Welcome Dear Souls,

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.  I don’t need to tell you how wild the Energies are in these times.

The Higher frequencies can have you feeling a bit anxious or stressed- but they can also be honored and with Your Radiant intention and Awareness, as you move into a Central consciousness of Light for you to play with and create your Grateful Path of Light, your own dance of Light-  with so much Love and Joy.

All is energy and learning to work with it, so that it moves with you and you with it– to allow your Soul Body Energy Light Body to create Higher Frequencies of Light for your own personal healing.

All is Energy.  The Frequencies of the Elements, Mother Earth, Nature, Sounds, the Universe and your Body Field can be used in such special ways to ignite this Light Body Alchemy.



We know that in 2020 to our present, there is the illness that began globally.  We all know that we can create a much stronger Immune System to help us during these times.

Our Immune System is set up to assist in our healing, as God created us as Beings of Light.  We tune into our codes within for our special healing.  As all is energy, vibrations and frequencies; and we are vibrations of Light, then so too are we able to heal ourselves in these ways.

Also, I believe that since there is a heightened situation occurring with this cv.

It is very important each day to be with God Source Light.  Visualize the Light Healing through your entire body and all around you.

This has been my method I use for most of my life with the Angels.  When I was a child, I would feel their rain drops of Light upon me and dancing this around my body.  I share this as a High Vibrational Cleanse.  


The source beams of more Light for us, and in this way

we learn to access these Higher Realms for our Healing, as well as for others. 


This time will pass and as so much is clearing from the “old ways” and people are waking up … please take such good care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

Since so much is happening with the truths showing about the pharmaceutical and health care systems, global leaders and so much… I feel there will be much more mis-information this summer into the fall.  (This was first written in January 2020).



I have shared about ways help in staying healthy during these times.  Please see the blog on Pine Needle Tea.

-Also the importance of NAC

-Stronger Immune System:  Vitamin C and Quercitin mixed with taking your Zinc.  These two lovely antioxidants allow the cell to bring in the zinc easier and your cell to fight of a virus or bacteria.   Nice.  Chlorophyll for more Light in your Cells.  There are many ways to create the nourishment your body needs and you truly must be disciplined in these ways for caring.  If you are not used to being as healthy, well it is time.  Thank you. 

Emotional and Mental health is just as important.  when we are in fear or nervous energies, then we can lower our immune system.  We must stay with Happy Thoughts.  When you may feel bothered or a button pressed from a situation, person, something our of your control- then go inward and be in the space that you can control, and that is you.   Your Inner Smile of Love to yourself and feeling this through every cell of your body with peace and calm.  This healing Christ Light energy is essential.  

 I have this breathings many times in my site, writings and classes.  Pure and Special ways for the healing.  

My simple Tara Light Body Alchemy Method:

Letting go breaths are important to just breathe deeply and allow the calm feeling in your Solar Plexus.  Also, to feel an Inner Smile through your face and this softness through your body. The to feel a soft breath with awareness and this is a breath up and down you body and know and see and feel this.

then to inhale 4- pause 2- exhale 4 … 7 times. Then longer of inhale 7 – pause 4- exhale 7 … and 7 times.  and then inhale 7- pause 7- exhale 7.

Keeping it simple here- and then to bathe in Your Light through your body and around your body.  See this golden Sparkly Light.  

*There is more to this and you can join me for the zoom breathing and meditation classes.  xoxo  please email me, thank you.


Much Love and Happiness to you.