Hello Dear Souls,

Sending an update to you for these summer months.  This lovely photo I share was from Sedona this past April 2022.  We had a lovely time enjoying the hiking and nature.

I also was part of wonderful group afterwards with the Hurtaks’s,  a weekend of special breathings and Sacred prayer chants that I will be sharing & teaching in my Love LIGHT circles.

July 11th at 11:30am is this first Light Circle, please join.

As I continue to always study, practice and research from ancient text and wisdom to modern modalities – I have recently learned a new type of healing session that is quite deep and powerful.  This is Purification healing.

This is not for the faint hearted because you will move into aspects of yourself that you may not be ready to deal with but at the same time, to go and clear this energy and transmute it to the Light is key during this ascension time.  Here I work with St. Micheal, the archangel to assist in this clearing.

Healing Process of Purification.

This is a powerful, inter-personal therapy that utilises the individual’s spiritual strength to facilitate healing and transformation.

This in-depth process taps into the unconscious regions of the mind to reveal and release negative thought constructs, energy blocks, and emotions that restrict, limit and continually sabotage self.


I will use deep guided meditations with ‘etheric surgery techniques’ for the removal of energy blocks and for resolving internal conflicts and negativity.

This is an interactive process as I ask questions and you share with me.

We are clearing the higher chakras, balancing male/female energies and activating the inner senses and creative processes for your inner child. You are empowered after the process as you look at the faulty thoughts you have created and become conscious of this through the session.


I am beginning this deeper way for the healing to add to the beautiful tools that I use already. I find many clients feel wonderful after the energy healing and guided meditaiton session. Then, next there is wonderment of certain issues holding them back in life. I feel this Purification and Yandhi sessions are quite powerful  for this.

Since I am deepening these studies of Purification at this time, I am gifting this for to two clients.  It is a commitment of three days in a row for two- three hours each day.  (This is part of a doctorate program and I am creating a certain amount of hours for my practice.)  Thank you 

Normally this investment is 200$ per session and you commit to three sessions/days in a row.   Each session is two to three hours.

Please be ready to go very deep and to clear.  I am using these hours towards my certifications and further study, and the reason for gifting this for a short time. 

If you would like to be a candidate for this beautiful deep work, please email me at 



Being in our highest place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is part of our Human Soul experience on Mother Earth.   We can create this calm in our body field through Love. Love Heals. 

Discipline each day with your practice will make this journey much easier.  Consistency is the key.

As we are in this great awakening time and being with the Higher frequencies of The Great Light, it is a perfect time to access the higher realms, be with spirit and create your personal healing in your body field and in your life.  Amen.

Love Light Sacred Body and Beyond the Physical, New Light Circles

Please join me on Mondays at 11:30am starting July 11th, at my home studio for a private circle of practice with Meditation, breathings, and connecting with our Higher Self.

 The cost is 30$ and we will go for about 75 minutes. 

Because of the summer schedules, please email me if you are interested, days and times may change.  These sessions will build upon themselves with our practice.  I will add more times starting in the fall.

I am so happy to share, I will offer Sacred Body Sacred Yoga at Healing Hands Physical therapy on Harrison Avenue.

I introduced this exploratory class many moons ago and offered it at my studio Love Light Sacred Space.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful wisdom with you.

Four Session for 175$ 90 minute class.

Please email me if you are interested to find out more about this special movement & healing class. 

 I am currently scheduling privates for healing and yoga study in my home studio and visiting locations.

Many Blessing and So Much Love to You,