Enjoy the Full Moon Energy of Light in our world and Light in our Hearts – Body – Mind – Soul.  Feel Your Inner Beauty with Yoga movement and Meditation on Sunday at Love Light 10:30am with Tara 


The keynote for the disciple in Pisces is a particularly useful seed thought for meditation.  It carries within it the whole process of involution and evolution; the going forth of the unit of life into a material state of consciousness so dense that for long ages the innate divinity of the soul in incarnation is lost to sight.  Gradually, through the process of experience in matter, the life aspect begins to re-assert its presence, eventually exerting such a pull on the consciousness of the personality that the decision is made to tread the “path of return,” to “turn back” towards the source and the origin of Being.  It is the story of the prodigal son within each member of the human family.

The keynote also carries the note of redemption.  The act of conscious return to the “father’s home” serves to refine and redeem material substance.  The substance of the various bodies, appropriated during the involutionary process, becomes so impregnated with spiritual light and energy as the consciousness of the soul begins to control, that the indivdiual life is “saved” from further control by other units of life within the environment.  The influence of Pisces can, therefore, have a compelling effect within the planetary theme of Redemption, the purpose of manifestation.


Full Moon in Virgo

Moon VIRGO (8.570)  &  Sun in PISCES (8.570)
Saturday, 27 February 2021 – 6:17 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression

Virgo (Earth) – Organised, practical, diligent, cautious, sensible
Pisces (Water) – Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable


Full Moon Virgo Energy

Our Moon beams her fullness when she is opposite our Sun.   Each February, our Sun transits through Pisces, which means that our Full Moon falls into the astro sign of Virgo, the astro sign positioned opposite Pisces.  Hence our Moon is reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Pisces.

Virgo symbolises the Virginal Maiden – representing purity, the natural world in splendid perfection, the healing powers of the natural realm.  She represents self-transformation, how we nourish our body, minds & Souls.  Ruled by Mercury, she represents the feminine archetype of Mercury the messenger planet – feeling, intuitive expression.

During this Moon, particularly as planet Mercury only just moved direct earlier this week, we have the opportunity to become conscious of where we are holding on, controlling or becoming fixated on our plans.

Plans are great. Preparing a structure for your life can be helpful. As the saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. However, plans must also be flexible, consciously adjusted & tweeked.. or even at times plans call for being dumped completely as you let yourself receive the wisdoms gained from your endeavors.

The thing is – letting go is REALLY hard to do at times. We sometimes become fixated on HOW a PLAN must flow. The EXACT steps a plan MUST take to create a goal. We control ALL the VARIABLES of the plan in order to feel a sense of comfort – maybe from a fear of failure or to ensure a desire outcome is reached within YOUR timeframe.

This Full Moon is about letting go of every precise (and often exhausting) minute detail and falling into the warm & oozy feeling of your intuition.  Pisces is a creative dreamer, so spend some time reflecting on how you can drink in more of this delicious essence in your life.  Plans aren’t necessarily linear… and in fact, often those curve balls in your plans is where the real magick is found.    And what better time to let go of your ‘head plans’ and move into the feelings of your Heart, than a time when the whole world is turning upside down with change!

You may find you will be faced with choices of letting go of something that you know in your heart is not for you, even though your mind/ego is grappling with cutting something loose as you may have invested time, money, energy, love into it.   Just let it go.  What is this Full Moon whispering to you.  You know you know the answer, it is just your ego that you are grappling with that is keeping you stuck!   Let the reflections of intuitive Pisces help you tap into that inner-knowing.


Influence of Vesta & Venus

Looking at the astro chart above, asteroid/planetoid VESTA is close to the Moon, and VENUS is close to the Sun, both having a significant influence over the energy of our Virgo Full Moon.

VESTA is the brightest asteroid (minor planet) visible from EarthVESTA is the archetypal High Priestess who fans the eternal flame of our Hearts, our Homes, our Earth.  Vesta the virginal Priestess (virginal not meaning celibate, but rather not married or belonging to anyone) – guides us towards devotion, to commit to our highest aspirations, our greatest desires and helps us to keep the flames of our passions alight.   The lower octave of Vesta is presented by Earth’s Moon (Feminine) and the higher octave of Vesta is represented by Alcyone, the brightest star within the Pleiades, the Silver Feminine Ray of Creation in Crystal Light Healing® and Essence of Angels®.

VENUS represents the archetypal Divine Feminine, the inner-heart resonance of harmony, pleasure and beauty. As an archetype I am referring to both Men & Women and how we emotionally, & psychologically integrate, manifest and express the Divine Feminine within our daily lives.  Venus is often experienced as the great attractor – both how we attract things into our lives and our attractions to things in our lives. By things I am referring to relationships, resources, possessions, & money.  In Aetheric Healing™  Venus is the ruler of both Libra & Taurus, influencing what we value in our lives, where/how we place our energy in matters of the heart and the way we give and receive love.

After reading the above, I am sure you can see how significant the placement of Vesta & Venus is on our Virgo Full Moon !

Virgo means so much more than ‘virgin’ in a modern day context, it means non-ownership by another, independence, and sacred freedom to make your own choices above life, relationships, and your lifestyle and health choices.    Hence with the Virgo Moon under the influence of VESTA, we will be drawn this Full Moon to move into a space of grander and more awakened ownership of ourselves, and what we represent & stand for in the world.  BEYOND what others may think about us, or coerce us to do/be.

And with the solar LIGHT of the Pisces Sun within us this Full Moon, under the influence of Venus, we are being drawn to listen and indulge in the needs of our own body.   Resting, if we need to rest.  Eating Lightritional food that nourishes us Body, Mind & Soul.  And letting our intuitive ‘feminine’ feelings guide us into finding sacred peace & respite within the chaos of the world, whilst still standing up and speaking up for truth & transparency in world affairs.


Engaging with our VIRGO Full Moon

Take time to engage in pleasure this Full Moon, immersing yourself in beauty of this world, and all the sensory pleasures of life.

There is a great uprising happening in the Human Heart this Full Moon due to the aspects of both Vesta & Venus.  Give yourself the space to be still, listen, feel and engage is not only the grander wisdom of your Soul, but also the sacred whispers of Divinity guiding your path.

We are moving out of a mental Earthly paradigm where everything needs to planned to the ‘T’, scheduled and laid out days, months, or even years in advance.  Humanity is moving into a new Era of not-knowing, an Era that puts feeling at the forefront of all that you do.   If it doesn’t feel right the ‘story’ being spruiked by Governments, Media, BigPharma, this is THE TIME to follow your gut instincts and flow in the direction of your Heart.

It is OK not knowing the future.   It is OK not to be able to see the bigger picture or plan.    It is OK not to KNOW what you need to do.  The reason it is OK is that you are Soul who chose to be here on this Earth at this time, and there is a great LOVE at play that is guiding your path.  Surrender to the LOVE.  Relish the warmth and comfort it brings your life.  And let the miracle of LIFE unfold a more beautiful future.