Happy New Moon Energy.  Happy New Star Light Energies for the Flowering of Your Soul.

Being in the Mountains and feeling the Beauty of Love and Light from nature and in my body is one of my most favorite feelings.  This Love from God is nourishing and cleansing.  We can heal with the Light of Love that is all around us as we breathe in this high Source frequencies.

The Vibrations are around us and perhaps we do not see them but we feel them quite intensely as we move through space and feel from others.  Being empathic and sensing the vibrations around us is Light food for our body field.

As we mesh into these energies, it is very important to have our own field in Harmony because otherwise we can allow subconsciously the lower energies and thought forms to grab hold.

Each day giving yourself the Gift of Light in your Heart and seeing this and feeling this so that your Heart Brightens and this brightens all aspects of your being.

I feel the connections with Stars and the Cosmos very easily because I am a Galactic Being.  This vibrant energy is here to be a Light Bearer, a way shower.  Star seed are here to help bring more Light to Mother Earth and others and this helps with the Ascension time.  We are energetically moving from a 3d realm to the 5d.

Healing can occur in these Higher Dimensions of Quantum energies and this is quite special.  I Love to be in these Higher Realms to works with the Light Beings, Spirit Doctors, and the protective Angels; here  True Healing can occur on the Emotion, Physical, Spiritual levels for Harmony and Wisdom.

Tara means Star.  For me this resonates more and more with the breathings and teaching about the Light that Shines within us.  The Star Light of the Beautiful night skies is aw inspiring and the constellations bring us the inner knowing that we are from Higher realms of Light.  We came here on Mother Earth to Learn and play and evolve.  The Solar Sun shine Star energy shines so bright to us from eons away and heals us.

The Sun helps to create Life and the photosynthesis of the plants.  I say the Light Breathings are shots of chlorophyll for the Soul.

We can use this time for the fun and the joy.  We come here with all of the Happiness and the lower energies can be onto us even from being in our Mother’s womb.  How was the mom during the pregnancy and how was she feeling.  The consciousness of the blood moves through the child.  How is the energy of the father?  The baby picks up on all energy.  As we grow we can then feel the energies around us and we learn from the ways people treat us and how we are as well.  Some souls come in to this world more evolved, while others may have more word to do and more energies to clear to bring in the vibrant Love of Self.

The Star Energy of Light is a powerful way to see the healing Love and Light into your being:

Create More Energy in Your Body, Use this Light for Purification of the lower elementals and more God Source Christ Energies can pour in for your Ascension.  The creates a way to dissolve the past memories that hold you back from your Light Path.

Clearing the past hurts and faulty thought can help to bring purification to your whole field.  It is beautiful and allow you to walk forward on your Light Path and be who you truly came into the Earth to be, to be one with all of Life with Happiness.

The Light Breathings bring calmness and peace.  We can also use these special Merkabah breathings for the soul to travel because it is a vehicle of Light.  There is a special way to do this that will be in its own class.

God’s Light Shines through us.  We are in this time for the Christ Consciousness and the Harmony to move through us with balance and Love.  All is Love.

I will share more with the various Star Light Healings through the blogs, video and classes in the studio in person and virtual.  I have been working on this for many moons.  I feel teaching this through the virtual class rooms will have to be the way.

I love to be with the student/client and look into the eyes, see the evolution of the student with me in person.  These times are new and it has taken me a bit long to adjust and now- I shall give in to the teachings online.  I see many going this route. I will still teach in person at Love Light studio in Nola-Lakeview and through travels.

Also, the world is changing very fast and this higher vibrational energy is here. Time is of the essence… it is time.

Join me and we can all take these quantum leaps together.  xoxo

In peace and blessings,