“I AM the fire of the Feminine Ray”1

Divine Mother in starry galaxy

Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Inscrutable power in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Intelligence in all beings.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Forgiveness in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Peacefulness in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Faithfulness in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Beauty in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Mercy in all things.
Praise be to the Divine Mother
The Consciousness in all things.

O Mother, you take away the sufferings of your devotees.
You are the Mother of the Universe; Let your mercy shine on all.
– Devi-mahatmya

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“Today, we see the reemergence of reverence for the Divine Mother that we knew in past ages.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet2

The age of Aquarius has been defined as an astrological era, or a great cosmic cycle in the spiritual evolution of consciousness. This age is intended to bring about a spiritual transformation and healing unlike any other. It is the age when our awareness of God as Mother and the Holy Spirit comes to the fore. This is the age of the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Mother, called the Universal Mother or Cosmic Virgin, is the feminine polarity of the Godhead. She is the “other side” of Father. In the East she is known as Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and in the West as Mary, Mother of Jesus. These are only two of her manifestations. Being multi-faceted, the Divine Mother has a thousand and one faces and her reflection is constantly changing. Author and spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet writes:

The concept of a divine Mother embraces and yet transcends all religions. In Jewish tradition, the feminine aspect of God is called Shekhinah, literally “Divine Presence.” In Hinduism she appears as Shakti, in Buddhism as Prajnaparamita, and in Egyptian tradition as Isis. In some texts of the Old Testament and Apocrypha, the feminine aspect of the divine is called Wisdom, just as the Christian gnostics called her Sophia or Pistis Sophia (meaning “Faith-Wisdom”).3

The sacred interchange of energy that is God flows from Spirit to Matter, Matter to Spirit. Matter (the material cosmos) symbolically represents the womb of the Mother. The Mother anchors the energies released from Spirit (Father) into Matter (Mother). She brings the formlessness of Spirit (Father) into form. The Divine feminine is the highest expression or aspect of man and woman and we need both Mother and Father for wholeness and balance.

The Mother and the Goddess

“A bit of Mother, a drop was Krishna, another was Buddha, another was Christ.”
-Swami Vivekananda

The myriad faces of the Mother explain her being. She can assume any form ranging from the gentle comforter to the fearless warrior. She can be tender and playful or terrifying and ferocious. Speaking about an eighteenth-century songwriter and devotee of the Mother, Lex Hixon writes:

Through Ramprasad’s songs, the Goddess reveals herself as Woman Warrior, Teacher, Mother and Consort. In different moods, she appears youthful, ancient, or ageless. These are actual dimensions of experience which can be entered by her devotees. She is divine creativity, evolutionary energy, timeless awareness, transcendent reality, and, in a special tantric sense, she is every woman. She constitutes the feminine principle within male and female persons and also manifests the gender-free feminine – self-luminous Mother Wisdom, nondual awareness and bliss.4

When the term Goddess is used for the Divine Mother, these are not the literal gods or goddesses found in mythology. They are Ascended Masters, enlightened spiritual beings who have made their ascension and returned to God. Goddesses are great beings of light who embody and focus the God consciousness of their office or ray.

The Mother Flame

What is the Mother flame? The Mother flame (Kundalini) has been described as coiled energy, white fire or light located at the base-of-the-spine chakra. This white light has to be awakened and raised through each of the chakras. Chakras are spiritual centers of light and energy located along the spinal column that are “gateways” to the “spiritual self.”5

Raising the Mother flame brings healing and as we heal, we magnetize the light of the Father and experience the divine interchange of energy that occurs between the Father (masculine polarity) and the Mother (feminine polarity). We start to integrate the two polarities.

“Energy always follows consciousness…”6

Because of the purifying action of the Mother flame, care has to be taken in how it is raised. The safest way is through prayer and devotion. The goal is to reunite the light of the Mother with the light of the Father in the heart chakra. When this happens, we give birth to the Christ consciousness.

The Divine Mother is our great teacher and guru. As the Mother flame rises, we begin to see the things we need to do and work on. Memories will surface and some will be painful. Healing our psychology is a fundamental step on the spiritual path and it is important to take hold of the hand of the Mother during this time as she gives us the inner guidance and strength to press onward.

The blessings we receive from the Mother are endless. One of her primary attributes is to awaken us. As the Mother light rises, our consciousness begins to undergo a profound change. We become illumined. The wisdom of the Mother teaches us better ways of doing things. She helps us to fine-tune our communication skills and to improve our interactions with people. She teaches us to build healthy relationships and to open our eyes to see the needs of others. From her we learn to be more responsible and efficient. She brings harmony and order. All of this is the result of the Mother’s energy flowing through us.

