I was drawn into the world of Yoga and Healing as a young girl, through a love of movement, music and dance and a desire to immerse myself in nature.

I was nourished with Love and beautiful lessons from my mother about the Angel Beings and the Healing Light and learning to work with this as a child.  Finding my comfort and calm in Nature has always been my serenity. There was a nearby stream that my sister and I would go to and sing with the Fairies and the Angels. 

 My mother taught me about the beauty of the healing Light when I was very young; I remember seeing this as a sparkly Gold flower sphere.  I would play with this sphere of gold in my hands and guide it in the air and through my body.  This was a Sacred time of learning about the Source Light.  My mother taught me that God is all around us and through nature hugs our soul.  She was teaching me to focus and be creative with this Healing Light.  This is the Source Light Healing Energy.

I remember practicing interesting movements, twists and breathings with my sister and mom before even going to Kindergarten. It was my preschool.

 In the 60’s, my mother learned Kundalini from Yogi Bhajan while living in San Francisco.  She would practice at home and I watched in amazement as she would twist, chant and sing in our garden.

Throughout my life,  I have felt the one on one connection with God and the energetic Source Beauty.  Being taught that God is in everything and everyone, made it easy to move through Life but then also it could be tough when others did not think the same way.

As a child and being an empath and  highly intuitive, I did not know how to understand some of my emotions and feelings; the nearby stream to be in nature or to our side garden became my escape.  Being outside with the trees, flowers, waters and sparkling sunshine felt more comfortable to me than being inside and where I could easier be with the Light Beings and be in the Joy. 

My mother understood this part of me and taught me ways to tune in with the sounds and visions.  This has been part of my inner life journey–  to understand this Healing Light of Love that I would later deepen through Yoga, Meditation and Energy Healing.

 There was always my curiosity to understand this warmth I would feel in my hands. I would naturally put my hands on my grandmother Nany’s neck and shoulders, as she asked.  She  would tell me that I have healing hands.  

 Through meeting amazing healers and teachers after my mother passed in 87′ I was able to access this Healing and Spiritual Medium part of myself more and more.  My Soul reached out with Love to the Universe and my calling was returned with a deeper Love and knowing that I was feeling with God.

Sitting with Buddhist monks when I was eighteen to twenty years old while attending art school, taught me the amazing energies to heal through Chanting.  The Vibrations were so intense and moved through my body for calmness.  These chants were in Sanskrit.

 Through the years I have learned many Hindu and Buddhist chants/prayers but my heart follows back to the Hebrew prayers I heard when I was young.  Through the years I have studied various healing prayers to use in my healing work and bring this into my everyday, with the Sacred names of God in Hebrew and lovely prayers.   The sound frequencies help to bring balance to our cells and allow for more Light to move through us. 

 When my mother was pregnant with me, I told her when I was very young- that I remember her auto accident and the exact way the car was positioned on the street, the street light and signs, how she looked, the car, and all of the details.  I told her that I watched the entire scene from High in the sky above.  I felt I was with Beings of Light.  I can only describe it that way because I was kept in a safe place out of the way with these Angel beings. My mom told me that she was pregnant with me at that time.  I was protected.

I share this story with you because I feel that we all have such ways to give back and share our Soul’s Path and live our brilliant Light Path.  For me, I had those splendid concentrated times of learning with my mom in my first  17 years.  After that, I journeyed and met so many beautiful travels, teachers and friends to help guide me. Now,  I have such a compilation of beautiful wisdom that I bring together from my years of inspirations, studies, teachings and being a mother.

  I have always been very Intuitive and this brought me to go deeper with  energy work studies, Spiritual Healing, meditation and mediumship to help create a proper space for a one-on-one connection with Spirit. Allowing our Light to shine so bright and move through each moment with Love, we can let go of living in lower energies and ascend in this life higher and freer… bringing the higher vibrations through us to Mother Earth.

It is important to create a Sacred Space for yourself wherever you are.  Lighting a white candle and brining in the Light in your room and body is so lovely in the morning time.  

The ritual of the Light has always been with me.  My grandmother Nany would light a candle each morning in a beautiful space where she kept family photos.  Creating an alter for prayer and giving thankfulness to God is a positive way to begin your day or a special time through your day or into the evening.

I love to say certain Hebrew prayers and names of God as I Light a candle, use my sound bowls and feel the sounds through my body for balance.

I have deep Catholic roots; as well as, learning about Jewish faith from one side of my family while growing up.  My great grandmother was from the Vienna and Croatia region and had Jewish and Christian bloodlines. 

My mother had a collection of wonderful books that got my curiosity from a young age.  Edgar Cayce books, Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky, Zen books, a Course In Miracles and Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda — were an extremly  wonderful place for me to begin in my later teen years and early 20s.  I have also, been extremely fortunate to have wonderful Spiritual teachers throughout my life in various studies of Kabbalah, Law of One, Vedanta, Astrology, Energy Healing, Tarot, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ascended Masters, Tao, Yoga, Sound and Colour Healing, spiritual mediumship, and channeling.

My studies and certifications are in Colour and Sound Healing, Spiritual Healing,  Nationally and Internationally certified through Dona Holleman; through the years completing a  Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and Holistic Health — blending together to create a wonderful balance with Yoga-Meditation to help teach others to find their inner bliss and full body wellness.

 In addition to decades of intense yoga training with travels to Northern Italy since 2000; I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997 and enjoy sharing this inner Light wisdom with my students.   Our Body- Mind- Heart- Spirit all swirl together in this magnificent Love of Inner Beauty and Healing.


We are in this miraculous time on Mother Earth where more Light is coming in from the Higher Realms and this is an Ascension time.  This is an Awakening to knowing you are a Light Body.  

