Happy Week.

We all have those times when Life is sunshine smiles, feeling so healthy and filled with the Joy from all around.

Then you have those moments when no matter what you say or do will make a difference to help someone or to create your 

own energy.  Often we can get directed in a way that was not meant to happen but it does. 

Keep filling yourself with Light and move forward because what we focus on and give the energy to, will be what we 

magnetise into our everyday life.  Much Love, Tara


How to step into your power

  1. Learn to be okay with being misunderstood by others
  2. Do things because YOU want to do them, not because you want to please others
  3. Let go of the need to manage other peoples’ perceptions of you
  4. Stop doing things that aren’t in alignment with who you truly are
  5. Do the things your envisioned future self would do
  6. Don’t waste time trying to convince others of what your true intentions are
  7. Look INWARD for guidance and validation, not from outside sources or people