The Mother flame and the ascension flame

“The World is striving for the crowning perfection.
Manifold are the paths of the search.
The closest to perfection will be the path of Beauty.”7

What is the ascension? Simply put, the ascension is a spiritual ritual whereby we “victoriously” return to God after passing our spiritual tests and meeting certain requirements. Author Annice Booth says:

Through the flame of the ascension, we become one with our own Higher Self and then with God the Father, our own I AM Presence…8

The ascended masters say we “ascend daily” and every good work, deed and thought aligns us closer to our Higher Self. Raising the Mother flame must be accompanied by spiritual devotion. If this is not done, the rising flame will activate all kinds of inordinate desires instead of the God qualities and virtues we are seeking.

The Mother flame and the ascension flame are one and the same. The ascension flame is the consciousness of the Mother and the Mother is the white light of the ascension flame. As we raise the Mother flame we begin to weave our spiritual garment of light called the seamless garment.

Our seamless garment is woven by our thoughts and feelings and the threads represent our consciousness. We have to replace our old garment with a new one. If we are prone towards being selfish, then we have to start giving to others. If we are filled with self-hate, then we must replace this with self-love. As we pass our initiations and start to heal we begin to add virtues to our garment of light. Sages and saints are often described as having one or more special virtues. Perhaps it is grace, honor or integrity. Some are called truth bearers and others are praised for being noble and just. Virtues are one of the gifts that come from the Mother. As we weave them into our seamless garment we can truthfully say we are walking the path of Beauty, the path of the Divine Mother and the ascension.

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Our feminine and masculine sides

Whether male or female, we each have a masculine and feminine side. Everything in the spiritual and material world dances in a rhythmic flow of male and female energy. The Chinese call this yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). Wholeness requires the balancing of our masculine and feminine sides. The Mother shows us the way to do this.

Our feminine side is nurturing, creative, intuitive, sensitive, comforting, caring and patient. She is the healer as well as the teacher. Our masculine side is associated more so with the “law” and as being analytical. He is power, strength, protection and discipline.

When we are out of balance we feel chaotic and lack harmony. We are out of sync with the universe and our energy is scattered. We become uncaring and insensitive, abusive, aggressive or passive, indecisive and weak-willed. We become spiritually bankrupt.

The Mother (Teacher-Guru) provides the nurturing, guidance and wisdom we need to successfully balance our polarities. One of the ways she does this is by explaining the laws of Father. Sometimes she is required to become the disciplinarian dispensing the discipline that is necessary for balancing to occur. Her overall desire is to liberate and restore us to wholeness. The soul of both man and woman is feminine and Spirit is the masculine side. We have to raise the feminine ray to magnetize the masculine. Until we do this, we will not manifest the fullness of our wholeness.

The Threefold Flame

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all,
beyond the heaven, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the light that shines in our heart.”
– Chandogya Upanishad

When we are in deep prayer and communion with God we enter into our inner altar and our “heart of hearts.” This sacred place is called the secret chamber of the heart. Mystics speak of seeing a blazing flame, a divine spark within the secret chamber. This spark is also called the threefold flame or the Holy Christ flame and represents the sacred Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It has three rays or plumes coming forth from it. The blue ray represents the Father (Power), the yellow ray represents the Son (Wisdom), and the pink ray represents the Holy Spirit (Love). There is a white sphere of the Trinity located at the base of the threefold flame that is a “veritable fount of the Mother Flame.”9

The Ascended Masters have taught us to be sensitive to these plumes and to take notice when one or more are out of balance. Are you throwing your power around? Then the blue plume is out of alignment. If you are not exercising your God given wisdom to the fullest, then the yellow plume needs improvement and if you feel hardness of heart or are unable to give love then it is the pink plume that needs healing.

Ideally, all three plumes should be equal in height. A balanced threefold flame is one of the requirements for the ascension.

“In the space within the heart are contained both heaven and earth…” – Upanishads

The Holy Spirit

The Aquarian Age is also the age of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit “conveys the essence of God” throughout our being. This is done through the seven rays. Many of the world religions talk about the seven levels of being or the seven heavens that connect us to the spiritual world. The seven rays come forth from the white light of the Holy Spirit. Each ray contains an aspect of the Christ consciousness and certain healing qualities.

Most of us have heard about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Basically these are: the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, healing, working of miracles, prophecy, discernment of spirits, diverse kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

The Holy Spirit is very mystical and the action of the Holy Spirit manifests in a variety of ways. Mystics say our prayers and thoughts flow in the Holy Spirit. The dove is one of the more well known symbols used to represent the Holy Spirit.

