cells. Back in Biology days, that was one of my favorite topic. I loved studying cells and seeing the elegant and interesting colors and shapes of the various types from human, animals, and plants life.

In grade school being taught that there is energy and atoms in Animate and inanimate objects really got me. I am in 3rd grade trying to make a table come to life.  I just could not understand that the table or chair was alive in a way. 

I bring up these fun points because learning about Light, Cells, and that all is alive and everything is Energy and has vibrations with different frequencies – was exciting for me at age 8 and even more now into my 50s.

Think about a space you walk into and it feels amazing and happy OR the space can give you the goosebumps and a sticky feeling. How is this possible?  Is the space giving off an energy from a situation that happened there?  Are we able to vibe into the situation or the people that were there?  Interesting.  

Movement and Music are Energy and are Healing. We can use this in our everyday with the physical body but this also brightens the Energy Body.  Keeping yourself Clear and Bright is just as important as taking your vitamins ,exercise, brushing your teeth and eating right.  

(I go deeper with this in Classes and in my Light Body Alchemy book).

God has made our bodies in such a special way that it IS self healing. Magical, yes and Very Real.

We cut ourselves and all of the white blood cells race to the zone to heal. As I sim- ply write and am not quoting my bios/anatomy book right now but just to say what a marvel. Our Thymus gland creates these lovely healing white blood cells and mixed with our Spleen… the red and white cells become like a symphony in our Body Field.

You see, the Thymus is located above the Heart… the Upper Heart and is the F#. We are opening this more at this time and this beautiful YAH sound.

I will share more of the Sound Healing in another post. But just know that the Yah Sound of YAHWEH is Jesus and this is the Balancing of the energies we are in at this time. The Divine Mary and The Divine Christ.

It is all ENERGY… all frequency. Our thought, emotions, the Nature, our Breath- ings, our movements, our food we bring into our bodies, the pure water we drink… all energy.

When I bring up that my mother had me hold a sphere of Light as a child. I truly do not bring this up as a way to say- oh, I was learning this so young- wow look at me.

No… yes it is cool but it is such a profound memory that my sister and I actually would have these sittings with each other and practice. Age 3-5.  I believe she sensed this was for us.  I had 5 sisters and she was very keen on me understanding about Light healing.  Again, very interesting.  

How long I could hold the Light, watch the Light moving and we would keep our eyes on it. I’d get my sister to join with me.  We would carry this sphere for hours. It was a game in a way but also a true practice of seeing, feeling and knowing the Light was there. Mom would say if you have a ‘bobo’ — put the Light on it.

We had a stream close to our home when I was young; it was just a block away. Back then, we could be gone for hours with safety before my mom would ring a bell to say dinner is ready.

I often went to the stream alone as well because I loved to bring the Light there and ignite it more. When we are children, it is quite easy to remember.  Remember the Angels and beings of Light.  Our brain is part of our body and remembers the thoughts and wisdom we learn and share.

Our Soul remembers the wisdom of the Heavens, our Past Lives, and the gifts we have and brought here in this time on Mother Earth.

Our Soul is ignited with not only past life memories but also the Light from the Stars, Galaxies, other realms and dimensions. Why are we so enthralled with Light Beings and Angels? There is a reason and because they are in our Soul’s memory.

True, perhaps not everyone has those same memories.  Many believe that as we cross over, our souls stays here in the 3 d and goes into other realms and come here to share with other.  Some believe we never come back.  There are so many thoughts on this but for sure – many have crossed over with Near Death Experiences and share from this.  Many have memories when in a deep meditation or dream state.  Some remember a past time and they just remember.  It is all a mystery but then the Veils are being lifted as we are in this Awakening.  We can feel and see  Spirit and the Higher Energies easier with practice.  

You can remember why you are here if you so choose. Many of us have come from far off places and to come into the body soul in the physical for this Awakening time of Humanity. There are changes happening each moment. The Light is Shining always even when you don’t realize it.

A Light Attunement for your Inner Peace and Calm 

Just take a moment throughout your day to pause, feel your breaths, breathe slow with the rhythm of the oceans and tides. Smile and be thankful for this time. See the Light in your Center blossoming out in all directions and see the Light in your Cells, your Blood and throughout your Body and around you body. Beam this light out to those you Love. Feel this Light as the most Amazing Soft and Loving calm vibration.

There you are- an Attunement of Light I share with you that is you. Feel it each day through your day. Share it with your Loved Ones. The More we each vibrate this Light from our Highest Self of Love, then the Earth also vibrates Higher and Higher.

As we remember and feel the Love as when we were children, so too can we start each day, each moment with the Child of Innocence, New ways, the Inner Smile and through this Light we can bring forth the Song of the Soul, the beauty of the Angels from above in the Highest Highest places to Below here on Earth. God moves through our Souls, our Higher Self to create here each day.

We are More than Matter and as we vibe into our Inner Sense Development and recognize the Souls love, wisdom, and creative abilities in the everyday life — we can tune into our natural abilities of our Inner Knowing.

March Special Course:  

The Inner Star Light Classes are the Inner Sense Development classes.  Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm
I will share these special ways to tune it to Your Inner Senses and Healings.

Christ Light shines so bright that it purifies us Mind, Body and Soul. We can live a life of peace, happiness and prosperity in the world.

Thoughts for the day from my book that almost complete.  I hope you enjoy.

Much Love,