Classes with Tara: Tune in to your Inner Knowing & Your Light Body

Please join me for Holistic Healing practices, Light Body Alchemy ™, Sacred Breathings and Prayer to help guide

you on your path of Wellness, Joy, Harmony & Love.  A global community to help you on your Light Path.  

 Email your best email to me to sign up for these special Love Light Healing sessions/lessons.

Many have asked me to offer this online and I appreciate your patience as this is set up.   It is more important than ever to share the Light wisdom and sharing this via virtual class and mini retreats.

Email me if you would like the Zoom link to these Light Body Alchemy classes.  They will build upon each other and we will use my Light Body Alchemy methods for helping to create more Light in your body and energy centers.   These practices will help in your own personal Spiritual Healing and clairvoyant energies.  

Tuesday evenings 7:30pm September 28th.  October 14th, 19th, 26th. November 

I will offer a Practice on Spiritual Healing to help you deepen you Inner Healer and share potent ‘Elixers of Light’ to use as part of your experience.
-Virtual & In person Yoga and Breathing Classes to help you be in Your Center and Inner Strength- Creating your Sacred Space from your Heart. 

We are at a important time in history-herstory. No matter where your views are with health, healing, religion,  philosophy, astrology, culture – none of that matters and of course it all matters.  Labels help us to identify and create certain structures and all of this is tumbling down in these times. What matters the most is truly looking inward and feeling what you know deepest in your Heart with Love and Your Happiness.  What can you let go of that no longer serves you and bring in the Light from source for transformation.  Life is changing quickly.  We can dance and sing and travel to the unbounded places in our Heart and the Highest Realms. I have learned elegant methods and ways to do this in my Life and I want to teach/share with you as well. This Light of Consciousness is Brilliant and moves through all. Each day is a New Day to feel this peace and create. Enjoy.

Together we are creating the new patterns and codes of Heaven on Earth for the lasting legacy of Beauty, Love, & Light.  This will benefit all the future generations;  using our pure creative thoughts and Spiritual convictions focused into form, which is nurtured and protected by Divine Cosmic Love.

The Circle of Light is a Path for Spiritual Self Empowerment.  Love Yourself, Heal Yourself, Be Your Light

 The first level of understanding is Your Energy System and how to tune into this in your everyday life for Self Healing, Purification, Transmuting and Protection. My inspirational teachings are steeped in wisdom from ancient texts, teachers, years of practice and my personal writings.

  I will share guided meditations, Special Breathings and Attunements.   We are beings of Light and Energy.  Lets learn to bring more Light through our Body System for Happiness, Health and peace.  xoxo

-How do we hold on to the calmness we have created?

Be in trust and faith with Love and full awareness of your thoughts and the feeling of being One with all of life.





Our conviction comes through with our Heart and Trust In God.  This is a Spiritual Conviction of knowing the most important of Life is knowing the Eternal Self, our Cosmic Self where all Higher Resources await.

 Understand what may hold you back through the energy healings and Mystical Soul Life guided meditations-readings with Tara.

Find where your blocks may be and we can tune in to this to clear and bring more energy through your Chakras with the sounds and Spiritual Healing. Moving and clearing this with the waves and flow that vibe through us.  Using your intuitive gifts to shine your Light is a powerful way to help you move forward.

Stay with highest physical health at these time and for that extra glow – Add in chlorophyll  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, b’s, NAC, minerals, pure clean water, herbal remedies and Happy Thoughts in your life each day for increasing immune system balance. xoxo


A Holistic Empowerment Course for the Divine Feminine Energy Rising.  Radiate your Light more than ever with other like minded souls, creating points of Light through Mother Earth and our ‘Inner Earth.’     The Divine Feminine is the balancing energies of the Holy Spirit to bring forth the Heaven on Earth through us as we see and feel this.  The Divine Masculine of the Will is key with the balance of the creative energies.  They work together, otherwise we find ourselves in only a Force state or a dream state…. xoxo.  

 Be attentive of your Thought Forms and created from your Highest Radiant Light of Love.

Please  Email your best email to me to sign up for these special Love Light Healing sessions/lessons.