Light Body Alchemy Path

200 Hour Teacher Training for Spiritual Healing and Yoga

Listen deep within to your Majik of Light and feel your body, through tapping into your inner wisdom and guidance. In this program of Light Body Alchemy, special tools are given to deepen your own practice and assist others through Yoga, movement, breathings, meditation and Spiritual Healing.

“Know who you truly are and walk forward from your Higher Self on your Light Path with Love and Joie de Vivre”

Yoga Teacher Training

Dancing Your Body of Light and Igniting your Inner Flame of passions will help you to move forward on your Light Path. Tara has created courses that bring together her inspired experiences, training and teachings in the Centered Yoga Method since 2000; as well as, the programs of Energy Healing and Meditation. This is all brought together to inspire your Golden LIfe and to help you be your true best self.

I am so happy to open my heart to you in these special teachings. This course is for students who want to teach and be certified; also for those who want to deepen their experience for their own Light Path and bring this beautiful energy into the everyday life.

Create more Love and Light in your body for your health and wellness. Practice moving through your body in creative ways to help clear out the residue and bring in the flower of love through the seeds of Light you will plant in your body wisdom field; this is the Alchemy of Light for your Body.

Being our best for ourselves, our family, our loved ones, our souls’ path is the Key for Happiness and to bring Light through our Body. I am hopeful that this course will help in the unfolding of new vestas from within– opening your energy centers and creating Higher Frequencies in your body field. Helping to remove blocks, create a stronger body: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually are all part of this Holistic Health System.

This program will begin in September 2020- depending on the situations due to c-19 virus. Thank you.

Please email Tara for questions and interests in the Light Body Alchemy Yoga & Healing Path. I will send outline information at that time; as well as the prices. Thank you.

This class will be open to 4-6 students, as we will keep this small and healthy! xoxo

My email is and my mobile is 504-452-4088