“With God all things are Possible”  — Matthew 19:26

Hello Dear souls,

Happy Weekend.

The eclipse season is upon us and the energies are heightened.

A time of cleansing and letting go of what no longer serves you, as you renew and restore your life and your path.

Buckle up dears, it is gonna be bumpy and wonderful all mixed in together.  xoxo

Many moons ago back in late 2019 and early 2020, I was sharing on my site about some of the coverups happening with our body mind wellness and Mother Earth Wellness.

Of course, we know this goes hand in hand, as the health of our body is connected to the health of Nature and the Earth.  Running a healing and yoga studio had me wanting to share and

at the same time, not to frighten people.  Sadly, there is a coverup happening and this creates a division with many.  People have become confused of what to believe and not to believe.

This has always been the case through history and in all civilizations because the ones who control the information, can then control the people.  You can go back to group psychology with this.

I have taught yoga and meditation since 1997 and offering the healing energies for many many years.  I often share this during the relaxation time after a movement practice.  I enjoy sharing

and vibing into the Radiant Christ Light Divine Mother healing energies.

Now in November of 2021.

My life has always about health, movement, sound and healing, and being in nature as long as I can remember.  Healing is part of our everyday with each breath we feel this.

We can breathe in the Light that is always there and feel happy-peace… or fear.  This is a choice.  There is also the subconscious choice of feeling the fears and we don’t even realize this.

Hearing and listening to others on the tv, radio or social media can create this anxiety.

This is the exact reason that I began to pull back with the sharing myself.  Even though many friends and family have been asking me to share- I began to feel bad about bringing this

information into their field.

It is important for me to share and help others.  I have been told by so many psychics, seers, akashic record readers, astrologers – that part of my path is to help guide people during the ascension time-

which is now.  Also, to help others learn how to create this Light in their body.  This has been told to me since 2004.  We are in these times and I have lots to catch up on. When you first begin to

listen to seers, you may not know what to believe.  I do wish I would have taken the advice and the visions more to task but sometimes we need lots of confirmations before we know the truths.

Even when I was young and my mother teaching me about the Light and holding this in my hands for healing, and knowing at that time as a child how much this resonated with me.  I am a healer.

It took so many years of learning this the hard way because of trying to fit in during my life.  If you are not in alignment, then God will bring you into Alignment.  My healing path started with my animals

as a child and wanting to bring my kitten back to life.  Then with friends at slumber parties with practice and then into my life with my own healing with trauma, my mother and sister crossing over,

illness etc.  Learning to heal myself, created the doorway to help heal others or to teach them to heal themselves.

Circumstances show themselves to us in our lives  for us to learn and know who we are and why we are here.  Pay attention.  


We had a lovely Spirit Circle last night.  There was a student and friend who came to the event and I had not seen her in many months.  after the circle time, she shared with me

how much she loved the healing talks that I created and shared on my instagram over the past year.  I explained that I have done many and was not sure

if many were seeing and then I stopped.  She said just watching them helped to brighten her day.

Of course that made me feel wonderful and yes… I do want to share more with the healing teachings.  I am just figuring out my best way to offer this.  It is so easy to talk through zoom and put on

you tube and the likes.  I admit I became so sad with the social media that I got overwhelmed.  That does not help anyone now does it?  Thank you to my sweet friend and I will be

organizing the breathings and shares again.

I have so many amazing wise teachers through my life with the Yoga, philosophy, healing, Mother-child love sharing, mediumship, sound healings.

Sharing their Light is very important for each person and humanity.

Back to my story of sharing the not so nice to hear and yet quite necessary for your wellbeing.

 You have to say to yourself… if there is a puddle ahead in the woods, and you are on a lovely nature hike,  would you warn the group about the extra muddy zone, so they can prepare and have the proper gear?  Or do you not want to bother them with thoughts of mud and slipping and being all messy at the end of the hike.  Do you only want to share the soft peaceful aspects – of smelling the umber barks of the trees and feeling the sunshine as it sprinkles through the canopy of the forest.  The smells of the flowers in bloom and the sounds of the waterfalls in the distance and the birds coming to greet us?

Yes, yes I want to share of the good-beauty-fun-happy.  I have always seen the world through rose colored glasses.  You can still see all the beauty and please allow that Light to shine more than ever because we are in these times of great Light, inspiration and beauty.  I have friends who are in high creation mode because they don’t let the bothers of the world get them.  At the same time, they know what is happening and they make their own choices for their health.  Then they go into their creation time.  When you can know what is happening and then take care of yourself and be with Your Light, that is special and how it should be.  The sadness is when some have no idea of what is happening and they are threatened or felt forced.  God gave you your body so that you can be here on Mother Earth to learn and grow and create more Light in your Light Body for ascension.  It is a choice.

In my healing space, wanting to bring others in to share and bringing like minded souls together.  This is my part of my soul’s path.  Honestly, I am not so sure many understood that

they could do what they wanted from Love and intelligent teachings for the mind body… no catch- just all be together in a circle of Light.

I do this because I can.

I bring others together because I love to do this.

Many have awakened this past three years more than ever of the Earth energies – we have to keep moving forward in the Light.

I want to keep sharing and I will as much as possible but also, it is truly special to be with like minded folks who are sharing and helping in these times.

