Yoga means union with divine consciousness. Yoga is Love. I was drawn into the world of Yoga and Healing as a young girl, through a love of movement, music and dance and a desire to immerse myself in nature. My mother learned Kundalini from Yogi Bhajan in San Francisco, and I watched in amazement as she would twist, chant and sing in our garden.

Throughout my life, my curiosity about and the desire for a connection to God and the energetic unknown has deepened. In addition to decades of intense yoga training with travels to Northern Italy for many years,  I have also studied energy work, Spiritual Healing, meditation and mediumship to help create a proper space for a one-on-one connection with Spirit. Allowing our Light to shine so bright and move through each moment with Love, we can let go of living in lower energies and ascend in this life higher and freer… bringing the higher vibrations through us to Mother Earth. I am certified as a Spiritual Healer and also hold a Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and Holistic Health, creating a wonderful balance with Yoga to help others find their inner bliss and full body wellness.

We are in the miraculous time on Mother Earth where more Light is coming in and this is an Ascension time.  Sharing ways to help you create more Light through your body is the most important for me with my teachings and offerings of Light Body Activations.

I am bringing this all together through the The Goddess Light Circle.  A Circle of Light to help your inner priestess remember the ancient wisdom and alchemy of the Light Body with special tools to share this Love to others.

Experience, Studies & Credentials
  • Yoga Studies 1996 -2003 in the Iyengar and Ashtanga systems with respected National and International teachers. My main teacher has been Dona Holleman in Northern Italy from 2000-present
  • Krishnamacharya Lineage Yoga Therapy studies 1998-2002
  • Mother Meera Darshan 2005, 2017
  • Meditation/Sufi Naqshbandi Dream Studies with Sister Anelie 2002-2006
  • Paramhansa Yogananda Center for Private Meditation Studies
  • In 2003 I created The Butterfly Path, a creative way of teaching Yoga to younger students
  • National & International Certification (e-ryt 500, rys 200 and CE Provider) with Dona Holleman
  • Private Meditation with Dr. Jane Katra 2015-2017
  • (With Meditation and Spiritual Healing  as taught by Ramana Maharshi)
  • 2004- 2006 Certified Advance Level in Vortex Pranic Energy Healing with Divine Consciousness.
  • Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki Art Master Teacher
  • 2008-2009 Masters Studies in Homeopathy
  • 1987-1990  Assoc. In Textile Design Fine Art
  • 1990-94 Bachelor Dual Degree in Sociology & Biology
  • Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Healing and Holistic Health
  • Ordained Minister in the Church of Wisdom in Georgia & 22nd degree Initiate in the Holy Order of the Dove
  • The Goddess Light Path- Light, Love and Prayer Circle begins October 2020

Yoga is union with Divine consciousness. Yoga is Love.