The Majik of Light

Light is a beautiful energy that moves faster than the speed of sound. The sun is only eight minutes away from us in Light travel. This is quite exciting for me to tell you about because that means that Light Beings, Source, God, Healing are here and always here. Whether we have thoughts with it or not the Light from the Sun, the Light from Nature, the Light from grace – our Angels are always here, always. My love for understanding, learning, feeling and practicing to work with the Light goes back to my childhood. Learning to heal with Light when I was a child and visits with my Angels were very real to me. The Light that is in our cells is nourished and is part of our healing process. We know the cell is filled with light and this gives us more energy, so then it makes sense to bring more Light to our cells. I will explain more with these connections in future posts. Ways in the now that can help with Light in our Life.and in the everyday:

  1. Prayer and Meditation connecting with Spirit

  2. Bring healthy food and water into your body that is fresh and filled with High Frequency

  3. Use essential oils to bring about a healing through your body. The essential oils when breathed in and pause this for a count – will flood every cell of your

    body to help create a positive harmony in your system.

  4. Love Love Love for yourself, for others, your pets, your environment, your Earth, your path

  5. Smile. The simple shift of smiling can do more than you know.

  6. Choose to not be apart of Low vibration people, thoughts, situations

  7. Ask God to flow his/her Light through you as a channel of Light, because Spirit is on Earth through you.

  8. Laugh… it help to create more Light through your system and energy field.

  9. Practice Spiritual Energy Healing with a trusted experienced teacher to help guide you- so that you can create this for yourself.

  10. Ask God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Holy Sprit to Guide you. Walk with Christ and help will help you. There are many masters to help guide you, so that you can

    bring more Light into your being and your Life: Krishna, Buddha, the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and others. We always have Sprit there… just ask.

  11. Give Love to someone who is in need.

  12. Goodness — number 12 but just as important as number 1. BE IN NATURE… THE WOODS, THE OCEAN, THE MOUNTAINS, A SIDEWALK WALK… whatever helps you to connect with Source and feel the calm and tranquility that is needed to restore and renew. We have to create this in our life to go to neutral. Life gets busy and we can forget to take care of ourselves.This time in nature can help to boost your relaxation- which will relieve stress. Stress can can cause illness… so we must unwind.

  13. Enjoy time with Friends

  14. Enjoy time alone

  15. Sing… sing alone, for others, with the angels… music is healing. Studies have shown that when working with Alzheimer patience who can remember… they will

    remember music and the feeling they had from it. Beautiful.

  16. Be with animals

  17. Move move move in whatever way brings you joy.

  18. Swim with dolphins if you get a chance.

**I will be adding to this list.

My message from my mother who is always watching and sending messages to me is Enjoy life. Joy! She sent this message to me a few years ago with a medium. Feel Joy, live your life, be happy.

My mother transitioned when I was seventeen. Perhaps I thought I was enjoying my life but then maybe she knew something more. We can all over analyze or get caught up in parts of life or to doing so much for everyone and not focusing on one’s own path, the Soul’s path and the lessons we all have. The lessons still being surrounded by Love, Joy, Trust, Faith and being above the lower energies… Being on the Spiritual Path my teachers say, we have to bite our tongues and not get caught in the fray or the spider webs in the mind (aka the trickster). I share this because it will also help to bring more Light into your chakras, your Aura more than you know by being attentive and aware with these points. The Lower chakras are important for grounding, creativity, self power, child and adult energies… but they need to be grounded and doused with the Light from above to create fro Source and Divine.


This letter continues… as today is now the 5th and it was a lovely morning of cool air and blue skies with sparkly sunshine. I went to the garden store to choose a Christmas Tree and a few little plants for my healing space. When I went to check out, the young woman helping me was very sweet seemed a bit “mixed” energy wise I could tell. I explained I was looking forward to my opening this Saturday for my yoga and energy healing studio. She was so happy for me. Oh, you do energy healing? I said yes, and I enjoy teaching others

to work with the Light and energy. Do you practice Reiki she asked, I said yes. I asked her if she also practiced? She said she was level 1 but does not practice much .. and it was

long ago. I said she can come to the studio and have share time to help with the practice. She smiled with thankfulness. She said she was feeling a bit stressed lately. I asked her if she knew

the Heart Breath? She said no. I explained it is a breathing meditation that I have always shared with my children, my students and with Mark my love.

There we were in the middle of the garden store but it felt as if we were in another realm and nothing else mattered. I asked her to breath golden light into

her Heart and I can feel my hand clearing her field and bringing in Light… it all happening quite

quickly. I said to feel this golden Light and breathe into it, allowing the pulsating with Love. Now see and feel it move down to Mother Earth and allow this to anchor you as she

nourishes you and then feel this Light move back up through you and to the Cosmos, the stars Father God. Feel this love and Light through you and she shook a bit. Or it seemed she was feeling the wave of Light and Love. I could feel the energy and she could as well. I saw tears from her eyes and I could feel this too.

I share because something so powerful as the guided breath can be Life changing.

She thought that was it… but I said now feel this Light in your heart and all around you. A sphere of Light golden sparkly around your field. Breathe into this Light and this Sphere

of Holy Sprit protection. Feel Light coming from above and then exhale it out into your field and this brightens your aura. I could tell she felt more peaceful.

There is more but hat is enough for now and much to practice. She said it made her day. I came around and hugged her at the cash register. People were staring but we did not care.

This was a magical and beautiful experience. This is an everyday happening when we allow God to flow through us. She explained that she would protect herself with a shield in

front of her. I said this may be useful at sometimes, as there are many ways and situations; but if we bring Light from above then the lower chakras can be cleared.

The Higher energy is moving through us which can assist in dissolving lower energies. Some would say, but the darkness is attracted to the Light.

They want to change the Light or stop it. Yes, this can be true actually. You will notice when you begin your

Spiritual journey, there will be people, places and events that will challenge you. These test and challenges are part of the path. Open your arms to it and embrace it.

This is not always easy. Move forward and do not give it any more energy. Give your energy to the positive lists above and your passions.

There will be people who will want ‘to take you down’ maybe even more as you have more and more Light and are more with the Angels. You must fly above it. Do not get

caught up in others cruel, or jealous or whatever is going on with them type of energy. Be in Your Light, Walk your Light, Live your Light. That is all you have to do and more and more

the negative forces will no longer bother you because they can not attract to your frequency. Your frequency will be too High. Christ Consciousness Energy is

filled with Light and there you are nourished and healed. The Chalice of Light. Cheers and Enjoy.