The flame of the Holy Spirit is a joyous flame, the soundless sound. It is the music of the spheres, the gentle rain, the foam that moves with the crest of the wave and mingles with the sand. The flame of the Holy Spirit is the fresh, cool air that comes from the mountains at eventide. The flame of the Holy Spirit is the love that burns within your heart when you meet a kindred soul along life’s way and when you see the beauty of a child or a devotee kneeling in prayer. It is flame of Christ-illumination that fires the mind – that sparks creative thought and gives will to the imagination. The Holy Spirit is the presence of the Father adorned by the love of the Mother nourishing Life in the newborn child.10

Known also as the Holy Ghost, Holy Comforter or Heavenly Comforter, the Holy Spirit can be gentle or mighty depending on the occasion and to encounter the Holy Spirit is not only purifying but also a spiritually transforming experience.

According to the Ascended Masters, when we unlock the energy of the Mother it opens the door for the Holy Spirit to release the flow of light through us. The Mother helps us to pass our initiations and teaches us not only how to cultivate the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also how to be a just steward of these gifts.

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Saint Germain, Portia and the Violet Flame

Mystics and seers have always known about the violet flame. The violet flame is the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit and contains the God qualities of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. It is called the flame of transmutation and freedom as it can transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of negative karma.

Karma is energy-consciousness. It is every action, thought, feeling, word, and deed. It is the “law of cause and effect” or the “law of the circle.” Whatever we say or do comes full circle. We’ve all heard the expression, “You reap what you sow.” This is karma. Everything we send out into the universe returns back to us. Karma can be good or bad. The Mother teaches us to transmute and balance our karma so that we can return back to Spirit.

We are entering into a new Age, the Aquarian Age. Ages last approximately 2,150 years and each new cycle begins under one of the seven rays of the Holy Spirit. Each age has a sponsor. Saint Germain is the Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray. He, along with his twin flame Portia (Goddess of Justice), are the hierarchs for the age of Aquarius. Portia is also known as the Mother of Aquarius.

…On May 1, 1954, Saint Germain and Portia were crowned as directors for the coming cycle of the seventh ray. Freedom and justice are the yin and the yang of the seventh ray of Aquarius, and together with mercy, they provide the foundation for all other attributes of God to be outpictured in this seventh dispensation.11

Saint Germain, whose name means “holy brother” is the seventh angel prophesied in the Book of Revelation. His gift to the earth and to all mankind is the spiritual fire of the violet flame. The violet flame is called the flame of freedom because of its alchemical ability to transmute karma. As the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, Saint Germain focuses the flame of freedom to the earth. The violet flame is the flame of the Aquarian Age.

We can invoke the violet flame through prayer and mantra. One very simple mantra taught by the Summit Lighthouse is:

I AM a being a violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

The healing benefits that come from giving the violet flame are as vast as the stars in the cosmos. The violet flame can melt hardness of heart, balance old karma and free us from the baggage we’ve carried around not only in this lifetime but also from past lifetimes. It can transmute negative thoughts and painful memories as well as heal old hurts and wounds.

The transforming power of the Mother will be more effective if we use it in conjunction with the violet flame. It is recommended that we give at least fifteen minutes of the violet flame each day.

Great Golden Ages

History tells us there have been past golden ages. Greece briefly entered one and many believe Lemuria and Atlantis actually existed and were great golden age empires before they collapsed and fell. The men and women of these civilizations were very intuitive and spiritually evolved. The family was held in high esteem because the people embraced the values that are uplifting to society. Art, music, science, invention, architecture, technology, philosophy, mathematics, commerce, education, all the things that come to mind in association with a golden age, reflected the highest ideals of the people because the Divine Mother was revered. The Mother is the “nurturing force” that produces great cultures.

When the Mother principle is absent, governments and the economy are affected, society suffers, morals and values erode, educational standards decline, and the environment is systematically destroyed or polluted.

With the dawning of the age of Aquarius everyone is “undergoing the initiations of the Feminine Ray”12 whether they know it or not. The healing we receive from following the path and passing our tests and initiations results in the raising of the sacred fire of the Divine Mother.

As our reverence and devotion to the Divine Mother grows something magical happens. A feeling of wholeness and balance flows through us and we begin to feel the presence of our Father-Mother God. We start to merge with our Higher Self.

This in turn causes a sense of holiness for everything and everyone around us. We begin to honor the flame in the heart of all we meet. And before we know it, the creative fires flowing through us inspire the desire to make the world a better place.

The age of Aquarius is a “state of consciousness” and it is only through the raising of the powerful energy of the Mother flame (Kundalini) that this transformation of consciousness can occur. As we come to understand the feminine aspect of God, great things can happen both on a personal and planetary level. If we are successful, we have the opportunity to anchor in a golden age of “freedom, peace and enlightenment” unlike any the earth has ever known. This is the age of the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit.

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Cultivate Virtue in your self, and Virtue will be real.
Cultivate it in the family, and Virtue will abound.
Cultivate it in the village, and Virtue will grow.
Cultivate it in the nation, and Virtue will be abundant.
Cultivate it in the universe and Virtue will be everywhere.
-Tao Te Ching

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