Tie yourself to everything in creation.  
That got poured from God’s magic hat.
O, tie your soul like a magnificant sweet chime
To every leaf and limb in existence.   

Meditation and prayer gives us the opportunity to shift our focus from our physical world, and experience Light, Power and Nature of God.  

In times of the busy world with family, studies, work, travels, illness – what ever it may be, Life can already be quite complicated.  

Add to this the years of 2019 to present and you have yourself a true world wind moving through a rabbit hole.

If you are interested in practicing weekly with me, please email golda1@outlook.com and this will help to build a focus and discipline.

Virtual Tuesdays Noon ct, Friday 11am in person circle. November 16, 23, 30 virtual. Please email thank you to sign up and for in person.

 Also, Private sessions with Guided meditation for Source Light and healing.

Prayer, meditation, being in the Power, Spiritual healing or energy healing – any name and all of the names… but truly it is our Life Force, orgone energy, the Prana energy of Light that creates all.  God’s spark is in all of life and it is real and so beautiful. 

This truth, Light, Source can interconnect with the very points of Light and the lovely sacred geometries within us become harmonized and balanced.  The relationship of the one to the many, of the individual to the whole is  this higher consciousness.  This is us in the Now.  Smile and  know this is the Golden Age time.  Smile and know all will be okay.  Smile and walk free in your life and breath deep.  You are a child of God.  
Have Faith and Believe that through your Light you can heal yourself in every way:  mentally, physically and spiritually.  We can tap into the Highest Realms for the Healing Light.  We can tap into ourselves each day for the Healing Light.  We can tap into God Source energy in Nature for the Healing Light.  Breathe and Know all will be okay.  Stay the path.  Stay in your Light.  Smile and listen to your inner compass, your inner knowing. 

Let’s Begin.  Feel your Calm.

Brain Response Seen In Scans Of People Receiving Distant Healing 

Mind-body researcher Jeanne Achterberg was a respected researcher of indigenous healing methods in healthcare. These interests led her to Hawaii where she spent two years observing the culture and healing methods of indigenous healers. 

She was interested to discover whether healers can exert a positive influence on individuals at a distance. She and her colleagues at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea recruited 11 healers to participate in an experiment (published in the 2005 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine). 

Each of them was asked to select a person they knew, with whom they had previously worked professionally, and with whom they felt an empathetic, compassionate, bonded connection, to serve as the recipient of their healing intentions. 

Each recipient was placed in an fMRI scanner at a distance from the healers, who then sent their healing intentions to their subjects at random, two-minute intervals that could not have been anticipated by the recipient. 

When the fMRI scans were analysed, significant changes were found in the brains of the subjects – but only when the healers were sending healing intentions to them – and not during the ‘no-send’ periods. 

There was less than one chance in 10,000 that these differences could be explained by chance. When the experiment was repeated, using strangers with whom the healers felt no empathetic bonding, no significant changes were found in the recipients’ brains during the healing efforts. 

This study suggests that compassionate, empathetic healing intentions can exert measurable physical effects on a recipient, even when that person is unaware when the attempt is being made, and that these effects do not occur when a compassionate, empathetic connection is not present. 

The experiment can be summarized with the old saying: “Love heals.”

Have a Lovely Day.

May your blessings be brighter and brighter throughout your day and through the rest of this transforming year.

xoxo, Tara

I will have small circle for breathings and healings in my home circle.  If you are interested please email me golda1@outlook.com

This is a private small circle of 7-9 students.   I will send to you a questionnaire before starting.  Thank you so much for your interest.