My Everyday Truths

“With one eye you are looking at the outside world, while with the other you are looking within yourself.”   —-Modigliani

I used to not share as much about myself and now I will more and more.  People always ask me “how do you stay youthful and in shape for being in your mid 40’s?, (of course 40’s is not old… nor is 50’s—  hum, I will see in my 70’s with my backbends)  “how do you take care of your skin?”  “what do you eat?” I will share about how I stay and healthy, happy, and focused.  I have had so many experiences in my life with love, travels, children, trainings, experiences.  There is so much literature out there but there is always something else to share and learn.  Here are some points that I follow:

1.   Practice Yoga everyday.  Even if I am not feeling well or I am on the go… there is a way to move and breath into your body.  Twenty minutes is all you need.  There are no ifs ands or buts…. Yoga practice holiday on my mat!

2.  Everyday Meditate.  I was taught to see God in everything and everyone.  When we look at life in this way, then there are sparkles of Love and Gold in every moment, every second.  Being one with Mother Earth and all the nature around us, brings us closer to the beating heart of our beginnings, with our soul, with the love of the heart.

3.  Plan a healthy meal each day for yourself and your family.  Eating healthy brings more energy into your system and strengthens the immune system.  When I bring health to others with yummy nurturing food, it makes me feel superb and makes everyone Happy.

4.  Take your supplements:  vitamins, minerals, kelp, amino acids– plus a few little extras, like apple cider vinegar in morning water for example.

5.  Pray to your Angels of Light … Christ… God. (back to #2).

6.  Surrender.  Everyday I surrender to what I Can Do, and not allow those situations that are not Real to paint into my being; those scenarios in Life that I have no control over.  We must always remember that when others have stories in their head…. it does not mean it is a truth.  It is a story of theirs.  Some people can be so worked up with their own story, that they can get others to believe them.  (where there is drama, there is no Spirit).  It will always come back to Source; and the trials and tribulations of Life balance out.  Keep Moving Forward with Love for Yourself!  This is not only my advice but the advice of so many amazing mentors I have worked with through the years.

7.  Be Thankful!  I feel so blessed to have three intelligent, creative,  respectful children who care about themselves and others; and have a passion for life and living their briliance.

8.  Be thankful for  Life and Health.  Waking up in the morning with a wellness, a smile, and a forward moving attitude.  Thank you God.

9.  I am thankful each day for the special people in my life … especially all of the amazing women!  My mother, grandmothers, my sisters, my friends, my mentors and fellow yoginis.  Each person allowing their light to shine more and with this, all the light for the Earth will shine brighter.

10.  I am thankful each day for my Yoga teacher Dona Holleman.  I have learned from this amazing yogini that each day is new and each day we can open in different new ways from the inside out… with awareness and intent and Love.

11.  Create your special environment.  Everyday I surround myself with Beauty in nature and home.  What we feel and see, we bring into every cell of our being.  Clean pure water and a clean pure environment!

12.  Everyday I am thankful for my Love, my friend, my sweetheart, my partner in Life.

13.  I send Love out from my Center- my Soul to be and vibrate with my Highest Self… Oh My Soul.  This Inner beauty that is always there, reflects back to us from the Source.  We are well of water that is filled each moment with this Elixir of Golden harmony.  Breathe this in and send it to those you Love and care about.  Each day I send this Light to my children.  They are my most special of energies and they are here on Earth for their soul’s path.  I can not walk it for them, nor my parents for me.  We are each here for our lessons.  Being in the bright radiant Light of Love helps us with vibrating more Light through our cells and helps all.