Yhandi’s Inner Light

Yhandi is a  Complementary and Alternative Healing Process that accesses, determines, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self-destructive thoughts that the Inner Child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their mental/emotional energy systems.

A complementary and Alternative Healing Process that accesses, determines, and heals the negative and repressed emotions and self – destructive thoughts that the Inner child and Adult have unconsciously stored in their emotional – mental energetic system.  Healing and Integration of the Inner Child and Adult result in Immediate peace of mind, creative productivity and a sense of clarity and joy.

 Healing the Inner Child and Inner Adult creates an inner alchemy that balances thoughts and feelings.  This is a life-changing process that leaves you with a vibrant sense of accomplishment and an openness to new and positive experiences. You will express a greater creativity and experience the freedom of choosing what you want out of life.

This process takes four sessions and a commitment to all four sessions is necessary.  Art therapy, Spiritual & Energy Healing move together in an elegant way for profound awakening and Spiritual Healing.

The investment for all four sessions which take approximately one to two hours each is $750.  Best to organize the consecutive days.  Thank you.

Please email me to se up a consultation thank you.  tarastarlight@protonmail.com

Self Healing is a Choice and one that we make every day.  I hear much about all is not Love and Light on your growth journey; and this is true because we experience the many depths of life as  humans here on Mother Earth.   We all have various ways to ‘wake up’ and help guide us towards Source, towards God.  Some of us are very fortunate to grow up learning about prayer and knowing God is everywhere.  This may stay through life and also, can still become lost in the world of deceptions.  Some grow up only seeing and feeling sadness; yet still see God’s Light shining for them.  Either way and where ever you may be in the world, in what ever circumstance, religion, philosophy, culture – it is about your Light and knowing it is there.  Like a little radar inside of you that is going on and off.

That Light House that you can see through all of the dark clouds during the most challenging weathers and Your Beacon of Light you see on the clearest of Blue sky days.  The Light is always there.  There may be a veil that hides it a bit.  There may be those dark clouds of deception.  The Light is always there.  Yes, I believe that as you bring your Higher Self of Love – Your Soul and awaken the Light, this Light can shine so bright and clear the darkness. You possess the Power to override the chaos and energies that keep you in the old programming.  You can surmount your own limitations.

You may have heard about the Dark night of the Soul.  That time in your life when you have a crisis or trauma and this brings you to look at your life and feel this lower self of pain, sadness, loss, addiction, sorrow, anxiety – what ever it may be for you.  This Inner Seeing/Purification can help you on your journey to learn from this and help you to move forward if you choose.  Forgiveness of Self and others is Key.  Renewal of your Energy awaits.

Yandhi is a wonderful powerful process to assist you in this journey of self discovery.  

We may all differ in where we are on this journey but we are all on this journey of Life.  Many souls have done this in many lives and are here to clear more – yes and to help others on their Ascension process.  Many come here as ‘walk throughs’ they say to be apart of Life at this time and assist by shining their Light.  Many are newer souls and are learning about this way.  They are searching and hoping to understand why the world is the way it is.  Then there are some who really do not care about all of this and just busy busy  going going.

No judgments because we are all born with different frequencies and vibrations.   Our Soul is an energy that continues.

This session assist with:
Dysfunctional Family and Co-dependence
Core Issues: Control-Attachment
Stress Disorder Syndrome
Yhandi’s Inner Light is a  four session process for healing the Inner Child/Adult
There is Therapeutic counseling during treatment.