I have many students clients friends asking me what I am doing for my health at these wild times.

I share many articles in the blogs and just read over one from 2016 that is perfect for these days and always.

The article is titled: Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowy.

Movements, Nature, Clean air and water, taking the extra vitamins and minerals and being positive with yourself and others

is all Key.

Powerful Breathings to focus is on is essential.  Guided Meditations and Prayer mixed with the Light Healings give your Energy System the added boost.

I also recommend certain videos, website and readings – please see below for a short list.

These shares about the Global New Happening at this time.

Research using DuckDuckGo search engine.  It is not easy to find some sites via google. 

You can also email to me if you like or catch me on Telegram.  Thank you.  https://t.me/taragolda 

  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is on Brighteon site 


Frontal Lobe degeneration neurological disease can result is what her short 4 minute video is about.

The Nature Ranger with Mike Adams is wonderful.  He can be a bit intense.  His site is Brighteon.com

www.thetruthaboutcancer.com AND The Quest for Cures with the Bolingers.


-Info Wars.  There was a special share from their site on Saturday April 3,2021 Emergency Saturday Broadcast on rumble with Alex Jones.  This was a great well organized hour of the 70 page practice manual put together by John Hopkins The what if ?if there is a pandemic.  What we see is the happenings of the past year and now rolling our each day presently is from this practice manual and down to the exact hashtags, media coverups, the mandates, the keeping people home to have fear and then feel free if they take the vaccines, the celebrities showing up on social media to show they have it and to push it etc.  All in the manual. The fb chrckfactors are from the wuhan labs and there is so much explained and chilling.

-Right Side Broadcasting Network

-Epoch Times



universal life tools with Simone M. Matthews has put together a wonderful Blog page with the

Global Health and shares with videos from doctors and scientists, researchers all over the world.

Stay Safe and in Your Light and Love xoxo