Be Centered & Aligned

Love Light Sacred Body Practice for your Golden Life Path

I am only organizing Privates and Private Groups at this time for Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and Intuitive readings.

Choose the Yoga and Healing session that is best for you.  Please get in touch if you need help or support. Thank you. Tara

Please email or text for an appointment.  504-452-4088 or  

Stay Healthy through your  Mind-Body Wellness program.

I am offering small group classes and privates in my Love Light studio in Lake Terrace and visiting studios.

  In Love and Joy, Tara

*This schedule is being reorganized*   I apologize for the inconvenience.

 Private Yoga Classes & Energy Healing 


Centered Yoga Flow and Meditation

Centered Yoga  Practice/Poise and Posture – Feel & Understand each posture, breathe, and vibration through your body field.

Monday Noon:  Light Body Alchemy Meditation and Breathings

Wednesday 11am-12:30 Yoga Practice 

Thursday Holistic Healing Practice with Sound and Colour 9am 

Monday through Friday I schedule Healing Sessions and Intuitive Readings.  

Please email me for an appointment, thank you. 


Private Yoga Classes & Energy Healing 

 New Sessions starts soon for Light Body Alchemy w/ New Location

You can email if you have any questions while we are away from the studio.

~Thank You~

Virtual Class:  When it is time for your class to begin…

We will send the meeting ID and password for the class to your email address associated with the class.   Look out for the email 5 minutes before class starts!

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Login
  3. Click “Join”
  4. Enter meeting ID and password (which will be emailed to you five minutes before class as long as you pre-register)
  5. Click “Join without video”
  6. Click “Join with computer audio”
  7. Unroll your mat and here we go!


Before class begins, be sure to grab what you will need to support your practice. You can always use some items around the house as well if you do not have yoga props at home.

We recommend:

Centered Yoga: two blocks and a strap or belt (use a scarf if you have this).

Sacred Body: Restorative yoga: 2 bolsters or pillows, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and a yoga strap ( or use a scarf if you have this).

For Meditation class you only need a comfortable place to lie down or sit.  You may want a pillow or blanket to roll under your knees.

“If one is not a yogi, one practices yoga. If one is a yogi, everything that one does is yoga.” — Dona Holleman