When we are all in the power together, then a certain bridge of Light is created.  A bridge of Light and this is marvelous.

You are walking higher and higher together with the Light Beings and protective Angels and Avatars.

The Highest Realms are with you, with us and there is a Love so strong with God Christ Light that pours through.  This is very powerful.  Others will step into this with you and

they will feel the beauty because it can not be denied.

Feel the Love and the Light and yes, that brilliance from the most high is what will be the teacher.

With all of that said- I do want to share that there are still so many ‘present eminent truths’ coming out about the global health and geo-politcal all rolled up together.

Some may say, well how do you know what is the truth?

I go back to my hiking story.  Be prepared.  It is not about worry of the muddy puddles, it is about having the right gear.

Waterproof hiking shoes/boots, cleaning goodies, healthy snacks and water, extra wipes and towels etc.

Have your Proper gear for these times.  I’ll call it the Proper Divine Light Gear.  Read and research if you choose because there is so much out there from the research.

“Ya gotta have the proper GEAR.  God Energy Auric Radiance.”  – Tara Golda

  1. Prayer, meditation, smiles and soft breathes through your body each day and through your day to keep your emotional body, mental body,

spiritual body, physical body – your aura etheric latyer protected and filled with Light. We are Bodies of Light.

2. Read high vibrational wisdom.  The Bible, Upanishads, Rumi, Gospel of Mary, Keys of Enoch, Sri Aurobindo, Modern Zen, Earnest Holmes, Walt Whitman to name some.

3. Do what brings you Joy.  This may sound easy but very often we get mixed up in our busy day of work, family and taking care of our home and then we forget to

bring the Love to ourselves.  Art, music, gardening, writing, dancing, long walks in nature, playing an instrument, singing, design- whatever it may be for you.  God speaks through us

through our inspirations of Love and from our Highest self.  When we create from a place of greed, jealousy and alalalalala then it may not be the brightest for you or may not stay.

When you create from your place of Happiness and you are in the channel of the Higher Realms, then this is Source.  That all sounds logical.  Love rules.

4. This is very important of course and goes without saying to take care of your physical body.  Our Light Body is what radiates and moves from our physical body to Heaven.  As we brighten our Light Body

through practice each day, we can heal ourselves and create a higher frequency in our body field.

“Christ is within and without” As we allow ourselves to be in the Christ Nature- then we allow all to fall away of the lower conditions of the ego and we emerge as restored and renewed.  

We have to take care of our body while we are here on Mother Earth; giving ourselves the time to share and live our Soul’s path is why we are here.

We can move horizontal in this life or when we can move vertical.  Read that a few times to understand what I mean.

Our thoughts create our every moment and our health.

At the same time, many do learn through the body issues that may come about.  Many came into this life with an ailment and in some ways, there may be a reason for this — to learn from or to help someone else, or even to clear karma.  That is another discussion.  

5. You can read and find out much with the global, economic, geo-political, and wellness happenings.  If you are new to this, it can be shocking and I apologize ahead of time. Must be ready for your hike.  xoxo

-Simon Parkes news and Creating Consciousness.

-Right Side Broadcasting

-x-22 Report on rumble

-Children’s Health Defense.org with Robert Kennedy Jr.

-Info Wars

-Mike Adams and Brighteon.tv (many interviews)

-Kim Clement prophesy



6. Have all your goodies in case there is a change in the weather or electricity etc.  Living in New Orleans and ready for the hurricane season, many here or in prep mode already.

Lots of extra Water, a great water cleaning system, Lots of freeze dried foods and those buckets that last ten years or more, grow lots of your own herbs and veggies if you can, have a juicer,

extra supplements, a great first aid kit, solar power charger for phone and ipad, satellite phone, lots of lanterns with batteries and solar power too, a generator if possible.

That is just a list I quickly write to you.  Of course, there are so many companies now with Solar power lighting that it is amazing.

Some of the sites I listed above usually have great recommendations.

7.  See our Mother Earth filled with points of Light and Brightening each day.  Feel your Angels around you each moment.  Know all will be okay.  The Light Wins.

Thank you thank you.  If you would like any information for wellness, Spiritual healing, meditation, yoga practice and homeopathy- then please write to me

at taralovelight@protonmail.me

I have private sessions in my Love Light Space and I can offer certain sessions virtual.

As an intuitive, psychic medium and empath – I bring this into my healings and then share from there with you.

Also, I do have peers, teachers, friends who I am connected with for readings and I can share this with you as well.  Thank you.

Once a month Sprit Circles are profound and beautiful to be with like minded souls and be in a calm space of Light.  

Weekly prayer and healing practice begins Thursdays at noon November 18th.  I am keeping this small and word of mouth and for those who have 

studies or practiced with me already.  Thank you.  This will be in my private studio in Lake Terrace.  We will also begin a virtual prayer circle. There are many prayer circles 

globally.  The more positive energy the better, as in these days we need all we can have for Mother Earth and her souls.  Create your own small groups.  Pray with your family and

your children.  Christ energy is here and it radiates more powerful than any Light.  The Great healing way for all.  Tap into it with your awareness.  See and Feel it in your body.

May your Light Shine Brighter each day,