In this universe, there are many places and environments which are suitable for life.

In 1961, Frank Drake formulated the Drake equation as an attempt to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy.

More recently, scientists have calculated that there could be a minimum of 36 active, communicating intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy.

And signs of water have been detected in a galaxy 12.8 billion light years from the Earth.

Earlier this year, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has admitted that intelligent life can exist elsewhere in the universe besides Earth. 

Also, for many years CE-5 protocol developed by Dr. Steven Greer has led to many UFO sightings.

According to Cobra, there are many benevolent civilizations in this Galaxy. They are living in a high state of spiritual development and they have a strong direct connection to the Source. They would like humanity to join the Galactic family, but they need a clear, strong, coherent signal from the surface population that contact is desired:

On December 21st, we have an opportunity with the Divine Intervention Activation to send a clear, strong, coherent signal to these benevolent civilizations.

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the positive timeline.

Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

If a critical mass of 144,000 people joins our meditation, we will send such a strong signal, and according to Galactic laws, this will initiate a process of acceptance of our planet into the Galactic family. The process itself will still take some time, but first and very important step will be taken, with far reaching exopolitical and geopolitical consequences.


We will be doing this activation as a two step process, the first step is signing the Planetary Liberation petition listed below, the second step is the meditation itself. This two-step trigger will have he maximum effect on the planetary situation possible.





Step 1: Sign the Petition

Any moment after you read this article, sign the Planetary Liberation petition:

Signing instructions, please read carefully:

You only need to sign the petition ONCE. If one of the two sites goes offline and you have not signed yet, go to the second one and sign there. Both sites have equal importance, but your vote counts only once. If you sign more than once, you are actually delaying the liberation process. If you have already signed on the first website, do not sign on the second one. If you have already signed on the second one, do not sign on the first one. The only exception to this is when you tried to sign on one of the sites and your signature did not go through and / or was not approved for whatever reason. Then you can go to the second site and sign there.

We need 144,000 signatures by December 21st to trigger the desired exopolitical effect. If a critical mass of 144,000 people signs the petition, this will be the first physical expression of the collective will of surface humanity in human history that contact and intervention is desired. It will be humanity’s first exopolitical document and its importance and its long term implications can be compared to documents such as the Constitution or to Declaration of Human Rights. By signing the petition, we are using our free will to create an energetic bridge between the surface of the planet and the forces of Light that live beyond the surface. This energetic bridge will speed up the process. The physical act of signing the petition is important because we wish to manifest change on the physical plane, therefore, simple inner dedication is not enough.You are not doing this only for yourself, you are doing this for the whole humanity.

Step 2: Meditation on December 21st, 2021 at 4 PM UTC

Then we will be doing the Divine Intervention Activation at the best possible moment that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity, at the exact moment of the solstice on December 21st, 2021.

The following table shows the time of the meditation for various time zones:

You can also check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Here is a table of the Facebook events for Divine Intervention Activation:


HostLanguageFacebook event nameFacebook event link
We Love Mass Meditation Brasil / Nós Adoramos Meditação em MassaPortugueseAtivação para a Intervenção Divina
Eva M. EvaRomanianActivarea Intervenției Divine
Zmaga LučiSlovenianAktivacija Božanskega Posredovanja
Sirona LicoiSpanishActivación de la intervención Divina- Meditación Masiva