Light Body Alchemy Holistic Wellness Path

Inner Sanctuary

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training: Tara Golda -LoveLight.  

Movement, Meditation and Inner Sense Development

Listen deep within to your Majik of Light and feel your body, through tapping into your inner wisdom and guidance. In this program of Light Body Alchemy, special tools are given to deepen your own practice and assist others through Yoga, movement, breathings, meditation and Spiritual

Tara’s program is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification.  It is based on the postures and sequencings as taught in my Centered Yoga Method which brings together a Zen philosophy to our practice and I fluidly bring this with my healing and meditations.  There will be required readings, study, practice and journaling to assist you.

“Know who you truly are and walk forward from your Higher Self on your Light Path with Love and Joie de Vivre” tara

Dancing Your Body of Light and Igniting your Inner Flame of passions will help you to move forward on your Light Path. Tara has created courses that bring together her inspired experiences, training and teachings in the Centered Yoga Method since 2000.  This is all brought together to inspire your Golden Yoga Life and to help you be your true best self.

This course has Five Modules that will be offered at different times for easier accessibility.  Please email Thank you.


I am so happy to share the lovely ways of yoga body healing with you that I have organized from over 25 years of teaching, travels, studies and practice.  This format I have put together as organized in my personal program: Light Body Alchemy ™

Feeling the Yoga in the body and through the body brings a sense of Inner Strength Health.  We learn to adapt this vibration with the teaching practice.  Being a yoga teacher is not just knowing and practicing the postures.  It is also about being in union with our Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit is an everyday, each moment and each second point of Light.   We are Light.  God gives us this unique and magical playground of Mother Earth to learn.      

“As Above as Below” Bringing the Light from Above to us here as we move and create is a gift and part of this lovely practice.  

 Thank you for being here.  I hope you will join me as I share with you and help guide you to be in your Sacred Divine power as a practitioner and teacher on the Path of Light.

 Exact dates for each session will be announced.

I will offer these modules at various times to make it more assessable.  These course can also be taken independently for the Joy of wisdom and being in community.  xoxo.

Private teacher training study is available and continuing education for Yoga Alliance. 

Your investment is $ 3,111 for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance program 

Thank you.  In Health, Love and Grace – Tara

Please email Tara for questions and interests in the Light Body Alchemy Yoga & Healing Path. I will send outline information at that time. Thank you.

This class will be open to 6-8 students to keep it personal and focused.  xoxo

My email is and my mobile is 504-452-4088 if you have any questions.