The Golden Thread

If you could see the air and touch each morsel of golden nectar spark, would you touch it and taste it? The essence of the eternal ethers brings you ever lasting life.  This Love is for eternity.

The Golden threads of energy bring your vibrations so bright that all you can do is dance, smile and swirl. Would the day keep going and never end?  I am sure if there were no watch on your  arm or clock on the wall – the Light would last forever.

There is a thread that moves through all of life — peoples, faiths, religions and countries and that is Love.

It whispers through your eyes, your cells, your whole body, your soul.  It hold you in place when you need and then you fly higher

and higher and freer and freer.  These strands of the golden thread that begin from God, the seeds of Light and never ends.  I feel this Light touch me and the golden sparkles that pour through me always.  

The protective silk that has no bounds of a cocoon before opening to the blue skies. 

The thread of life co-creating with source universe cosmos.

The thread that is within us in our sparks of Light living water.. and brings us back home to the highest highest realms.

I am this Golden Light and so are you.  We move together through eons and into the day and the night. We move up through the spirals with all our might.  For if I breathe, I then breathe in all the golden threads of Light that have passed from then into the now and into the future.  We can heal ourselves. 

This sacred thread keeps my body and soul whole as it touches me in all the realms I move through and all of the realms that I am in.  

Are you there too.  Can you feel and touch this golden light. Walk with me on this path of Light. Feel this radiance through your body and cells.  

A ribbon of sounds and rhythms that sing to me.

My Golden opalescent streams.

This gentle vibration that visits in my dreams.

I hear this sound and see it around me, an aura of Golden Wisdom.

 Breathe in the gentle illumination and this guidance through you.  

You do already.

Sunlight’s sweet embrace

The Stars shine on my face

The Moon Light calls to me

And all the while I listen

I am a golden thread of Light

I move through time as I shine so bright

The pure white healing light of the Divine Mother guides me

from above

and the Golden Threads move through me with Love.

The picture is all the Light of the radiance I feel as 

a Dancing Star Flower.  We dance and grow and nourish ourselves in 

our garden of Light, Love and Life.  


–written by me – Tara L Engeran