Create transformation and Inner tranquility on your Light Path.

by Tara Golda Engeran

There is no greater time than now to move inward to your own Self and feel your Light and know more than ever it is there and it int here to brighten and send out to others with Love.

Our Human Spirit has gone through so much wild energies and pushing down in the 2020 time that I feel the Soul of everyone need to Radiate the Light so bright.  There are many of us that came for this time on Earth.  Many of us who came to understand what is occurring and be here to help.  How we help is through sending Love to our fellow friends and neighbors.  How we help is by sharing this Love and Light to All.

How this helps is because ALL IS ENERGY AND ENERGY IS LIGHT.  The particles of light can also be waves of Light.  Quantum physics tells us this.

Each day we go inside into our Hearts with Awareness and the to see this Light.  See the Particles of Light in your Heart zone.

Then we will send the Light out to other with Love. There is a special way to focus with this.  You can also do this on your own.

“By inspiring in humanity desire to be a self-luminary of the Divine process, youth true Light Worker, must be one of those whose steadiness stabilizes and integrates life in its different appearances, and who’s heightening means the ennoblement of life.  In the sharing of light, a galaxy of human luminaries arises — sons and daughters of th stars, B’nai Kochabim, destined to be the “Light servants of Yah” and God’s co-dwellers among the stars.  Your are unique because you have chosen to live among the families of Light in the myriad worlds of Yotzer Meoroth — the Creator of the Luminaries.”    — old testament … Obadiah

Amen – Amen – Amen

As a child and singing Twinkle Little Star over and over on the hour long car ride back from my grandmothers home.  I would sit by the window and sing this over and over and over.  Those in the car many have not been so excited but I remember going into a trance of sorts.  I told my mother I was from the stars and she just obliged me in my stories.  I could feel the connection with the stars so strongly.  Then once in school and being told your mother and father are Mary and Jesus- then I knew I was right.  Looking into the heavens for the messages was a normal for me growing up.

The heavens that are everywhere and the Light of the stars are also within us.  We are one with God and God is one with us.

These times of patience and waiting to have normalcy have gone through the 2020.  Why?  What is really happening in the world time for everyone to continue to stay home.  Many say in the beginning a lovely time to be close with your family.  Then if you are not working, it is not so easy because many have become anxious without being able to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  The human souls has become put through so much this year and many have become more stressed.  Yet, I feel many have become stronger to say enough is enough.  I don’t mean in a causing trouble sort of way but enough is enough internally.

Internally feeling the Peace and Calm that is there and grabbing hold of it.  Taking this energy in a peaceful way standing up for your Yourself.

We can sit idly by and let the world change before our eyes or we can be apart of the Change.  Be the Change you want to see in the world.

Many many all over the world are gathering peacefully to say the Human Spirit is being fought with to keep people down.  In this 2020-21 time and see where this goes as we feel the Light to assist. 

Gathering of doctors talking about the vaccine for the Covid and the dangers of vaccine.  This should be a choice not put something in our bodies for a virus that is not so dangerous for everyone.

Gatherings to be with others to hold hands and hug.  To laugh and share stories with our our friends and families is part of the human experience.  There is a virus that suddenly becomes stronger all over the world at once for me has me question this.  God has given me the wisdom and the Inner Knowing to know where there is something going on in the world.

Be with your Light truthfully and you will know these inner knowings as well.  God is not of politics and either am I with my God and Christ energy within me.  Breathing in the Light of Love has nothing to do with anything except it can take us to a place outside of place and time.  It takes us to the place of hearing the Word, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Being with the Highest light and energies.

Gods Light is within us as we open our Hearts.

Be curious of why this happening.  I am not telling you how to think but I am asking you to be curious.  As we are curious and want to understand our Mother Earth, we are taking care of ourselves.

It is not easy to talk about the Light and healing ourselves without talking about the Earth, our home.  There is more going on than people understand.  Our wold has much inner beauty of treasures.  Treasure that are obvious as Nature and the gems and minerals  that here with all of it glory.  Also, imagine the lost cities that are showing themselves in the past decade and what may be there as gifts to find.  Just something to think about.

Pray for the freedom as we have always had here.  See the Light moving through the lands and the souls with Christ energy.  Many people I know say I went to catholic school but I don’t practice.  I understand.  God does not care of what ‘human made’ religion you belong to;  God cares that you remember him-her.

God cares that you are one with the Source Light.  This Light may be with the Light of Christ who came here to help us move from the flesh of the human of importance to the Spirit as importance.  The Light of the Sprit is within us.  The Holy Sprit Shekinah energy is upon us at this time as you awaken your Hearts to this.  This Light is the Light of the Soul.  I feel there are many Avatars who came to show us that we are Light.  In my time, the Christ energy is strong for me.  If there is another way that you feel your oneness with the Light- then go deeper with this each day and this will help you to access your Light Body Higher Soul Energy.

There is much going on in the world and we as Light Workers – as human souls of Mother Earth – we are Light – we are 75-80 percent water and water is Light is energy.  We can dull the lower energies with the Light of Love.

There is more occurring on this Earth at this time than many want or care to understand.  We have to be in a place of freedom to live the life we are meant to live.

Be with me on the days of leading up to the December 21-2020 and this time of the New Golden Age as we move into a new cycle. The 240 year cycle will now change hand.  The Golden Age of the Light is here and it is very important to be with this in all of your love and Light.

YHWH… YAHWEH. YAH YAH YAH.   As we feel this vibration of YAH in our Hearts and upper Hearts, we are also opening ourselves deeper to the Divine.  The Heart Chakra is the AH sound of the F key and this YAH is the upper Heart of the F sharp- and we are at this time more than ever with our awareness, feeling the Light of our Heart and its connection to this point above it.

The Trinity of Light moves across to the left and the right of this Upper Heart- with the Highest point being in the 3rd eye and to the the above Crown and above with our Higher Self and with Source God energy.  We are one with this power and one with the Sprit.  We are one with God and Christ Jesus as he is there for us as we ask.  The Divine Mother with her Love holds us and send her Light with her grace and cares for us.  Just ask.

The trinity of God the Father, The sonship, and the Holy Spirit Shekinah energy is here together.

The balance of the male and female energies … moving form our Heart and this balance with us and creating self of the God within and the third eye, causal energy and the crown chakra opening up to the Soul Star form he Earth Soul.

This time is very important as we open our Light through all parts of our sale and let go of whatever may be holding us back.

Let go of the lower energies of self doubt, anxiety, regrets, fears, hate, jealousy and the controlling energy.

Many are stuck with this and then to say Please God let this transmute to the Light.

Go to to a memory and ask for forgiveness and see the shifts.  For example, personally-

I see my mother and say I love you so much and please forgive me for any time I may have hurt you when you were here on Earth.  I See this Love move through me and my mom.  See her love and happy self with me hugging and letting go of any pain and memories that do not serve the Higher Self.  As we do this we let the little holding energies that are stuck- we let them go.  The Light can then fill these places and we can feel renewed and this is part of the ascension process.

Some are not able to let go of a hurt or pain no matter how little are how big.  This is a time to do so.  You may have a memory that is even a faulty memory and then why keep it.  We can have a past memory that has gotten worse over time in our story mind.  Then take the story and make it happy and bring Love to it.

We have the free will to let go or to hold on to that which no longer serves us.

More than ever this is a time to free our selves from the dark and bring more Light.

There is enough of the Negative Energies at this time with the virus, so why not feel the freedom of Choice to Be In your Light and hold hands energetically with others bringing Light and Peace AND LOVE FROM YOUR HEART SO BRIGHT.


In Love and Peace,