We are Light.


Experience, Studies & Credentials

My life has always involved finding that happiness and peace while being in Nature, gardening, creating music, singing, art, ballet and learning about The LIGHT and its healing power.  After my mother crossed over to the heavenly realms, I studied art textile design at FIT in Manhattan.  To find my calm in a busy city, I began the yoga studies at a Iyengar studio and a weekly meditation practice with a Buddhist group in my building.  Learning the breathings and mantra at this young age influenced me for life.  The Sacred energy of prayer has always been with me since I was a child and being with my Angel Beings.

I continued to practice in the Iyengar tradition when I moved to New Orleans and with many wonderful respected master teachers nationally and internationally- from 1995-2000.  I began to learn from Dona in 2000 and she has been my teacher since, with visits to Italy through the years. 

After completing my BA in Biology and Sociology – I took time to decide where my path would go.  I thought for sure I would go into O.T. and got accepted into few wonderful programs.  However, I chose to stay in Louisiana.  I began to deepen my yoga practice, as movement and healing have always been important to me.  I got married in 1995, and had my first child in 1996.  I began to teach in 1997, while being pregnant with my second child.  I loved being pregnant. 

I trained in the Krishnamacharya lineage and the deeper practice with the Ashtanga system; and fell in love with so many beautiful teachings of Zen, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mother Meera, Yugestar, Sri Aurobindo, Rumi, deeper studies of the Bible, Scrolls, Book of Enoch, Dr. Emoto, Dona Holleman, and many others.   

I have found myself inspired more through the years  and having beautiful messages that I channel with my own writings. I did not understand when I was younger that some of the writing that poured through me like water were from these higher realms and some are prophetic as well, or precognition images.  We get the messages from our Higher Self mostly I feel.  However, I also believe that we are in a time of the great Light, and the veils are thinning to more easily connect with Being of Light. 

Even though here is list of some of the studies I have completed, there is nothing that can list the day to to day experiences of Life and feeling the Love of being a mother with my three beautiful and amazing brilliant children.  They teach me each day.  The experiences of reading and studies I continue everyday.  Being in nature and breathing in the forests and ocean air brings a teaching that is personal and no one can bring to you except your self with God.  I have evolved as a mother, teacher, lover, friend, and human on this beautiful Earth.  I am grateful for all of the wisdom I remember in my cells from the past life energies and the wisdom I have from my experiences in this Life.  

The Lovely Meditations and visions that I have in the Higher Realms keeps me moving forward in the Light. I look forward to sharing this more.

I have traveled the world and studies with many amazing teachers.  I can share my list below of the many studies and trainings, some not even listed.  We become a label as we list everything we do and become certified in.  My Doctorate in the Holistic Healing/Metaphysics is very important because the training brings together the many modalities of Healing with Christ and Divine Mother energy, crystals, color & sound, spirit doctors, the energy from within and teaching others they can heal themselves.

 Still, the movement and the breathings are essential for our body to stay its best. 

Quite simply, we have to use discernment and be healthy.  

I have studied about the healing power of herbs in master studies of homeopathy, I looked into the Eyes of Mother Meera in person and felt her electric energy through me.   I have seen the realms so high in many meditations, waking dreams and through the night, and to greet me with beautiful surreal Angelic beings of the highest Light.  These experiences began since I was a child and through my life and I share this with you. 

Life experiences of losing loved ones who have crossed over has  deepened my mediumship studies through the my life.  I continue to delve into this sheer space in time that is always there and they greet us with their energy.  Our soul continues in different ways of Light.

Stay open and curious.  Be in Nature each day.  Take care of yourself because God moves through our body temple vessels to help create here on Mother Earth.  Prepare always from your Highest Self for what life may bring.  

I Began teaching Yoga and Meditation classes in 1997 and I have continued throughout my life; and adding the lovely inspirations I have learned along the way with the Energy & Spiritual Healing, special guided mediations, healing with crystals and the Sound Healing that moves through us. 

We are ever evolving and here are some of the ways that Nurture my Loves and Passions:

  • Centered Yoga Method with Dona Holleman in Northern Italy from 2000-present
  • Krishnamacharya Lineage Yoga Therapy studies  1998-2002
  • A Deepening of  Meditation studies since 2002 -2006 with Sister Anelie, in the Sufi Naqshbandi Path, Dream Studies
  • In 2003 I created The Butterfly Love Path, a creative way of teaching Yoga to younger students.
  • National (YA) & International Association of Yoga Certification (e-ryt 500, rys 200 and CE Provider) with Dona Holleman
  • Meditation & Spiritual Healing as taught by Ramana Maharshi 2015-2017
  • 2004- 2006 to present. Certified Advance Studies with Spiritual Energy Healing with Divine Consciousness.
  • Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki Art Master Teacher 
  • 2008 and 2009 Masters Studies in Homeopathy/Naturopathy.
  • 1987-1990  Assoc. In Textile Design Fine Art in Manhattan
  • 1990-94 Bachelor Dual Degree in Sociology & Biology
  • Doctorate Degree in Holistic Health/Metaphysics and Spiritual Healing 
  • Certified Crystal and Sound Healer through doctoral program
  • Ordained Minister in the Church of Wisdom & 22nd degree Initiate in the Holy Order of the Dove
  • Created Love Light Sacred Space studio October 2017 – present.  Light Body Alchemy Yoga, Breathings, Meditations, Spiritual Healing & Ascension Light practices.
  • Yoga Privates, Guided Meditations, and Spiritual Healing Session offered in my Love Light studio and through retreats 2020 to present 

Yoga is union with Divine consciousness. Yoga is Love. Love is Life. Life is Love.